Michael D. Brady 186th (2009 - 2010) Senator

D Brockton
Michael D. Brady


State House
Room 109E
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1200
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.48 SD812 For legislation relative to deceased poor and indigent persons
S.49 SD889 For legislation relative to deceased poor and indigent persons
S.62 SD491 For legislation to protect against the displacement of current employees
S.142 SD787 For legislation to further regulate radio frequency identification devices in the commonwealth
S.143 SD886 For legislation relative to the inspection of power operated doors
S.144 SD936 For legislation to regulate advertisements and solicitations for time
S.145 SD937 For legislation relative to state and county fairs
S.146 SD1393 For legislation to require certain officials to be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
H.150 HD703 Relative to waiting lists for services of the Department of Mental Retardation
H.177 HD3949 For legislation to establish a system for tracking the unmet service needs of persons with developmental disabilities
S.201 SD469 For legislation relative to plant relocation
H.231 HD3406 For legislation to further regulate the collection of debt by creditors
S.278 SD1968 For legislation to fulfill the promise of education reform adequate funding for student success
H.282 HD1821 For legislation to protect the rights of consumers in motor vehicle repair transactions
S.306 SD348 For legislation that provisions be made to create a special commission on insitutional long term care services
H.367 HD904 For legislation to regulate contributions by the city and the towns for operation of the Southeastern Regional School District
S.406 SD671 For legislation to update the animal control laws of Massachusetts
S.442 SD1912 For legislation for a healthy Massachusetts: safer alternatives to toxic chemicals
S.480 SD139 For legislation relative to patient care access
S.481 SD1321 For legislation relative to disclosure of ATM fees
S.482 SD1795 For legislation to further define adverse determinations by insurers
S.483 SD1816 For legislation to require insurere to report malpractice claims or actions for optometrists
H.494 HD2573 For legislation to improve early education and care for chiildren by family child care providers
S.545 SD143 For legislation to provide for the privacy of information of submitted by medical staff
S.546 SD1851 For legislation to establish a hardship waiver for medicaid beneficiaries
S.549 SD1463 For legislation relative to health care affordability
H.576 HD421 For legislation to provide for the registration of voters on election days
H.624 HD238 For legislation to allow the non-profit corporation Home of the Brave, Inc., to construct and operate public homes for veterans
S.680 SD1561 For legislation establishing a temporary workers right to know.
S.682 SD1611 For legislation to protect honest employees
S.698 SD1894 For legislation to modernize and protect the unemployment insurance system
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
S.792 SD1132 For legislation to allow municipalities to conduct fingerprint based background checks of federal records for employment and licensing purposes
S.822 SD853 For legislation relative to birth marriage and death records
S.823 SD1332 For legislation relative to podiatrists performing surgery
S.824 SD1335 For legislation relative to the signing of death certificates
S.825 SD1343 For legislation relative to funerals
S.826 SD1629 For legislation relative to the definition of surgery
S.827 SD1769 For legislation relative to truth in advertising
S.828 SD1926 For legislation to promote urinary incontinence health management
S.829 SD1954 For legislation to clarify the site assignment process
S.872 SD1261 For legislation to prohibit mandatory overtime for the heakth care workforce
H.881 HD928 Relative to the coverage of nonprescription enteral formulas
S.996 SD1158 For legislation to regard uniform police identifications cards
H.1043 HD2574 For legislation to establish an advisory commission on motor vehicle body repair labor rates for the purpose of implementing insurance reforms
S.1048 SD1398 For legislation to accomodate personal care attendants without a workplace site
H.1054 HD2004 Relative to motor vehicle convictions based on traffic control devices that involve the implementation of red light cameras, so-called
S.1063 SD1523 For legislation to continue retirement group membership for law enforcement officials
H.1084 HD1227 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance and the Secretary of Health and Human Services implement a health reform employer responsibility revenue program
S.1094 SD112 For legislation relative to creditable service for school business administrators
S.1095 SD144 For legislation relative to credible service for school nurses
S.1096 SD1358 For legislation to authorize certain public employees creditable retirement service in the armed forces
S.1097 SD1431 For legislation relative to defining employees in group 2
S.1098 SD1460 For legislation to authorize the state board of retirement to grant creditable service to john A. Giannini
S.1099 SD1557 For legislation to pertain to the rights of fire fighters and police officers.
S.1100 SD1865 For legislation relative to accrued sick time of certain state employees
S.1101 SD1895 For legislation relative to Brockton school police
H.1102 HD2095 For legislation to establish a division of health insurance under the supervision and control of the Commissioner of Health Insurance
