Frank I. Smizik 186th (2009 - 2010) Representative

D Brookline
Frank I. Smizik


State House
Room 274
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2676
District Office
42 Russell Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-738-9838
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.17 SD626 For legislation to safeguard the confidentiality of prescribing information
S.36 SD1688 For legislation to bring child support home
S.37 SD607 For legislation relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.38 SD1635 For legislation to promote asset development in transitional assistance programs
S.90 SD991 For legislation relative to community preservation
H.109 HD1224 For legislation to prohibit the use of health data for marketing purposes
H.133 HD1153 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to the impact of undocumented aliens
S.134 SD1988 For legislation relative to updating reciprocity for licensing optometrists
H.142 HD2420 Relative to the disclosure of certain information by the Disabled Persons Protection Commission
H.143 HD2425 For legislation to make certain changes in the law relative to the authority of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission
H.144 HD2433 For legislation to further define the authority of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission
H.153 HD1040 That the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education in meeting the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder collaborate with parents of children with autism
H.155 HD1109 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of services that support individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
H.171 HD2508 Relative to increasing assistance by the Department of Public Welfare for certain elderly, disabled persons and children
H.177 HD3949 For legislation to establish a system for tracking the unmet service needs of persons with developmental disabilities
S.201 SD469 For legislation relative to plant relocation
S.223 SD904 For legislation to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities
S.227 SD921 For legislation to provide fair process for students with disabilities
S.237 SD489 For legislation relative to data collected for charter schools
H.242 HD180 For legislation to establish a car buyer bill of rights
S.259 SD1258 For legislation relative to providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing
H.266 HD989 For legislation to further regulate the practice of psychotherapy
S.278 SD1968 For legislation to fulfill the promise of education reform adequate funding for student success
H.317 HD3374 For legislation to regulate the direct shipment of wines
S.323 SD852 For legislation relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
S.341 SD1995 For legislation to establish election day registation
H.388 HD1147 That the Department of Education be required to reimburse school districts for the cost of transporting "out-of-district" special education students
S.395 SD293 For legislation to prohibit the use of plastic bags in certain stores
S.396 SD296 For legislation to protect the natural and historic resources of the Commonwealth
H.422 HD635 Relative to the rights of employees in education collaboratives
S.432 SD1035 For legislation to protect children from toxic toys
H.461 HD2343 Relative to the appeals process in MCAS exams
S.469 SD1598 For legislation relative to providing health insurance coverage for cochlear implants in children.
H.480 HD2705 Relative to third party payments to school committees
H.481 HD3317 Relative to special education placement decisions
H.482 HD3079 Relative to requiring school districts to develop health programs concerning Irlen syndrome and scotopic sensitivity, so-called
H.486 HD2580 Relative to an English language learner's program in the public schools
H.487 HD2295 For legislation to provide equal opportunity for special education
H.493 HD3941 Relative to coursework and a practicum for previously licensed special education teachers and rehabilitation counselors
H.509 HD2432 That graduates of a vocational education program shall be considered eligible for graduation
S.525 SD1787 For legislation relative to the disclosure of consumer loans
H.530 HD2577 Relaltive to early childhood education and care in the Commonwealth
H.533 HD1235 Relative to the establishment of an Alzheimer’s state plan commission (including members of the General Court) to assess the current and future impact of Alzheimer’s disease on residents of the Commonwealth
H.536 HD1720 Relative to personal care or managerial services contracts for families caring for elderly relatives
H.537 HD620 Relative to dementia special care units in long term care facilities
H.545 HD1485 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance of residents of long-term care facilities
S.549 SD1463 For legislation relative to health care affordability
S.563 SD1226 For legislation to provide coverage for tobacco use cessation under Commonwealth Care
S.567 SD1257 For legislation relative to the hemophilia advisory committee
H.576 HD421 For legislation to provide for the registration of voters on election days
H.603 HD4313 For the development and implemention of a statewide silver alert system to be activated on behalf of missing senior citizens
H.619 HD4292 Relative to the taxation of real property of charitable organizations
H.624 HD238 For legislation to allow the non-profit corporation Home of the Brave, Inc., to construct and operate public homes for veterans
S.627 SD1497 For legislation relative to housing rights for victims of domestic violence
S.631 SD292 For legislation to increase recycling by landlords and tenants
H.649 HD410 Relative to ensuring secure voting equipment
H.651 HD3781 For legislation to further regulate the rights of certain persons to vote
H.652 HD3787 For legislation to provide for audits of election results
H.660 HD2035 Relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote
H.661 HD2162 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution authorizing the General Court to provide for absentee voting
S.678 SD1605 For legislation to establish uniform wage compliance and recordkeeping
S.683 SD1658 For legislation relative to chapter 23 of the General Laws
H.718 HD2055 Relative to the establishment of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council
H.725 HD3072 For legislation to prohibit additional incineration of solid waste materials
H.726 HD3104 That manufacturers of mercury-added lamps implement a recycling program
H.728 HD3271 For legislation to require that certain taxicabs be hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.774 HD1129 For legislation to establish old growth forest reserves in the Commonwealth
H.775 HD1135 For legislation to amend the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes
S.810 SD1563 For legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
S.819 SD834 For legislation relative to accessible medical equipment
H.824 HD3956 Relative to requiring recycling in state buildings
S.861 SD1222 For legislation to promote healthy alternatives in public school food programs
H.915 HD3709 Relative to insurance coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders
S.931 SD566 For legislation relative to the Commonwealth Fusion Center and other intelligence data centers.
S.940 SD2004 For legislation to improve data collection
H.1020 HD1856 For legislation to further regulate insurance benefits for chiropractic services under the law relative to health maintenance organizations
H.1023 HD1861 Relative to further regulating insurance benefits
H.1028 HD1528 Relative to improving asthma health care coverage management
S.1048 SD1398 For legislation to accomodate personal care attendants without a workplace site
S.1056 SD1591 For legislation to authorize certain public employees creditable retirement service.
H.1069 HD856 For legislation to regulate claims for services of patients in nursing and long-term care facilities
H.1077 HD1185 Relative to standardizing and improving access to up-to-date eligibility and enrollment information for health care benefits, coverage and cost sharing
H.1084 HD1227 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance and the Secretary of Health and Human Services implement a health reform employer responsibility revenue program
H.1087 HD1077 For legislation to establish a program of managed care to provide primary and preventive health care services for uninsured dependent and adopted youths from birth through age eighteen
H.1094 HD3328 For legislation to exclude certain retirement funds from countable assets of medical assistance recipients
H.1095 HD2209 Relative to creating a special commission on institutional long term care services
H.1102 HD2095 For legislation to establish a division of health insurance under the supervision and control of the Commissioner of Health Insurance
H.1175 HD3189 Relative to the eligibility of students for in-state tuition rates and fees at public higher educational institutions
H.1205 HD2409 For legislation to promote green low and moderate income housing
H.1232 HD1191 For legislation to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions
S.1267 SD900 For legislation to encourage lawyers to practice public interest law
S.1270 SD1595 For legislation to establish the Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund
S.1271 SD1634 For legislation to establish a municipal gas tax exemption
S.1273 SD1650 For legislation relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
H.1311 HD911 Relative to penalties for breaking and entering a firearm retail wholesaler or manufacturer
S.1329 SD1870 For legislation relative to a local option meals tax
S.1388 SD1788 For legislation to require certain disclosures to be made by a tax preparer facilitating the advance of monies prior to the receipt
S.1410 SD1924 For legislation relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures
H.1416 HD2437 Relative to the authority of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission to seek restraining orders
S.1420 SD1753 For legislation relative to privatization contracts
S.1466 SD43 For legislation to amend mgl chapter 29 relative to state officers
H.1487 HD2345 Relative to health services in Massachusetts correctional institutions, houses of correction and jails
H.1510 HD3480 For legislation to establish a moratorium on foreclosures of certain property and providing for judicial review of all such mortgage foreclosures in the Commonwealth
H.1527 HD3313 Relative to the registration of deeds and instruments
S.1611 SD1913 For legislation to prevent harassment
S.1687 SD389 For legislation relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
S.1712 SD731 For legislation to further regulate debt collection
H.1728 HD431 Relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
H.1745 HD3877 For legislation to further regulate the performance of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
H.1746 HD3885 Relative to consent and counseling for certain pregnant minors
H.1747 HD3900 Relative to housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault and stalking
H.1755 HD3732 For legislation to repeal mandatory minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1756 HD2471 Relative to fees by paid to the Registry of Deeds
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
H.1797 HD878 For legislation to establish a "right to know" policy for certain temporary employees
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
H.1867 HD2616 For legislation to make certain changes for improvements in the unemployment insurance system
S.1908 SD2048 For legislation to fund the Massachusetts Turnpike
S.1913 SD2036 For legislation relative to license renewal notifications
H.1935 HD2404 Relative to mental health examinations and services for inmates of certain correctional institutions in the Commonwealth
H.1945 HD3935 Relative to the rights of persons receiving services from program or facilities of the department of mental health
H.1947 HD1392 Relative to the treatment of emotionally disturbed prisoners
H.2054 HD1151 For legislation to restrict the sale of tobacco products at locations where health professionals are employed
H.2080 HD1708 For legislation to establish a board of registration in midwifery
H.2092 HD638 For legislation to promote proper school nutrition
H.2098 HD1932 Relative to the treatment of blood disorders
H.2127 HD852 For legislation to establish a health care trust for the preservation of the health care system of the Commonwealth
H.2137 HD2237 That medical equipment be accessible to disabled persons
H.2138 HD3222 That the Department of Public Health deveolop "checklists of care" for hospitals to prevent medical errors and reduce infection rates
H.2147 HD1991 Relative to promoting the development of small house nursing homes in the Commonwealth
H.2252 HD269 For legislation to expand the definition of the central register for missing children to include certain elderly persons with dementia
