Mark C. Montigny 186th (2009 - 2010) Assistant Majority Leader

D New Bedford
Mark C. Montigny


State House
Room 312C
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1440
Fax: 617-722-1068
District Office
888 Purchase Street Room 305
New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 984-1474
Fax: (508) 984-1590
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.41 SD400 For legislation relative to educational stability for foster children
S.44 SD1021 For legislation relative to parental leave.
S.68 SD903 For legislation relative to families and children engaged in services
S.82 SD124 For legislation to protect and improve the emergency aid to the elderly, disabled and children
S.99 SD1 For legislation to provide for loans for waterfront development
H.124 HD1039 Relative to establishing a paid family leave program
S.183 SD1163 For legislation to futher regulate pawn shops and dealers of second articles
S.206 SD890 For legislation to provide for loans for waterfront development
S.233 SD149 For legislation relative to bullying
S.259 SD1258 For legislation relative to providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing
S.277 SD1612 For legislation to promote the building of full service schools
S.322 SD548 For legislation relative to a silver alert program to protect those with alzheimers.
S.328 SD120 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance for long term care residents
H.328 HD881 For legislation to regulate the record-keeping procedures of scrap metal dealers
H.363 HD1004 Relative to increasing the minimum age for school dropouts
H.364 HD2583 For legislation to establish a bullying prevention and intervention plan for the protection of students in the schools of the Commonwealth
S.388 SD1696 For legislation to promote healthy communities and the environment
S.389 SD1706 For legislation to create environmental justice
S.406 SD671 For legislation to update the animal control laws of Massachusetts
S.435 SD746 For legislation to promote the viability and sustainability of commercial fisheries in the commonwealth
S.442 SD1912 For legislation for a healthy Massachusetts: safer alternatives to toxic chemicals
S.502 SD1934 For legislation relative to increasing access to homeowners insurance
H.523 HD769 Relative to establishing a YouthBuild program in the Commonwealth
H.536 HD1720 Relative to personal care or managerial services contracts for families caring for elderly relatives
S.537 SD1677 For legislation to assure equitable health coverage for all children
H.545 HD1485 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance of residents of long-term care facilities
H.603 HD4313 For the development and implemention of a statewide silver alert system to be activated on behalf of missing senior citizens
H.616 HD3592 (by vote of the town) relative to promotional police exams in the town of Dartmouth
S.666 SD1309 For legislation to preserve publicly assisted affordable housing
S.688 SD624 For legislation establishing paid sick days
S.810 SD1563 For legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
H.810 HD3268 For legislation to prevent oil spills in Buzzads Bay by requiring escort tugs for unescorted tank vessels
S.811 SD1586 For legislation to establish community based grant programs to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
S.812 SD1592 For legislation to ensure the availability of medications in time of an emergency.
S.817 SD286 For legislation to create environmental justice
S.847 SD1180 For legislation relative to a board of midwifery
S.873 SD1267 For legislation to strengthen health reform
S.896 SD1681 For legislation relative to women’s health and cancer recovery
H.904 HD300 Relative to coverages under the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association
S.909 SD1340 For legislation to reduce medication errors in the Commonwealth
S.950 SD880 For legislation to establish a primary seat belt law
S.1143 SD1204 For legislation relative to eligibility for state group health insurance
S.1260 SD463 For legislation to establish the gateway cities historical residential rehabilitation tax credit
S.1270 SD1595 For legislation to establish the Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund
S.1273 SD1650 For legislation relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
S.1283 SD1534 For legislation to expand senior tax reductions for volunteer services .
H.1299 HD1033 For legislation to protect children against sex offenders
S.1317 SD658 For legislation relative to 529 college savings plans
H.1326 HD2104 Relative to payment or agreement to pay to a defendant consideration which it knows or reasonably should know may constitute proceeds related to a crime
S.1333 SD54 For legislation to establish an income tax deduction for individuals who donate a human organ.
