Bill Docket Bill Title
H.147 HD1341 Relative to the posting of nutrition information containing product content in close proximity to vending machines on school property
H.166 HD1018 That the Department of Social Services be authorized to retain certain information to assist in risk and safety assessments of children and families
H.167 HD1025 Relative to the licensure and regulation of au pair and nanny agencies by the Office of Child Care Services
H.168 HD1170 Relative to adoption specialists
H.198 HD1507 Relative to price marking of food and grocery items
H.258 HD1146 Relative to establishing the victims of violent crimes lottery fund
H.259 HD1583 Relative to consumer identity verification prior to the issuance of credit cards
H.260 HD3575 For legislation to authorize organizations to employ certain persons to conduct raffles and bazaars
H.338 HD1597 Relative to the student entrepreneurial development and economic investment fund
H.433 HD783 Relative to the renewal of charter schools
H.434 HD792 Relative to underperforming charter schools
H.435 HD822 Relative to classroom materials
H.436 HD873 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to improving the teacher licensure process
H.437 HD882 Relative to requiring parental notification and consent prior to implementing curriculum concerning human sexuality
H.438 HD890 For legislation to dedicate a certain percentage of appropriations for public educational services in the Commonwealth
H.439 HD893 That the public schools of the Commonwealth be directed to provide safety measures for students using the Internet
H.440 HD1132 Relative to school bullying prevention
H.441 HD1189 Relative to the readmittance of students to school after exclusionon
H.442 HD1306 Relative to the filing of school design plans to the chiefs of fire departments and police departments to promote school safety
H.472 HD995 For legislation to require parental consent on sex education in public schools
H.473 HD1005 For legislation to allow students in private or parochial schools to take the MCAS exam
H.474 HD1086 Relative to the awarding of diplomas for civics education by the Board of Education
H.535 HD1302 For a legislative Amendment to the Constitution to establish an independent redistricting commission and criteria for redistricting for state House, Senate, and Councilor districts
H.542 HD1008 Relative to establishing multi-disciplinary teams with district attorneys to investigate elder abuse
H.585 HD788 Relative to overseas absentee voting
H.586 HD813 Relative to the voting procedures of presidential electors
H.587 HD884 For legislation to require photo-identification for persons voting in elections
H.589 HD1293 Establishing an independent redistricting commission and criteria for redistricting for Congressional districts
H.590 HD1336 Relative to campaign finance reports
H.591 HD1405 Relative to electioneering communications and independent expenditures
H.592 HD1491 For legislation to prohibit campaign contributions by political action committees
H.593 HD1509 Relative to campaign financing and reporting
H.594 HD1512 Establishing a cap on candidates' committees campaign funds
H.645 HD1531 Relative to joint fundraising by candidates for political office
H.646 HD3903 Relative to requiring the disclosure of expenditures by certain sub-vendors under the election laws
H.666 HD1014 Relative to the formation of regional town committees in areas where organization of individual town committees are unorganized upon written request of the state committees of political parties
H.668 HD1257 Relative to the identification requirements for voters
H.750 HD715 Relative to the protection of wetlands under certain ordinances or by-laws in cities and towns
H.752 HD886 Relative to ice rinks owned by the Commonwealth
H.753 HD888 Relative to golf courses owned by the Commonwealth
H.802 HD1768 Relative to the membership of the Stewardship Council of the Department of Conservation and Recreation
H.803 HD3697 For legislation to further regulate the toxics use reduction act
H.805 HD1059 Relative to mosquito control and aerial spraying in the Commonwealth
H.806 HD3819 Relative to certain costs imposed upon cities and towns by the Department of Environmental Protection
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
H.924 HD883 Relative to the equitable assessment of banking fees imposed on accounts for personal, family or household purposes
H.925 HD885 Relative to motor vehicle insurance surcharges
H.926 HD967 For legislation to provide for reductions in motor vehicle insurance charges for certain public transit users
H.927 HD1693 Relative to short term insurance
H.1073 HD1575 For legislation to postpone implementation of minimum health coverage requirements
H.1074 HD1588 Providing for an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to managed care in the Commonwealth
H.1075 HD1622 For legislation to establish a state pharmacy council to coordinate agencies in lowering prescription drug costs
H.1147 HD4345 Relative to GPS monitoring during pretrial probation
H.1148 HD4351 Relative to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease
H.1157 HD4254 Relative to the purchase of flags substantially manufactured in the United States
H.1223 HD771 Relative to the withholding of rents and the establishment of rent escrow accounts by tenants for code violations by landlords
H.1224 HD795 For legislation to expedite the permitting process for housing
H.1225 HD815 Relative to affordable housing and the preservation of community water resources
H.1228 HD887 Relative to affordable housing and group homes in the Commonwealthth
S.1367 SD1029 For legislation relative to corporate taxes.
