Michael F. Kane 186th (2009 - 2010)

Michael F. Kane


State House
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.461 SD1782 For legislation relative to an appeal process of insurance premium surcharges under managed competition
H.820 HD3682 That the Department of Conservation and Recreation be directed to assume control of the Havey Beach Reservation located in the West Roxbury section of the city of Boston
H.847 HD2945 Relative to exempting cities and towns from fees from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act
H.963 HD405 Relative to continuing education of insurance producers
S.1105 SD330 For legislation relative to retirement options
S.1295 SD442 For legislation to establish a special commission on payment in lieu of taxes to municipalities in which group homes are located
H.1670 HD1037 Relative to information provided to women seeking abortions
S.1828 SD1130 For legislation relative to community leadership neighborhood revitalization and urban violence protection act of 2009
H.1846 HD3081 For legislation to provide incentives for productive workers' compensation audits
S.1848 SD1872 For legislation to require commercially reasonable efforts to avoid foreclosure
S.1873 SD281 For legislation to designate volleyball as the offical recreational and team sport of massachusetts
S.2006 SD329 For legislation to establish the Soldier's Home in Massachusetts Capital Maintenance Trust Fund and the Soldier's Home in Holyoke Capital Maintenance Trust Fund
H.2218 HD558 Relative to community leadership, neighborhood-revitalization and urban-violence protection
S.2408 SD2563 For legislation to validate the election of a charter commission in the City of Holyoke.
H.3035 HD2078 Relative to designating October thirtieth as Polish American Congress Day
H.3436 HD1333 Relative to reducing the size of certain classes and enhancing student opportunity for achievement and results
H.4167 HD4441 Relative to project review or permit requirement upon certain land by the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement
H.4203 HD4508 For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Antonio Bell, an employe of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services