Jonathan Hecht 186th (2009 - 2010) Representative

D Watertown
Jonathan Hecht


State House
Room 22
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2140
Fax: 617-626-0199
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.38 SD1635 For legislation to promote asset development in transitional assistance programs
S.39 SD1376 For legislation to ensure continuity of health coverage for children
S.43 SD892 For legislation to prevent homelessness among recipients of transitional assistance
H.109 HD1224 For legislation to prohibit the use of health data for marketing purposes
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
H.154 HD1071 Relative to the humane treatment of disabled persons
H.174 HD2405 For legislation to further regulate the Registration Board of Social Workers
H.188 HD3905 Relative to the continuation of eligiblity for medical benefits for certain children
H.210 HD770 Relative to community development and the Massachusetts Community Development Corporation
S.249 SD1515 For legislation relative to evaluating and enhancing quality physical education.
S.251 SD89 For legislation relative to out of stste price authorization for chapter 766 students
H.344 HD653 For legislation to impose a penalty for the devocalization of dogs and cats
S.396 SD296 For legislation to protect the natural and historic resources of the Commonwealth
H.415 HD3746 Relative to pricing for certain private school programs
S.432 SD1035 For legislation to protect children from toxic toys
H.448 HD1783 For legislation to promote nutritional meals in the public schools
H.450 HD637 Relative to the public health impact of commercialism in schools
S.543 SD392 For legislation to regard MassHealth applications
H.576 HD421 For legislation to provide for the registration of voters on election days
H.605 HD4249 That the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Public Health develop health risk assessment guidelines of proposed school construction sites
H.624 HD238 For legislation to allow the non-profit corporation Home of the Brave, Inc., to construct and operate public homes for veterans
S.631 SD292 For legislation to increase recycling by landlords and tenants
H.651 HD3781 For legislation to further regulate the rights of certain persons to vote
H.660 HD2035 Relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote
H.718 HD2055 Relative to the establishment of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.774 HD1129 For legislation to establish old growth forest reserves in the Commonwealth
H.776 HD1138 For legislation to establish a food policy council to enhance the agricultural economy and improve nutritional health in the Commonwealth
S.792 SD1132 For legislation to allow municipalities to conduct fingerprint based background checks of federal records for employment and licensing purposes
H.798 HD2223 For legislation to prohibit the use plastic bags by retail establishments
H.833 HD3211 Relative to producer responsibility for discarded electronic products
H.834 HD3214 Relative to establishing standards for restoring and maintaining stream flows, water levels and hydrologic regimes that protect natural aquatic life in rivers and streams
S.860 SD1219 For legislation relative to home health aides
H.890 HD1070 For legislation to provide health insurance coverage for tobacco use cessation treatment
S.996 SD1158 For legislation to regard uniform police identifications cards
S.1063 SD1523 For legislation to continue retirement group membership for law enforcement officials
H.1095 HD2209 Relative to creating a special commission on institutional long term care services
H.1102 HD2095 For legislation to establish a division of health insurance under the supervision and control of the Commissioner of Health Insurance
H.1136 HD4018 (with the approval of the city council) relative to authorizing the city of Cambridge to place liens on real property located in said city for nono-payment of local charges, fees or fines
S.1211 SD79 For legislation to promote equity in pension benefits
H.1232 HD1191 For legislation to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions
S.1687 SD389 For legislation relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
S.1697 SD1499 For legislation relative to police pursuits in the commonwealth
H.1728 HD431 Relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
H.1729 HD3209 For legislation to require judicial review of foreclosures on residential mortgages
S.1742 SD92 For legislation to improve the prehension of drunk drivers and other law violators
H.1745 HD3877 For legislation to further regulate the performance of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
H.1746 HD3885 Relative to consent and counseling for certain pregnant minors
H.1794 HD385 Relative to employment contracts
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
H.1916 HD4485 (with the approval of the city council) that the city of Cambridge be authorized to enter into agreements with Cambridge Energy Alliance for the provision of municipal energy advisory services
H.1945 HD3935 Relative to the rights of persons receiving services from program or facilities of the department of mental health
H.2054 HD1151 For legislation to restrict the sale of tobacco products at locations where health professionals are employed
H.2092 HD638 For legislation to promote proper school nutrition
H.2161 HD3218 For legislation to further regulate the use of certain cleaning products in schools, hospitals, day care centers and public housing to provide for a reduction in asthma and other health threats
H.2343 HD3924 Relative to the investment of other post employment benefits trust funds established by municipalities and certain other governmental unit
H.2681 HD1359 Relative to personal property tax exemptions for telecommunication companies
H.2728 HD2582 For legislation to expand the renewable energy tax credits to include geothermal energy for non-business residential purposes
H.2766 HD2369 That tobacco tax revenues be used to reduce tobacco use
H.2795 HD308 Relative to real estate tax relief for certain owners of residential property
H.2972 HD3716 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance establish a searchable budget database website that includes revenue, expenditure and funding information
H.3001 HD415 For legislation to promote municipal efficiency and innovation through regional collaboration
H.3087 HD2179 For legislation to regulate the establishment of municipal lighting plants
H.3137 HD1382 For legislation to improve recycling rates in the Commonwealth by providing recycling containers adjacent to beverage vending machines
H.3289 HD3366 For legislation to authorize transportation revenues to be collected in high occupancy vehicle lanes from single passenger vehicles on Route I-93
H.3371 HD2297 Relative to increasing motor vehicle fines by municipalities
H.3434 HD1266 Relative to the teaching of health education in schools
H.3465 HD1295 Relative to emergency access to mental health services
H.3515 HD1314 Relative to further regulating recycling rates and expanding the bottle bill, so-called
H.3523 HD1260 Relative to the dissemination of certain criminal offender record information
H.3547 HD1634 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of methods to develop an index of creative and innovative education in the Commonwealth
H.3568 HD2265 For legislation to encourage licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs
H.3571 HD1447 Relative to the protection of tenants of foreclosed properties
H.3573 HD1557 For legislation to preserve publicly assisted affordable housing
H.3586 HD1439 Relative to the coordination of mental health care for children
H.3643 HD2190 Relative to motor vehicle speed limits within urban districts
H.3645 HD2757 Relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3916 HD4072 Relative to further regulating funeral directors
H.4033 HD4144 Relative to transportation financing
H.4258 HD3985 For legislation to establish a health care outreach and education unit within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.4280 HD4629 (with the approval of the city council) relative to certain members of the retirement system in city of Cambridge
H.4874 HD5127 That the city of Cambridge be authorized to grant a permanent easement on and over certain strips of land owned by the city of Cambridge in Watertown, Massachusetts
H.4875 HD5128 That the city of Cambridge be granted certain easements upon state owned land