H.1427 HD778 Relative to the deliberate spread of contagious diseases
H.1428 HD780 For legislation to authorize the Division of Victim Compensation and Assistance to monitor profits from criminal activities of incarcerated persons
H.1429 HD781 Relative to the crime of incest
H.1430 HD791 Relative to protecting children from domestic violence
H.1431 HD797 Relative to the conversion of income trusts to total return unitrusts and regulating the distribution of funds from such unitrusts
H.1432 HD800 For legislation to establish crime victim restitution
H.1433 HD803 Relative to criminal history background checks for teacher licensure applicants
H.1434 HD806 Relative to creating Internet access to certain criminal offender record information
H.1435 HD812 Relative to level 2 sex offenders
H.1436 HD816 Relative to authorizing the courts of the Commonwealth to establish a system of juvenile restitution
H.1437 HD818 Relative to protecting victims and children from sex offenders
H.1438 HD821 Relative to repeat offenders
H.1439 HD828 Relative to the enticement of children online
H.1440 HD830 Relative to the charges and verdicts in criminal offender record information
H.1441 HD980 Relative to increasing the jurisdictional amount in small claims cases
H.1442 HD1026 Relative to the alleviation of costs incurred while housing prisoners in the Commonwealth
H.1443 HD1173 Relative to the penalties for the crime of fetal homicide
H.1444 HD1217 Relative to excusing certain sole owners of businesses from jury service
H.1445 HD1225 For legislation to exclude parental consent requirements for persons who have been convicted of murdering the other parent
H.1446 HD1300 Relative to mandatory post-release supervision
H.1447 HD1320 For legislation to establish a criminal penalty for possession of a handcuff key by certain persons held in custody
H.1448 HD1355 Relative to sentencing of persistent violent offenders
H.1449 HD1403 Relative to the liability of persons transporting operators of motor vehicles arrested for drunk driving
H.1450 HD1469 For legislation to prohibit eminent domain takings for the purpose of economic development
H.1451 HD1566 For legislation to limit the liability of the Massachusetts Transportation Authority for punitive damages
H.1452 HD1570 Relative to medical malpractice claims
H.1453 HD1584 For legislation to protect employers from frivolous litigation
H.1454 HD1587 Relative to identity fraud in the Commonwealth
H.1455 HD1615 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the taking of land or interests therein by eminent domain for private commercial or economic development
H.1456 HD1636 Relative to health care proxies
H.1457 HD1704 Relative to the penalty for interfering with certain medical personnel in the line of duty
H.1458 HD2842 For legislation to increase the penalties for violations of the ethics and lobbying laws of the Commonwealth
H.1657 HD1042 Relative to the penalty imposed for operating a motor vehicle without a license
H.1658 HD1046 Relative to the penalties for persons convicted of assaults in dwellings
H.1659 HD1083 For legislation to include immimmigration status as a consideration for release on personal recognizance or unsecured appearance bond
H.1660 HD1099 Relative to time of sentence of inmates while in solitary confinement
H.1661 HD1123 Relative to biological evidence required for adoption
H.1665 HD1742 Protecting the rights of private property owners from certain land takings
H.1666 HD1751 Relative to state agency compensation for owners of private property taken by eminent domain for regulatory purposes
H.1668 HD1013 Relative to the crime of incest
H.1669 HD1032 Relative to the issuance of permanent restraining orders upon complaints filed by victims of violent crimes and their families
H.1671 HD1053 Relative to the Sex Offender Registry Board
H.1672 HD1268 For legislation to require valid photographic identification issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles as proof of identification for marriage
H.1673 HD3198 Relative to the punishment for the murder of a police officer
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
H.1809 HD896 Relative to clarifying the definition of an "employee"
H.1810 HD1595 Relative to workforce training
H.1811 HD1598 That employees injured due to willful misconduct be prohibited from receiving any portion of compensation benefits
H.1812 HD1599 To provide a safe workplace for employees of the Commonwealth and its political sub-divisions
H.1813 HD1605 Relative to the workforce training fund
H.1814 HD1650 Relative to unemployment insurance reform
S.1825 SD1110 For legislation to clarify ambiguties to question 2
H.1984 HD704 Relative to municipal relief
H.1999 HD2056 Relative to zoning ordinance or by-laws regulating the installation and operation of wind turbines
H.2066 HD1568 Relative to the use of epinephrine, adrenaline or other agents by optometrists in the treatment of anaphylaxis
H.2067 HD1572 For legislation to require pharmacies to implement an electronic prescription system
H.2068 HD1593 For legislation to protect children from hazardous substances contained in toys or child care items
H.2069 HD1611 Relative to establishing a nursing advisory board in the Commonwealth
H.2070 HD1678 That the Commissioner of Public Health be directed to establish regulations for the return of certain unused prescription medications to pharmacies
H.2132 HD974 Relative to the use of human skin cells in certain scientific research
H.2136 HD1215 For legislation to require external defibrillators in public schools
S.2137 SD2189 For legislation relative to Regional Transit Authorities.
