John F. Quinn 186th (2009 - 2010)

John F. Quinn


State House
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.17 SD626 For legislation to safeguard the confidentiality of prescribing information
S.22 SD1172 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to establish an independent redistricting commission
S.58 SD515 For legislation relating to anti-human trafficking and protection
S.90 SD991 For legislation relative to community preservation
S.99 SD1 For legislation to provide for loans for waterfront development
S.118 SD1361 For legislation to maintain public water systems
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
S.206 SD890 For legislation to provide for loans for waterfront development
H.228 HD189 For legislation to ensure that independent repair facilities in the Commonwealth have access to information related to the proper and complete diagnosis, service and repair of motor vehicles
H.266 HD989 For legislation to further regulate the practice of psychotherapy
S.278 SD1968 For legislation to fulfill the promise of education reform adequate funding for student success
H.317 HD3374 For legislation to regulate the direct shipment of wines
S.323 SD852 For legislation relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
H.333 HD1819 Relative to economic development and fiscal accountability
H.344 HD653 For legislation to impose a penalty for the devocalization of dogs and cats
H.369 HD2422 Relative to the mandatory minimum age for school attendance
S.370 SD198 For legislation to protect public water supply lands
S.401 SD1609 For legislation to establish a water infrastructure finance commission
H.411 HD3740 Relative to establishing a grant program for the purpose of expanding the number and length of school days
S.435 SD746 For legislation to promote the viability and sustainability of commercial fisheries in the commonwealth
S.440 SD874 For legislation to establish a water resources conservation act and efficiency program
H.445 HD309 For legislation to provide for reimbursement to cities and towns for extraordinary special education costs
H.515 HD3264 For legislation to establish an afterschool and out-of-school time coordinating council
H.603 HD4313 For the development and implemention of a statewide silver alert system to be activated on behalf of missing senior citizens
H.664 HD3367 For legislation to establish an independent redistricting commission and criteria for redistricting for House, Senate and Councillor districts
H.705 HD3879 Relative to the prevention of introduction and dispersal of harmful non-indigenous species in the Commonwealth
S.738 SD1633 For legislation to establish a public guardianship commission
H.806 HD3819 Relative to certain costs imposed upon cities and towns by the Department of Environmental Protection
H.820 HD3682 That the Department of Conservation and Recreation be directed to assume control of the Havey Beach Reservation located in the West Roxbury section of the city of Boston
H.847 HD2945 Relative to exempting cities and towns from fees from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
S.889 SD839 For legislation to establish a board of registration in naturopathy
H.898 HD2951 That health insurance providers be required to include coverage for diagnostic screening for prostate cancer
H.942 HD2482 Relative to homeowner insurance
S.1042 SD431 For legislation relative to dental insurance for certain retired teachers
S.1043 SD459 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
H.1056 HD2928 Relative to the definition of licensed mental health professional under the insurance laws
S.1060 SD1618 For legislation relative to maternity benefits for teachers
H.1102 HD2095 For legislation to establish a division of health insurance under the supervision and control of the Commissioner of Health Insurance
S.1173 SD496 For legislation relative to the optional retirement program
H.1232 HD1191 For legislation to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions
H.1299 HD1033 For legislation to protect children against sex offenders
H.1301 HD3777 Relative to making drug dealing subject to dangerousness hearing determinations
H.1311 HD911 Relative to penalties for breaking and entering a firearm retail wholesaler or manufacturer
S.1415 SD1588 For legislation relative to lobbyist reform.