H.1342 HD880 Relative to the penalties for the use or manufacture of hidden compartments for the purpose of transporting or distributing controlled substances
S.1378 SD128 For legislation to extend the senior circuit breaker tax credit to disabled persons.
S.1379 SD1762 For legislation to stabilize neighborhoods
S.1403 SD1665 For legislation to prohibit persons convicted of a felony from registering as a legislative of executive agent
S.1410 SD1924 For legislation relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures
S.1454 SD743 For legislation relative to zero-based budgeting and budget transparency
H.1510 HD3480 For legislation to establish a moratorium on foreclosures of certain property and providing for judicial review of all such mortgage foreclosures in the Commonwealth
S.1534 SD309 For legislation to establish a cell phone users bill of rights
S.1559 SD502 For legislation to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime
S.1587 SD1682 For legislation relative to the sexual abuse of minors
S.1611 SD1913 For legislation to prevent harassment
S.1687 SD389 For legislation relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
S.1693 SD1627 For legislation to further regulate sex offender registration
H.1728 HD431 Relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes
H.1729 HD3209 For legislation to require judicial review of foreclosures on residential mortgages
S.1778 SD1642 For legislation to require judicial foreclosure
S.1820 SD1897 For legislation to increase the penalties for corporate manslaughter
S.1828 SD1130 For legislation relative to community leadership neighborhood revitalization and urban violence protection act of 2009
S.1848 SD1872 For legislation to require commercially reasonable efforts to avoid foreclosure
S.1870 SD1292 For legislation relative to the treatment of elephants
H.2080 HD1708 For legislation to establish a board of registration in midwifery
H.2143 HD1854 Relative to prohibiting advertising by pharmaceutical companies
H.2177 HD2578 Relative to the medical security plan for children to include biologically-based disorders with unlimited mental health visits
S.2183 SD2225 For legislation to combat economic crime
H.2218 HD558 Relative to community leadership, neighborhood-revitalization and urban-violence protection
S.2479 SD2349 For legislation relative to the definition of the word attempt on criminal cases
H.2702 HD3948 For legislation to provide for a credit for corporations against corporate income taxes to foster job creation in municpalities designated as gateway cities
H.2972 HD3716 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance establish a searchable budget database website that includes revenue, expenditure and funding information
H.3004 HD2276 For legislation to create a hospital disposition fund from the proceeds of sales of state hospitals and the crediting of such proceeds to accountsof the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Mental Retardation
H.3179 HD3922 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles establish a "green" registration fee for certain alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles and to create a rail transit fund
H.3439 HD1311 Relative to the disposition of abandoned vessels
H.3516 HD1017 Relative to the penalty for failure to testify in gang related cases
H.3726 HD2639 That certain public employee retirement funds be invested in assets in businesses, real estate, or other investments located within gateway cities, so-called
H.4212 HD4520 For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Joanna Cross, an employee of the Department of Transitional Assistance
H.4215 HD4522 Relative to designating a portion of Route 140 in the city of New Bedford as the Koreans' Veterans Memorial Roadway
H.4247 HD94247 The committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two branches with reference to the Senate amendments of the House Bill preventing oil spills in Buzzards Bay (House, No. 4119), reports recommending passage of the accompanying bill (House, No. 4247)
H.4293 HD4530 Relative to economic crimes involving monetary instruments or other property known to be derived from criminal activity

Career Highlights

  • Chairman of Senate Committee of Post Audit and Oversight
  • Chairman, Joint Committee on Healthcare
  • National Legislative Association on Prescription drug Pricing, Member and Past President
  • Chamber of Commerce, Past President

Education & Public Service

  • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Various international study exchange and fellowship programs in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe
  • Mass. Senate (1993-present)
Second Bristol and Plymouth -- Consisting of the city of New Bedford and the towns of Acushnet, Dartmouth and Fairhaven in the county of Bristol; and the town of Mattapoisett in the county of Plymouth.