S.2196 SD2307 For legislation to authorize the town of Oxford to grant an additional license for the sale of wine and malt alcoholic beverages
H.2235 HD774 Relative to the establishment of a task force (including members of the General Court) to study use of the Internet by sex offenders
H.2236 HD895 For an investigation by a special commission (including lmembers of the General Court) relative to the reorganization of public safety agencies in the cities and towns of the Commonwealth
H.2237 HD1261 Relative to the issuance of licenses for the use of chemical mace
H.2238 HD1429 Relative to the filing of a biennial report by the Secretary of Public Safety of firearms-related statistics
H.2259 HD2072 For legislation to prohibit subdivisions of the Commonwealth from further restricting the use or possesion of firearms
H.2260 HD3933 Relative to further regulating excavation and trench safety
H.2471 HD782 For legislation to transfer the payment of personnel and operating expenses of the Department of Highways from the capital budget to the operating budget of said department
H.2472 HD1513 For legislation to prohibit additional compensation to police officers and fire fighters for completing physical fitness requirements
H.2473 HD1567 Relative to expediting the transitions of cities, towns and districts into the contributory group general or blanket insurance programs
H.2474 HD1569 For legislation to protecting the Massachusetts Pension Fund from the risk of investment in Iran
H.2475 HD1582 Relative to pension fund investments for cities and towns
H.2476 HD1591 Relative to pension equity for retirement public employees
H.2477 HD1601 For legislation to further regulate the state pension system
H.2478 HD3913 Relative to withholding pensions from certain government consultants
H.2567 HD1223 For legislation to direct the Teachers' Retirement Board to make an investigation and study relative to purchasing power protection for retiree benefits
H.2568 HD2156 Relative to the appointment of sons and daughters of certain military personnel as fire fighters and police officers
H.2753 HD2354 Relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans
H.2781 HD779 For legislation to reduce the income tax rate
H.2782 HD827 For legislation to include home heating costs in the calculation of tax credits for senior citizens
H.2783 HD839 Relative to quarterly estimated taxes for corporations
H.2784 HD841 Relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans
H.2785 HD844 Relative to the granting of tax credits for certain persons engaged in the production of cellulosic biofuels in the Commonwealth
H.2786 HD889 For legislation to establish a bureau of special investigations within the Department of Revenue
H.2787 HD892 Relative to income tax incentives for the use of biofuel feedstock for heating purposes
H.2788 HD1105 For legislation to establish a sales tax holiday for certain "Energy Star" products, so-called
H.2789 HD1571 For legislation to provide tax incentives to certain small businesses
H.2790 HD1574 For legislation to provide tax incentives for the creation of certain high wage jobs
H.2792 HD3306 Relative to applying the income tax to bribes and monies gained from illegal activities
H.2858 HD1114 For legislation to establish a fuel tax deduction for the cost of home heating oil, natural gas or propane
H.2860 HD1714 Relative to property tax assessments for the blind
H.2866 HD970 Relative to abatements for certain disabled veterans
H.2867 HD992 Relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans
H.2868 HD1068 Relative to the refunding of sales taxes on certain purchases
H.2869 HD1075 Relative to real estate tax exemptions to recipients of the Air Force Cross or Presidential Unit Citation
H.2870 HD3919 Relative to taxes generated by charitable raffles and bazaars
H.2871 HD1226 Relative to real estate taxes levels of certain persons who have attained the age of seventy
H.2872 HD1452 Relative to electronic filing of individual taxes
H.2952 HD1612 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to salary adjustments for members of the General Court
H.2997 HD772 Relative to the use of credit cards for payment to the Commonwealtht
H.2998 HD814 For legislation to establish uniform standards for the filing of certain forms with agencies of the Commonwealth
H.3085 HD1698 Relative to directing the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to study the cost reliability and economic impact of electricity
H.3106 HD3186 Relative to the cutting down, trimming or removal of bushes and small trees by electric companies and distribution companies
H.3107 HD1045 For legislation to prohibit businesses from misrepresenting the geographic location of such businesses in local telephone directories
H.3247 HD777 Relative to merging the Turnpike Authority with the Department of Highways