S.1486 SD289 For legislation relative to interference with water company meters
H.1510 HD3480 For legislation to establish a moratorium on foreclosures of certain property and providing for judicial review of all such mortgage foreclosures in the Commonwealth
H.1729 HD3209 For legislation to require judicial review of foreclosures on residential mortgages
S.1748 SD737 For legislation to amend the dangerousness statute
S.1751 SD1472 For legislation to establish a moritorium on foreclosures in the commonwealth
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
H.1945 HD3935 Relative to the rights of persons receiving services from program or facilities of the department of mental health
S.1957 SD1833 For legislation relative to regional transit authorities
H.2082 HD1731 Relative to the administering of controlled substances by physician assistants and nurse practitioners
H.2185 HD3608 Relative to colorectal cancer screenings
S.2198 SD2224 For legislation to authorize the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to for legislation to convey a certain parcel of land in Dartmouth
H.2244 HD2044 Relative to mandatory boating safety education
H.2361 HD2067 Relative to general or blanket insurance for persons in the service of counties, cities, towns and districts, and their dependents
H.2487 HD244 Relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth
H.2614 HD1313 Relative to the providing certain credit for retirement purposes and reinstating in the retirement system John J. Sbrega
H.2685 HD3225 For legislation to provide for an income tax credit for expenditures for the design, construction, repair or replacement of failed cesspool or septic systems
H.2713 HD2160 For legislation to establish a tax and fee structure advisory commission
H.2800 HD2258 For legislation to establish a historical rehabilitation tax credit
H.2972 HD3716 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance establish a searchable budget database website that includes revenue, expenditure and funding information
H.3100 HD1193 Relative to the cost of new electrical transmissions
H.3101 HD1538 That the Secretary of Energy and the Environment be directed to develop a plan to retrofit existing residential buildings in the Commonwealth to meet energy efficiency requirements.
H.3102 HD1545 That the Department of Public Utilities be directed to conduct hearings in areas potentially affected by new electric transmission projects
H.3103 HD1548 For legislation to increase the aggregate capacity of net metering of energy distribution companies
H.3129 HD3492 For an investigation by a special commission (including membes of the General Court) relative to reducing fuel costs of cities and towns
H.3179 HD3922 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles establish a "green" registration fee for certain alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles and to create a rail transit fund
H.3184 HD2117 For legislation to provide tolls on the New Hampshire border
H.3257 HD3584 For legislation to require the use of headlights on motor vehicles during any period in which windshield wipers are also in use
H.3451 HD1339 For legislation to prohibit manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers of prescription pharmaceutical products to offer and participate in direct to consumer rebate programs
H.3516 HD1017 Relative to the penalty for failure to testify in gang related cases
H.3523 HD1260 Relative to the dissemination of certain criminal offender record information
H.3535 HD1317 For legislation to provide for certain privacy protections for electronic medical records
H.3568 HD2265 For legislation to encourage licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs
H.3584 HD1420 Relative to directing the Department of Mental Health to study peer run respite services
H.3585 HD1433 Relative to the care and treatment of people with mental illness in hospital emergency rooms
H.3587 HD2165 For legislation to establish a regionalization advisory commission
H.3637 HD233 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles issue notice of license renewal to certain persons licensed to operate a motor vehicle
H.3645 HD2757 Relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program
H.3676 HD3265 Relative to representation by the Attorney General in actions involving pilots
H.3810 HD3712 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation toauthorize the city of New Bedford to adopt regulations for the protection andncontrol of public housing in said city
H.3854 HD4058 Relative to motion picture tax credits
H.3923 HD4205 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court relative to the impact of Alzheimers disease in the Commonwealth
H.3955 HD4073 Relative to the taxation of certain endowment funds in private institutions of higher learning
H.4023 HD4078 Relative to the installation of digital video school bus violation detection monitoring systems
H.4065 HD2300 Relative to casino gambling and establishing a gaming commission
H.4068 HD3954 Relative to establishing and regulating resort-style casinos, gaming and entertainment in the Commonwealth
H.4484 HD4738 For legislation to further regulate the sentencing of persons found "guilty except insane" of murder in the courts of the Commonwealth
H.4970 HD5168 For legislation (with the approval of the mayor and city council) placing a certain question on the November ballot in the city of New Bedford.