Steven A. Tolman 186th (2009 - 2010)

Steven A. Tolman


State House
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.20 SD1564 For legislation relative to the preparation of certain ballots in the city of Boston
S.37 SD607 For legislation relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.82 SD124 For legislation to protect and improve the emergency aid to the elderly, disabled and children
H.153 HD1040 That the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education in meeting the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder collaborate with parents of children with autism
H.156 HD1155 Relative to establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders
S.201 SD469 For legislation relative to plant relocation
S.218 SD1469 For legislation to provide health education in schools
S.254 SD1379 For legislation relative to medical emergency response plans for schools
S.344 SD306 For legislation relative to election officers
H.387 HD949 Relative to an alternate MCAS completion plan for students with certain disabilities
S.410 SD1329 For legislation to ensure the safety of organic compost
S.432 SD1035 For legislation to protect children from toxic toys
S.474 SD476 For legislation relative to establishing family and employment security through temporary disability insurance and family temporary disability insurance
H.487 HD2295 For legislation to provide equal opportunity for special education
H.492 HD3237 Relative to special education settlement agreements
H.493 HD3941 Relative to coursework and a practicum for previously licensed special education teachers and rehabilitation counselors
S.529 SD1462 For legislation to improve asthma management
H.530 HD2577 Relaltive to early childhood education and care in the Commonwealth
S.585 SD525 For legislation to reduce health care costs and improve patient care.
S.596 SD256 For legislation to provide the children of Steven L. Adams a state employee killed while in the performance of his duties with tuition to public higher education
H.618 HD1126 For legislation to grant a tax credit for persons hiring employees with autism spectrum disorders
S.678 SD1605 For legislation to establish uniform wage compliance and recordkeeping
S.680 SD1561 For legislation establishing a temporary workers right to know.
S.682 SD1611 For legislation to protect honest employees
S.688 SD624 For legislation establishing paid sick days
S.698 SD1894 For legislation to modernize and protect the unemployment insurance system
H.701 HD724 For legislation to acquire the silver maple forest for the Department of Conservation and Recreation upon receipt of sufficient local contributions toward said acquisition
H.718 HD2055 Relative to the establishment of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council
S.733 SD535 For legislation relative to juvenile mental health.
H.834 HD3214 Relative to establishing standards for restoring and maintaining stream flows, water levels and hydrologic regimes that protect natural aquatic life in rivers and streams
S.840 SD1345 For legislation relative to primary stroke designation hospitals
H.877 HD478 For legislation to establish consumer choice in automobile insurance
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
S.897 SD680 For legislation to encourage organ donation
S.933 SD1670 For legislation relative to the prevention of illegal trafficking and gun violence among youth in the Commonwealth
H.947 HD1527 Relative to the required amount of liquor liability insurance prior to the issuance of a license to sell alcoholic beverages
S.948 SD1875 For legislation to provide funds for municipally operated firefighter recruit training programs
S.966 SD561 For legislation relative to process piping.
S.1229 SD210 For legislation to establish a property tax exemption for members of the National Guard
S.1245 SD1655 For legislation to improve the earned income tax credit for working families
H.1276 HD1458 Relative to confinement conditions and treatment of prisoners with mental illness
S.1420 SD1753 For legislation relative to privatization contracts
S.1491 SD1539 For legislation to promote utility system reliability.
S.1516 SD683 For legislation relative to utility service call centers
S.1559 SD502 For legislation to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime
S.1651 SD1456 For legislation relative to drug mandatory minimum sentences
S.1693 SD1627 For legislation to further regulate sex offender registration
H.1745 HD3877 For legislation to further regulate the performance of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
H.1948 HD1478 Relative to increasing public safety by increasing access to addiction treatment
S.2003 SD1919 For legislation relative to the home of the brave
H.2127 HD852 For legislation to establish a health care trust for the preservation of the health care system of the Commonwealth
H.2161 HD3218 For legislation to further regulate the use of certain cleaning products in schools, hospitals, day care centers and public housing to provide for a reduction in asthma and other health threats
H.2522 HD3140 Relative to alternate beneficiaries and continuing survivor allowances for physically or mentally incapacitated persons over eighteen years of age
H.2726 HD2068 For legislation to establish a green building income and excise tax credit for the use of certain environmental practices
H.3226 HD2687 Relative to the safe operation of trains
H.3227 HD2769 For legislation to preserve the right of way for the North/South rail link
H.3273 HD3138 Relative to the issuance of a distinctive motor vehicle license plate for the University of Massachusetts
H.3421 HD1282 For legislation to improve the personal care attendant program
H.3435 HD1323 Relative to long-term suspensions and expulsions of school students
H.3558 HD1459 Relative to mental health and addiction services utilization review
H.3585 HD1433 Relative to the care and treatment of people with mental illness in hospital emergency rooms
H.3586 HD1439 Relative to the coordination of mental health care for children
H.3671 HD3136 That the Commissioner of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, in consultation with the Commissioner of Conservation and Recreation lease certain land in the city of Boston
H.3758 HD3221 For the annual proclamation by the Governor of the fourth Friday in September as City Year Day
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3916 HD4072 Relative to further regulating funeral directors
H.4223 HD4549 (by vote of the town) that the town of Belmont be authorized to establish a post-employment benefits trust fund for former employees of said town.
H.4414 HD4767 (by vote of the town) relative to the recall of elected officials in the town of Belmont
H.4416 HD4766 (by vote of the town) that the board of selectmen in the town of Belmont be authorized to appoint a chief of police for said town
H.4504 HD4872 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) that thet city known as the town of Watertown be authorized to lease certain land to the Watertown Boys and Girls Club
H.4667 HD4988 (by vote of the town) that the town of Watertown be exempt from the public bidding statutes for certain public construction projects
H.4894 HD5126 (by vote of the town) that the town of Belmont be authorized to grant liquor licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages
H.4901 HD5125 (by vote of the town) for legislation authorizing the modifcation of the form of property tax billing in the town of Belmont