H.2253 HD3839 Relative to the licensing of docking pilots
H.2268 HD1331 Relative to the Bureau of Forest Fire Control within the Division of Forest and Parks
H.2360 HD2064 For legislation to protect the integrity of the state pension systemt
H.2447 HD1763 Relative to binding arbitration for employee organizations engaged in successor contract negotiations with employers
H.2487 HD244 Relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth
H.2592 HD1410 Relative to investment in companies doing business in Burma
H.2610 HD2893 Relative to personal care attendants without workplace sites under the collective bargaining law for public employees
H.2681 HD1359 Relative to personal property tax exemptions for telecommunication companies
H.2736 HD3179 For legislation to provide for an income tax deduction for fees paid for participation in a pay as you throw waste disposal program
H.2772 HD2119 Relative to revising the sales and use tax on motor vehicles
H.2801 HD2737 Relative to increasing the earned income tax credit for working families
H.2933 HD2490 Relative to establishing a deeds excise surcharge
H.2972 HD3716 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance establish a searchable budget database website that includes revenue, expenditure and funding information
H.3084 HD1536 That the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards be directed to hold a public hearing to address various applications of solar thermal technology
H.3087 HD2179 For legislation to regulate the establishment of municipal lighting plants
H.3103 HD1548 For legislation to increase the aggregate capacity of net metering of energy distribution companies
H.3227 HD2769 For legislation to preserve the right of way for the North/South rail link
H.3233 HD2815 For legislation to prohibit the use of tobacco products in motor vehicles for the protection of children from secondhand smoke
H.3236 HD2122 Relative to the registration fees for light motor vehicles
H.3313 HD2401 For legislation to prohibit the issuance of a driver’s license or learner’s permit based on a failure to provide Social Security No. or an acceptable written denial notice by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
H.3326 HD985 Relative to increasing the tax on gasoline and the raising of fares by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
H.3393 HD1897 For an investigation and study by a special commission to evaluate the status of Massachusetts veterans long term care services
H.3399 HD336 Relative to veterans' benefits equity for persons discharged from the military based on certain consensual conduct
H.3416 HD1391 For legislation to protect the interests and well being of residents in nursing homes, rest homes, and long-term care facilities
H.3421 HD1282 For legislation to improve the personal care attendant program
H.3423 HD1372 Relative to child support paid on behalf of current or former recipients of transitional aid to families with dependent children benefits
H.3434 HD1266 Relative to the teaching of health education in schools
H.3435 HD1323 Relative to long-term suspensions and expulsions of school students
H.3438 HD1398 For legislation to protect from net loss public lands or easements taken or acquired for natural resource
H.3440 HD810 Relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from Diesel engines
H.3453 HD1361 Relative to establishing a childhood vaccine program and immunization registry
H.3459 HD1263 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of the condominium laws
H.3476 HD819 Relative to establishing a board of registration in naturopathy and further regulating naturopathic health care
H.3506 HD1264 Relative to protecting tropical forests by restricting state purchases of certain wood products
H.3515 HD1314 Relative to further regulating recycling rates and expanding the bottle bill, so-called
H.3523 HD1260 Relative to the dissemination of certain criminal offender record information
H.3533 HD1253 Relative to the enforcement of certain civil rights laws
H.3534 HD1273 For legislation to restrict access to certain criminal offender record information
H.3536 HD1365 Relative to the repeal or reform of certain archaic laws
H.3537 HD1248 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to the subject matter of initiative petitions
H.3547 HD1634 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of methods to develop an index of creative and innovative education in the Commonwealth
H.3572 HD1502 Relative to land use regulations and housing development
H.3586 HD1439 Relative to the coordination of mental health care for children
H.3600 HD1416 Relative to the Architectural Access Board
H.3643 HD2190 Relative to motor vehicle speed limits within urban districts
H.3660 HD2708 For legislation to ensure that high school graduates possess a reasonable breadth and depth of knowledge and skills
H.3669 HD2633 Relative to the use of coal ash as a solid waste
H.3727 HD2734 Relative to the investment of public employee pension funds in the government of Iran
H.3755 HD2479 Relative to establishing a deeds excise fund in certain counties
H.3803 HD1117 Relative to establishing a three year phase in of transportation costs into the special education circuit breaker.
H.3804 HD1180 For legislation to control bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder
H.3805 HD1174 Relative to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and improving access to services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elderly persons
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3912 HD900 Relative to the establishment of a nursing advisory board within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.3923 HD4205 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court relative to the impact of Alzheimers disease in the Commonwealth
H.4022 HD4083 For legislation to authorized cities and towns to prohibit jaywalking at certain intersections
H.4077 HD1057 That the Department of Education be directed to publish certain information relative to charter schools
H.4258 HD3985 For legislation to establish a health care outreach and education unit within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.4471 HD4770 Relative to establishing a public health Lyme disease research institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
H.4529 HD4871 Relative to defining the dissemination of obscene material
H.4699 HD4948 Relative to the classification of and response to natural gas leaks

