James R. Miceli 186th (2009 - 2010) Representative

D Wilmington
James R. Miceli


State House
room 237
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2305
District Office
11 Webber Street
Wilmington , MA 01887
Phone: 617-974-4887
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.67 SD295 For legislation to improve the interstate compact on the placement of children
S.90 SD991 For legislation relative to community preservation
H.131 HD3282 Relative to the reporting of the abuse of mentally retarded personsn
H.133 HD1153 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to the impact of undocumented aliens
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
H.153 HD1040 That the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education in meeting the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder collaborate with parents of children with autism
H.155 HD1109 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of services that support individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
S.259 SD1258 For legislation relative to providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing
S.275 SD1067 For legislation relative to the special education circuit breaker
H.376 HD1781 For legislation to provide limited public forums for student expression of religious views at certain school events
H.388 HD1147 That the Department of Education be required to reimburse school districts for the cost of transporting "out-of-district" special education students
S.395 SD293 For legislation to prohibit the use of plastic bags in certain stores
S.428 SD706 For legislation relative to the sewer rate relief fund
S.429 SD720 For legislation to establish a lead service replacement program
S.430 SD729 For legislation to establish a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement
H.437 HD882 Relative to requiring parental notification and consent prior to implementing curriculum concerning human sexuality
H.459 HD1023 Relative to special education reimbursements for in district students
H.460 HD1049 For legislation to provide greater financial cost share of special education to sending districts under the special education circuit breaker
S.462 SD1274 For legislation to establish standards for long term care insurance
H.467 HD3316 That certain students accepted into post-secondary educational programs be granted a competency determination, notwithstanding performance on the MCAS test
H.468 HD3319 Relative to high school graduation requirements for students with learning disabilities
H.624 HD238 For legislation to allow the non-profit corporation Home of the Brave, Inc., to construct and operate public homes for veterans
H.660 HD2035 Relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.779 HD434 That the Commonwealth be required to reimburse the Water Resources Authority for certain grants and loans made for sewer service improvements
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
S.998 SD1162 For legislation to regulate the sport of mixed martial arts
S.1021 SD1690 For legislation relative to the definition of a veteran for public retirees
S.1044 SD477 For legislation relative to the annual allowance for widows and widowers of certain public employees
S.1151 SD557 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
S.1152 SD568 For legislation to modify the retirement benefits of certain widows and surviving spouses
S.1154 SD574 For legislation relative to ordinary disability retirements
S.1155 SD576 For legislation relative to certain option C retirees
H.1157 HD4254 Relative to the purchase of flags substantially manufactured in the United States
S.1161 SD603 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
S.1164 SD616 For legislation relative to disability pension benefits and earnings
H.1200 HD1134 For legislation to further define affordable housing
S.1217 SD1910 For legislation relative to dental insurance for certain retirees
S.1222 SD424 For legislation relative to the cost of living adjustment for public retirees
S.1233 SD1691 For legislation to exempt certain veterans from state tax
S.1264 SD583 For legislation to freeze the property taxes for certain seniors.
S.1332 SD3 For legislation to create property tax credits for individuals with disabilities
H.1337 HD1775 Relative to the penalties for the dissemination of matter harmful to minors in school
H.1522 HD454 Relative to the liability of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority for negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of any employee of said authority
H.1670 HD1037 Relative to information provided to women seeking abortions
H.1703 HD3642 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation to impose certain penalties for the illegal possession and use of firearms in the city of Boston
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
H.1974 HD1124 For legislation to authorize municipalities to provide employment contracts for city solicitors and town counsels
H.2089 HD628 That the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health be directed to develop a tamper-proof system for the prevention of prescription fraud
H.2092 HD638 For legislation to promote proper school nutrition
H.2094 HD688 Relative to air quality in schools and public buildings
H.2116 HD2559 That the Executive Office of Health and Human Services be directed to eliminate disparities in the delivery of health care to certain disabled persons
H.2127 HD852 For legislation to establish a health care trust for the preservation of the health care system of the Commonwealth
S.2142 SD2240 (by vote of the town) for legislation to exempt the town of Wilmington from liability
H.2259 HD2072 For legislation to prohibit subdivisions of the Commonwealth from further restricting the use or possesion of firearms
H.2349 HD3184 Relative to health insurance for surviving spouses under the retirement law
H.2350 HD3207 Further regulating Group Insurance Commission benefits for active and retired employees of the Commonwealth
H.2351 HD3247 Regulating appeals under the group insurance commission
H.2352 HD3279 Relative to the conversion of certain disability retirements of public employees
H.2483 HD240 Relative to minimum pensions for retirees of city, town, county, region, district or authority retirement systems
H.2704 HD1176 Relative to the income tax credit for the payment of certain real estate property taxes
H.2737 HD969 Relative to the calculation of income for spouses of nursing home residents
H.2829 HD449 For legislation to establish a tax credit for sewer charges paid for certain owner-occupied residencies.
H.3092 HD443 For legislation to reestablish the water meter modernization grant program administered by the Department of Environmental Protection
H.3362 HD1203 Relative to transportation services to historic areas
H.3416 HD1391 For legislation to protect the interests and well being of residents in nursing homes, rest homes, and long-term care facilities
H.3457 HD1108 For legislation to further regulate the renting or leasing of illegal residential premises
H.3547 HD1634 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of methods to develop an index of creative and innovative education in the Commonwealth
H.3586 HD1439 Relative to the coordination of mental health care for children
H.3803 HD1117 Relative to establishing a three year phase in of transportation costs into the special education circuit breaker.
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3834 HD1080 For legislation to establish an elderly persons tax relief outreach program for the purposes of assisting elderly residents
H.3897 HD4141 Relative to treatment and health insurance coverage for maternal post-partum depression
H.3916 HD4072 Relative to further regulating funeral directors
H.4032 HD4187 For legislation to incorporate first aid training under the education program for drivers of motor vehicles
H.4079 HD1090 For legislation to reimburse cities and towns for certain special education transportation costs
H.4249 HD4473 For legislation to establish a manufactured homes commission
H.4465 HD4682 For legislation to regulate the development of land acquired for natural resource and conservation purposes
H.4527 HD4850 Relative to repeat domestic violence offenders
H.4529 HD4871 Relative to defining the dissemination of obscene material
H.4701 HD4959 Relative to authorizing the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance to convey certain land to the town of Tewksbury for recreational and open space purposes
H.4750 HD4572 Relative to the opening and closing of swimming pools under the jurisdication of the Department of Conservation and Recreation

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator

Education & Public Service

  • Northeastern University B.S., B.A.
  • Boston English High
  • Mass. House 1977 - present
  • MBTA Advisory Board; Middlesex County Advisory Board cochairman; Massachusetts Federation of Planning Boards Region 5A chairman
  • Board of Selectmen Chairman, twice
  • Wilmington Planning Board 1963 - 1966
Nineteenth Middlesex, Consisting of Tewksbury: Precincts 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 4, 4A; Wilmington: Precincts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6