James Arciero 186th (2009 - 2010) Representative

D Westford
James Arciero


State House
Room 172
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2019
Bill Docket Bill Title
H.108 HD1943 Relative to pandemic preparation and response in the Commonwealth
S.118 SD1361 For legislation to maintain public water systems
H.344 HD653 For legislation to impose a penalty for the devocalization of dogs and cats
S.370 SD198 For legislation to protect public water supply lands
S.401 SD1609 For legislation to establish a water infrastructure finance commission
H.494 HD2573 For legislation to improve early education and care for chiildren by family child care providers
S.514 SD1033 For legislation relative to health care mandates.
S.568 SD1260 For legislation to contain health care costs
S.657 SD1316 For legislation to promote local and regional affordable housing planning
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
H.915 HD3709 Relative to insurance coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders
S.1055 SD1485 For legislation relative to retirement group classification of employees of water departments water districts sewer departments
S.1118 SD1479 For legislation relative to retirement group classification of employees of water departments, water districts, sewer departments, sewer districts, water and sewer departments and districts, and wastewater facilities
H.1148 HD4351 Relative to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease
S.1263 SD572 For legislation relative to senior property tax relief - the circuit breaker.
S.1264 SD583 For legislation to freeze the property taxes for certain seniors.
S.1268 SD1488 For legislation to authorize the cities and towns of Massachusetts to authorize real estate tax rebates to qualified property owners
S.1273 SD1650 For legislation relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
S.1301 SD558 For legislation to include renewable energy in community preservation.
S.1486 SD289 For legislation relative to interference with water company meters
S.1487 SD294 For legislation to reinstate the clean environment fund
S.1488 SD303 For legislation relative to water meter testing fees
H.1523 HD481 For legislation to provide for comprehensive protection from childhood sexual abuse
H.1797 HD878 For legislation to establish a "right to know" policy for certain temporary employees
S.1848 SD1872 For legislation to require commercially reasonable efforts to avoid foreclosure
H.1856 HD1239 For legislation to establish a greyhound workers’ re-training and support fund to assist displaced commercial dog track workers
H.2098 HD1932 Relative to the treatment of blood disorders
S.2112 SD2073 For legislation to establish a state emergency response fund
H.2218 HD558 Relative to community leadership, neighborhood-revitalization and urban-violence protection
S.2287 SD2382 (by vote of the town) for legislation to authorize the town of Chelmsford to convey certain conservation land and easements
H.3096 HD3430 For legislation to promote fairness in gasoline product marketing and sales
H.3568 HD2265 For legislation to encourage licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs
H.3700 HD2621 (by vote of the town) that the town of Chelmsford be authorized to remove above gound utility poles and overhead wires in said town
H.3762 HD2747 Relative to energy efficient lighting, energy conservation and light pollution reduction
H.3955 HD4073 Relative to the taxation of certain endowment funds in private institutions of higher learning
H.4232 HD4546 Relative to establishing licensing requirements and protections for certain cottage communities
H.4471 HD4770 Relative to establishing a public health Lyme disease research institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
H.4528 HD4873 Relative to prohibiting the electronic transmission of harmful material to minors
H.4531 HD4818 Relative to real estate tax exemptions of certain veterans

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator

Education & Public Service

  • Westford Academy
  • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth B.A.
  • Suffolk University M.P.A.
  • Member, University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees 1996 - 1997
  • Westford Democratic Town Committee
  • Serves on Revenue, Higher Education and Veterans and Federal Affairs committees
  • Mass. House 2009 - Present
Second Middlesex, Consisting of Chelmsford: Precincts 5, 7, 8; Littleton; Westford.