Frank was born on September 4, 1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Peabody High School in Pittsburgh and did his undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in 1966. His law degree is from Duquesne University, graduating in 1971. Frank served for twenty-five years as a legal services lawyer addressing housing and other civil issues facing low income persons and was involved in landmark litigation creating rights for persons displaced by urban renewal and developed state and federal, as well as litigation strategies, to avoid homelessness. Representative Smizik served the Town of Brookline in many capacities; as a member of the Democratic Town Committee, a Town Meeting member, the Commissioner and Chairman of the Housing Authority, and as Vice Chair of the School Committee prior to being elected in 2000 as the Representative from the 15th Norfolk District. As Chairman of the new House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, Representative Smizik hopes to ensure that all legislation relating to transportation, energy, capital infrastructure, and economic development policy takes into consideration the challenge of global climate change and includes appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures. Frank is married to Julia (Julie) Johnson. They were married on January 1, 1981 and they have two children, Emma and Hallie.

Personal Information

Profession: Lawyer
Spouse: Julia (Julie) Johnson
Children: 2
Religion: Jewish

Education & Public Service

  • Duquesne University, J.D.
  • University of Pittsburgh, B.A.
  • Peabody High School Pittsburgh, PA
  • November 2000- present: State Representative, 15th Norfolk District (Brookline)
  • 1992-2000: Brookline School Committee; 1984-1986: Housing Advisory Board, Town of Brookline
  • 1982-1992: Commissioner, Brookline Housing Authority; 1981-present: Town Meeting Member, Brookline Town Meeting
  • Elected Member, Brookline Democratic Town Committee
Fifteenth Norfolk, Consisting of Brookline: Precincts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13