H.1175 HD3189 Relative to the eligibility of students for in-state tuition rates and fees at public higher educational institutions
S.1289 SD1487 For legislation to provide incentives for the purchase and use of alternative fuel vehicles
H.1311 HD911 Relative to penalties for breaking and entering a firearm retail wholesaler or manufacturer
H.1319 HD1238 For legislation to provide for abuse prevention order protection for animals
S.1420 SD1753 For legislation relative to privatization contracts
S.1429 SD1526 For legislation to expand the authority of the bureau of special investigations.
H.1499 HD1553 For legislation to include animals in abuse prevention orders
S.1537 SD1122 For legislation relative to the safety and protection of utility work and construction sites
S.1697 SD1499 For legislation relative to police pursuits in the commonwealth
S.1724 SD1328 For legislation relative to jury service
S.1742 SD92 For legislation to improve the prehension of drunk drivers and other law violators
H.1780 HD2291 Relative to national criminal offender record information checks for persons working with individuals served by the Department of Mental Retardation
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
S.1825 SD1110 For legislation to clarify ambiguties to question 2
S.1870 SD1292 For legislation relative to the treatment of elephants
S.1871 SD510 For legislation to improve Indian representation within the Commission of Indian Affairs.
S.1872 SD888 For legislation relative to vital records
S.2003 SD1919 For legislation relative to the home of the brave
H.2030 HD908 Relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities
H.2031 HD926 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to patient care
S.2254 SD2374 For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Gloria Oluboje, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance
S.2519 SD2580 For legislation relative to record keeping for condominiums.
H.2610 HD2893 Relative to personal care attendants without workplace sites under the collective bargaining law for public employees
H.2711 HD915 Relative to expanding the historic rehabilitation tax credit within the gateway cities
H.2719 HD914 That recipients of the Purple Heart medal be exempt from imposition of the motor vehicle excise tax
H.2974 HD917 Relative to designating September as hydrocephalus awareness month
H.3189 HD910 Relative to roadway reopenings and safety
H.3190 HD924 Relative to the issuance of motor vehicle registration plates to recipients of the Bronze Star medal
H.3376 HD3275 For legislation to reimburse the town of Easton for certain expenditures for veterans' benefits
H.3417 HD902 For legislation to increase the personal needs allowance for certain elderly and disabled residents residing in licensed medical facilities
H.3421 HD1282 For legislation to improve the personal care attendant program
H.3450 HD931 Relative to health insurance coverage for urea cycle disorders for certain public employees
H.3523 HD1260 Relative to the dissemination of certain criminal offender record information
H.3660 HD2708 For legislation to ensure that high school graduates possess a reasonable breadth and depth of knowledge and skills
H.3912 HD900 Relative to the establishment of a nursing advisory board within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.4068 HD3954 Relative to establishing and regulating resort-style casinos, gaming and entertainment in the Commonwealth
H.4276 HD4583 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) relative to establishing a moratorium on foreclosures in the city of Brockton
H.4277 HD4584 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) relative to the protection of tenants of forclosed property in the city of Brockton
H.4278 HD4582 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) relative to judicial approval of foreclosures of residential mortgages in the city of Brockton
H.4527 HD4850 Relative to repeat domestic violence offenders
H.4699 HD4948 Relative to the classification of and response to natural gas leaks
H.4750 HD4572 Relative to the opening and closing of swimming pools under the jurisdication of the Department of Conservation and Recreation
H.4925 HD5143 For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Christopher Lemoing, an employee of the sheriff''s department of Plymouth County

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator
Religion: Catholic
Interests: Supporting elder, youth and veteran’s groups; Sports; Music

Career Highlights

  • Strong support of economic developments/gateway cities, CORI reform and mortgage forclosure legislation
  • Named freshman legislator of the year by the Massachusetts Nurses Association
  • Named legislator of the month by the Massachusetts Medical Society for the month of May 2009

Education & Public Service

  • Massasoit Community College
  • Brockton Public Schools
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance School
  • MA Senate 2015 - Present
  • MA House 2009-2015
  • Massachusetts State Democratic Committeeman 2005 - present
  • Brockton City Council Ward 2, 1997-2009; Brockton School Committee Ward 2, 1996-1997
Second Plymouth and Bristol - Consisting of the city of Brockton and the towns of East Bridgewater, precincts 1 to 3, inclusive, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Plympton and Whitman, all in the county of Plymouth; and the town of Easton, precincts 1 and 2, in the county of Bristol.