Bill Docket Bill Title
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
S.183 SD1163 For legislation to futher regulate pawn shops and dealers of second articles
H.253 HD452 For legislation to include motor homes in the lemon law, so-called, protecting consumers from defective vehicles
S.259 SD1258 For legislation relative to providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing
H.414 HD3745 For an investigation by a special commission (including membes of the General court) of school district capacity and efficient delivery of educational services
H.418 HD3750 Relative to charter schools and education collaboratives
H.419 HD3751 For legislation to provide persons failing to pass educator certification with comprehensive summaries of their test results
H.420 HD3752 Relative to educator licensure for school teachers
H.493 HD3941 Relative to coursework and a practicum for previously licensed special education teachers and rehabilitation counselors
H.752 HD886 Relative to ice rinks owned by the Commonwealth
H.753 HD888 Relative to golf courses owned by the Commonwealth
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
S.792 SD1132 For legislation to allow municipalities to conduct fingerprint based background checks of federal records for employment and licensing purposes
H.796 HD245 For legislation to regulate the fishing and sale of striped bass
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
H.923 HD3748 Relative to insurance coverage for certain pervasive developmental disorders
S.996 SD1158 For legislation to regard uniform police identifications cards
S.1063 SD1523 For legislation to continue retirement group membership for law enforcement officials
H.1147 HD4345 Relative to GPS monitoring during pretrial probation
H.1311 HD911 Relative to penalties for breaking and entering a firearm retail wholesaler or manufacturer
S.1697 SD1499 For legislation relative to police pursuits in the commonwealth
S.1742 SD92 For legislation to improve the prehension of drunk drivers and other law violators
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
S.2017 SD221 For legislation relative to standards for protective headgear for operators or passengers on motorcycles
S.2059 SD2069 For legislation to establish a special commission on the reuse of Westborough State Hospital
S.2137 SD2189 For legislation relative to Regional Transit Authorities.
H.2476 HD1591 Relative to pension equity for retirement public employees
H.2477 HD1601 For legislation to further regulate the state pension system
H.2753 HD2354 Relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans
H.2782 HD827 For legislation to include home heating costs in the calculation of tax credits for senior citizens
H.3247 HD777 Relative to merging the Turnpike Authority with the Department of Highways
H.3248 HD1641 Relative to the property and finances of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
H.3459 HD1263 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of the condominium laws
H.4232 HD4546 Relative to establishing licensing requirements and protections for certain cottage communities
H.4484 HD4738 For legislation to further regulate the sentencing of persons found "guilty except insane" of murder in the courts of the Commonwealth
H.4528 HD4873 Relative to prohibiting the electronic transmission of harmful material to minors
H.4529 HD4871 Relative to defining the dissemination of obscene material
H.4651 HD4981 (by vote of the town) that the town of Northborough be authorized to issue an additional license for the sale of all alcholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises