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Richard T. Moore President Pro Tempore

D Uxbridge
Richard T. Moore


State House
Room 111
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1420
Fax: 617-722-1944
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.39 SD1376 For legislation to ensure continuity of health coverage for children
S.54 SD1413 For legislation to ensure access to basic health care for children and young adults
S.58 SD515 For legislation relating to anti-human trafficking and protection
S.68 SD903 For legislation relative to families and children engaged in services
S.118 SD1361 For legislation to maintain public water systems
H.133 HD1153 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) relative to the impact of undocumented aliens
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
H.188 HD3905 Relative to the continuation of eligiblity for medical benefits for certain children
S.208 SD1297 For legislation to require instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automatic external defibrillators for high school graduation
S.249 SD1515 For legislation relative to evaluating and enhancing quality physical education.
S.265 SD533 For legislation relative to equitable school reimbursement funds.
H.266 HD989 For legislation to further regulate the practice of psychotherapy
S.269 SD1776 For legislation to amend regional school transportation funding
S.300 SD1271 For legislation relative to nursing home audit disallowances
S.301 SD1279 For legislation relative to medication technician
S.302 SD1283 For legislation to ensure that nursing home residents are not subject to undue hardship
H.337 HD647 For legislation to establish the Massachusetts Opportunity Rebuilding and Expansion Infrastructure Program
H.351 HD3229 For legislation to direct the Department of Education to include a course in civics as a high school graduation requirement
H.388 HD1147 That the Department of Education be required to reimburse school districts for the cost of transporting "out-of-district" special education students
S.406 SD671 For legislation to update the animal control laws of Massachusetts
H.412 HD3741 For legislation to authorized school districts to form superintendency unions to consolidate administrative functions
S.442 SD1912 For legislation for a healthy Massachusetts: safer alternatives to toxic chemicals
S.461 SD1782 For legislation relative to an appeal process of insurance premium surcharges under managed competition
S.513 SD1167 Relative to the safety of public deposits
S.517 SD68 For legislation to improve access to alcohol and other drug clinical services
S.612 SD777 For legislation relative to college readiness
S.614 SD57 For legislation to promote higher education among employees of human services provider organizations
S.616 SD426 For legislation relative to creating a loan forgiveness program for direct care human service workers
S.778 SD1352 For legislation to establish a cat and dog spay and nueter fund
S.813 SD1607 For legislation to restrict the sale of tobacco products at locations where health professional are employed
H.834 HD3214 Relative to establishing standards for restoring and maintaining stream flows, water levels and hydrologic regimes that protect natural aquatic life in rivers and streams
S.836 SD938 For legislation relative to medical spas
S.840 SD1345 For legislation relative to primary stroke designation hospitals
S.844 SD1493 For legislation relative to nurse anesthetists
H.847 HD2945 Relative to exempting cities and towns from fees from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act
S.897 SD680 For legislation to encourage organ donation
S.921 SD223 For legislation relative to the safety law enforcement officers
S.930 SD1566 For legislation to prohibit price gouging during states of emergency
H.940 HD1772 Relative to health insurance for human service providers and their employees
H.1151 HD4403 For an investigation by the Executive Office of Transportation and the Turnpike Authority of the establishment of a fully-automated toll collection system
H.1157 HD4254 Relative to the purchase of flags substantially manufactured in the United States
S.1222 SD424 For legislation relative to the cost of living adjustment for public retirees
H.1246 HD3713 For legislation to protect certain students and clients of public or private institutions from inappropriate sexual contact by employees
H.1248 HD3939 For legislation to increase the penalties imposed for rape of mentally retarded persons
S.1270 SD1595 For legislation to establish the Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund
S.1271 SD1634 For legislation to establish a municipal gas tax exemption
S.1273 SD1650 For legislation relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
S.1279 SD390 For legislation to extend the investment tax credit to all corporations
S.1329 SD1870 For legislation relative to a local option meals tax
S.1331 SD1932 For legislation to establish the local aidstabilization fund
H.1367 HD952 Relative to the possession of firearms by police officers in certain court facilities
S.1377 SD119 For legislation to equalize the Department of Revenue interest rates
S.1404 SD1797 For legislation relative to the Massachusetts Commission against discrimination
S.1410 SD1924 For legislation relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures
H.1499 HD1553 For legislation to include animals in abuse prevention orders
S.1559 SD502 For legislation to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime
S.1571 SD190 For legislation relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death.
H.1675 HD2837 Relative to the penalty for negligent operation of a motor vehicle resulting in the death of another person
S.1693 SD1627 For legislation to further regulate sex offender registration
H.1729 HD3209 For legislation to require judicial review of foreclosures on residential mortgages
H.1780 HD2291 Relative to national criminal offender record information checks for persons working with individuals served by the Department of Mental Retardation
S.1825 SD1110 For legislation to clarify ambiguties to question 2
S.1843 SD883 For legislation to reduce opioid overdoes deaths
S.1867 SD784 For legislation to create the commonwealth heritage areas program
S.1893 SD211 For legislation relative to the clarification for the definition testing regulations and enforcment of motorcycle sound emmision
H.1894 HD4349 (by vote of the town) for legislation to establish a town administrator and a municipal finance department in the town of Douglas
S.1894 SD218 For legislation to assure that motorcyclists between the ages of 16 and 18 are provided with adequate education
S.1913 SD2036 For legislation relative to license renewal notifications
H.1915 HD4472 For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Bruce Bagdasarian, an employee of the Westborough State Hospital
H.1919 HD4448 (by vote of the town) relative to authorizing the town of Uxbridge to establish a cable peg access enterprise fund
S.1934 SD1555 For legislation to promote and and advance motorcycle safety.
S.1957 SD1833 For legislation relative to regional transit authorities
S.1959 SD1070 For legislation relative To fairness and equity In regional transportation planning.
H.1962 HD2942 Relative to allowing the diversion of low-level offenders under court supervision from the drug treatment program of the Commonwealth
S.2003 SD1919 For legislation relative to the home of the brave
H.2086 HD2266 For legislation to establish a nursing advisory board within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.2102 HD1936 For legislation to require certain children attending day care centers to be immunized against pneumococcal disease
S.2137 SD2189 For legislation relative to Regional Transit Authorities.
H.2259 HD2072 For legislation to prohibit subdivisions of the Commonwealth from further restricting the use or possesion of firearms
H.2308 HD522 Relative to the residency requirements of fire and police personnele
S.2479 SD2349 For legislation relative to the definition of the word attempt on criminal cases
H.2487 HD244 Relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth
H.2650 HD3069 Relative to minimum staffing levels in certain collective bargaining negotiations
H.2702 HD3948 For legislation to provide for a credit for corporations against corporate income taxes to foster job creation in municpalities designated as gateway cities
H.2960 HD1713 Relative to regulations proposed by Executive agencies in response to global warming
H.3021 HD534 Relative to regulatory impact statements and administrative rulemaking
H.3035 HD2078 Relative to designating October thirtieth as Polish American Congress Day
H.3213 HD3273 For legislation to authorize the Southwick Zoo to erect tourist attraction signs in the town of Milford
H.3349 HD2332 Relative to the operation of certain motor vehicles with snow and ice on its roof
H.3367 HD3609 Relative to freezing toll increases by the Turnpike Authority
H.3421 HD1282 For legislation to improve the personal care attendant program
H.3457 HD1108 For legislation to further regulate the renting or leasing of illegal residential premises
H.3546 HD2242 Relative to protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors
H.3752 HD3329 That certain monies paid by the State of Connecticut for reimbursement of tax losses shall be distributed to the towns of Brimfield, Charlton, Holland, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Dudley and Oxford
H.3834 HD1080 For legislation to establish an elderly persons tax relief outreach program for the purposes of assisting elderly residents
H.4013 HD4149 Relative to the establishment of cultural districts
H.4116 HD3825 (by vote of the town) that the town of Southbridge be authorized to establish the position municipal hearing officer
H.4232 HD4546 Relative to establishing licensing requirements and protections for certain cottage communities
H.4326 HD4641 For legislation to regulate the closing of branch offices of the Registry of Motor Vehicles
H.4327 HD4643 That the Registry of Motor Vehicles be required to hold a certain public hearing in the town of Southbridge
H.4426 HD1438 For legislation to designate Vaillancourt Folk Art as the official Christmas collectible maker of the Commonwealth
H.4695 HD5023 (with the approval of the town council) for legislation to authorize the town of Southbridge to issue bonds for school improvement projects
H.4730 HD4869 For legislation to restrict calllers from using certain automatic dialing devices for sending informaion to subscribers of telephone services
H.4849 HD5097 (by vote of the town) for legislation to place on the ballot in the current year the filling of a vacancy on the board of selectmen in the town of Mendon
H.4936 HD5144 (by vote of the town) that the town of Milford be authorized to issue a license for the sale of wines and malt beverages to be drunk on the premises to Tanglewood Drive, LLC.
H.4937 HD5145 (by vote of the town) for legislation to authorize the town of Milford to grant a license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises to Paul J. Moffi.
H.4938 HD5146 (by vote of the town) that the town of Milford be authorized to lissue a license for the sale of wines and malt alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises to Tyco, Inc.
H.5115 HD4417 For legislation to validate the annual election in the town of Millville