Jon was elected State Representative for the 29th Middlesex District in November 2008. He is a member of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities, the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs, and the Joint Committee on Public Health. He also serves as House Chair of the Prevention for Health Caucus and as a member of the Mental Health Caucus and MBTA Caucus. Born in Cambridge, Jon grew up in Belmont where he attended the public schools. He received his A.B. in History from Stanford University, M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts, and J.D. from Harvard Law School. After practicing law in New York City, Jon worked from 1990-94 as Program Officer for Human Rights and Governance in the Beijing office of the Ford Foundation. From 1994-98, he was Research Fellow and Lecturer in Law in the East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School. In 1999, he co-founded the China Law Center at Yale Law School and served as its Deputy Director until 2006. In 2005, Jon was elected to the Watertown Town Council, where he chaired committees on budget and fiscal oversight, economic development, and rules and ordinances. Jon is married to Lora Sabin, a public health economist at Boston University School of Public Health. They have made their home in Watertown for 20 years and have four children attending or graduated from the Watertown public schools.

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator/Attorney
Spouse: Lora Sabin
Children: 4

Education & Public Service

  • Stanford University, B.A.
  • Tufts University, M.A.L.D.
  • Harvard Law School, J.D.
  • Watertown Town Council
  • Watertown Democratic Town Committee; Massachusetts Municipal Association Board of Directors
  • Local Government Advisory Commission
Twenty-ninth Middlesex, Consisting of Cambridge: Ward 9, Ward 10: Precinct 3, Ward 11: Precinct 2; Watertown: Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.