H.3248 HD1641 Relative to the property and finances of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
H.3292 HD1055 Relative to the issuance of motor vehicle registration plates to veterans
H.3294 HD1002 For legislation to require the illumination of motor vehicle headlights whenever windshield wipers are in operation
H.3387 HD1036 For legislation to require compliance with federal immigration laws for public benefits
H.3406 HD1487 For a legislative amendment to the constitution providing for a two year budget process for the Commonwealth
H.3407 HD1537 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution limiting expenditure growth
H.3408 HD1602 For legislation to require a two-thirds vote of the Senate and the House of Representatives prior to making appropriations from the Stabilization Fund
H.3461 HD1277 Relative to condominium elections
H.3488 HD1371 Relative to reducing property taxes for certain elderly persons
H.3500 HD1379 For legislation to prohibit persons convicted felonies for acting as executive or legislative agents
H.3501 HD1494 Relative to the period of time before a former employee of the Commonwealth may become an executive of legislative agent
H.3502 HD1503 For legislation to clarify disclosure requirements for lobbyists
H.3503 HD1534 For legislation to require that lobbyists complete an in-person or online ethical standards training course to be offered by the Ethics Commission in conjunction with the State Secretary and the Office of Campaign and Political Finance
H.3505 HD1705 For legislation to place the archeological and historical sites under the supervision and control of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
H.3520 HD826 For legislation to indemnify certain persons from civil proceedings for injuries or deaths of persons unlawfully entering their dwelling
H.3526 HD987 For legislation to provide that interstate criminal offender records be made available to certain persons and agencies
H.3527 HD1252 For legislation to require that certain sex offenders wear GPS tracking devices
H.3528 HD1325 Relative to protecting children from exploitation
H.3529 HD1351 Relative to the protection of children from sexual predators
H.3530 HD1408 Relative to hidden compartments in vehicles and the use of contraband found in such compartments as evidence
H.3554 HD1765 For legislation to establish an Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund
H.3579 HD1457 That certain proceeds accumulated in the Medical Security Trust Fund be deposited in the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
H.3593 HD1576 Relative to prohibiting the possession of tobacco by minors
H.3594 HD1578 For legislation to repeal certain laws providing coverage for bone marrow transplants or transplants for persons who have been diagnosed with breast cancer
H.3609 HD1730 Relative to limitations on expenditures and revenues
H.3617 HD1488 Relative to providing that expenditures of the Commonwealth are displayed on a searchable public website
H.3628 HD1609 Relative to the classification of certain sex offenders
H.3629 HD1644 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court)of the feasibility of creating a specialized court for purposes of administering medical malpractice claims
H.3630 HD2254 Relative to further regulating certain drunken driving laws
H.3632 HD2047 Relative to blood alcohol testing
H.3828 HD3688 Relative to the development of school medical emergency response plans by the Department of Education
H.3936 HD4174 Relative to the annual distribution of funds to cities and towns, application of the civil service law and providing for certain changes in the public employees retirement law
H.4081 HD2215 For legislation to establish a gaming commission and further regulate gaming in the Commonwealth
H.4426 HD1438 For legislation to designate Vaillancourt Folk Art as the official Christmas collectible maker of the Commonwealth
H.4484 HD4738 For legislation to further regulate the sentencing of persons found "guilty except insane" of murder in the courts of the Commonwealth
H.4528 HD4873 Relative to prohibiting the electronic transmission of harmful material to minors
H.4620 HD3997 That county commissioners and the sheriffs for the various counties institute a schedule of fees and assess fees to inmates in their custody
By Request
HD1103 For legislation to prohibit retail sales at prices higher than advertised

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator

Education & Public Service

  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 93
  • Auburn Republican Town Committee (1993-present)
  • Auburn Town Meeting Member (1993-1997)
  • Mass. House (1997-present)
Seventh Worcester, Consisting of Auburn; Charlton: Precinct 4; Millbury; Oxford: Precincts 2, 3.