Massachusetts State Senator Richard T. Moore (D-Uxbridge) is presently serving his ninth term in the Massachusetts Senate representing 14 Southern Central Massachusetts towns formally known as the Worcester and Norfolk district. In early 2013, Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) appointed Senator Moore to the position of Senate President Pro Tempore, one of the top two leadership posts after Senate President. In this capacity, Senator Moore assists the Senate President and the Senate Majority Leader in the running of the Senate and presides during sessions when the Senate President is temporarily absent .

In addition to his leadership as Senate President Pro Tempore, Senator Moore also serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules, which controls the flow of legislation; and is a member of the Committee on Bills in Third Reading, which gives bills final review before coming up for near final approval by the Senate. On the national level, the Senator recently served as President of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the NCSL Foundation. Presently, he serves as co-chair of the NCSL Task Force on International Relations; and is a member of the NCSL Task Force on Federal Health Reform Implementation and the Task Force on Immigration and the States .

Prior to his election to the Massachusetts Senate in 1996, Senator Moore served in the Clinton Administration as Associate Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, D.C. from 1994-1996 and served nine terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1977 – 1994. He was also selectman of his home town of Hopedale, Massachusetts from 1970-1978 and served as president of the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association from 1975-76.

Personal Information

Profession: Educational Administrator
Spouse: Joanne Moore (Bednarz)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Pets: Cats (Syko, Moet, Mimi, Maya, El Diablo)
Interests: History, Government, Public Policy, Teaching, Reading

Career Highlights

  • Key architect of the landmark Massachusetts health care reform law that has resulted in near universal access to health care and established the foundation for health cost containment
  • Election by the nation’s thousands of state legislators as President of the National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Led efforts to establish the Blackstone River & Canal Heritage State Park and the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor to appropriately recognize the region’s role in our nation’s history

Education & Public Service

  • Colgate University, M.A.
  • Clark University, A.B.
  • Hopedale High School
  • Mass. Senate (1996-present)
  • Associate Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency (1994-1996)
  • Mass. House (1977-1994)
  • Massachusetts Health and Education Facilities Authority (1968-1970); Selectman (1970-1978, chairman 1971, 1972, 1974 and 1977)
  • Richard T. Moore

  • Richard T. Moore

  • Richard T. Moore

  • Richard T. Moore

Worcester and Norfolk - Consisting of the towns of Blackstone, Douglas, Dudley, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Millville, Northbridge, precincts 1 and 3, Oxford, Southbridge, Sutton, Uxbridge and Webster in the county of Worcester; and the town of Bellingham in the county of Norfolk.