Stephen R. Canessa 186th (2009 - 2010)

Stephen R. Canessa


State House
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.17 SD626 For legislation to safeguard the confidentiality of prescribing information
S.58 SD515 For legislation relating to anti-human trafficking and protection
S.90 SD991 For legislation relative to community preservation
H.121 HD3228 For legislation to establish a substance screening program within the Department of Transitional Assistance
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
H.155 HD1109 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of services that support individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
H.156 HD1155 Relative to establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders
H.177 HD3949 For legislation to establish a system for tracking the unmet service needs of persons with developmental disabilities
S.223 SD904 For legislation to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities
H.228 HD189 For legislation to ensure that independent repair facilities in the Commonwealth have access to information related to the proper and complete diagnosis, service and repair of motor vehicles
S.231 SD1630 For legislation to ensure adequate nursing services at public schools
H.238 HD1702 Relative to fees charged by issuers of credit cards in the Commonwealth
H.266 HD989 For legislation to further regulate the practice of psychotherapy
S.278 SD1968 For legislation to fulfill the promise of education reform adequate funding for student success
H.282 HD1821 For legislation to protect the rights of consumers in motor vehicle repair transactions
H.313 HD448 For legislation to further regulate advertising on the Internet
S.323 SD852 For legislation relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
H.337 HD647 For legislation to establish the Massachusetts Opportunity Rebuilding and Expansion Infrastructure Program
H.344 HD653 For legislation to impose a penalty for the devocalization of dogs and cats
H.361 HD996 That the Board of Education be directed to establish a program for full-day kindergarten in the public schools
H.363 HD1004 Relative to increasing the minimum age for school dropouts
H.364 HD2583 For legislation to establish a bullying prevention and intervention plan for the protection of students in the schools of the Commonwealth
S.370 SD198 For legislation to protect public water supply lands
S.406 SD671 For legislation to update the animal control laws of Massachusetts
H.407 HD2362 Relative to including personal financial literacy in the math curriculum for all school grade levels
H.411 HD3740 Relative to establishing a grant program for the purpose of expanding the number and length of school days
H.414 HD3745 For an investigation by a special commission (including membes of the General court) of school district capacity and efficient delivery of educational services
H.445 HD309 For legislation to provide for reimbursement to cities and towns for extraordinary special education costs
H.476 HD3085 Relative to the disclosure of information of interscholastic athletic authorized agents and post season competitions
H.477 HD3580 Relative to the mandatory minimum age for school attendance
H.478 HD2933 Relative to the establishment of a personal finance curriculum by the Department of Education
H.484 HD1271 Relative to the definition of students enrolled in special education classes inside and outside of school districts
H.493 HD3941 Relative to coursework and a practicum for previously licensed special education teachers and rehabilitation counselors
H.545 HD1485 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance of residents of long-term care facilities
H.564 HD3223 For legislation to establish an election day registration task force (including members of the General Court) to undertake a study of election day registration
H.603 HD4313 For the development and implemention of a statewide silver alert system to be activated on behalf of missing senior citizens
H.605 HD4249 That the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Public Health develop health risk assessment guidelines of proposed school construction sites
H.669 HD3337 For legislation to require certain mayoral candidates to file as a depository with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance
H.704 HD3384 Relative to the mosquito borne disease control board
H.723 HD3511 For legislation to provide for an annual 2 day deer hunt held on the Saturday and Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving Day
S.738 SD1633 For legislation to establish a public guardianship commission
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.810 HD3268 For legislation to prevent oil spills in Buzzads Bay by requiring escort tugs for unescorted tank vessels
H.820 HD3682 That the Department of Conservation and Recreation be directed to assume control of the Havey Beach Reservation located in the West Roxbury section of the city of Boston
H.847 HD2945 Relative to exempting cities and towns from fees from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act
H.888 HD739 Relative to appeals of motor vehicle insurance surcharges
H.910 HD1012 For legislation to provide health insurance coverage for hearing aids for children
H.923 HD3748 Relative to insurance coverage for certain pervasive developmental disorders
H.932 HD3447 That health insurance policies be required to provide coverage for the treatment of children with cleft lips and palates
H.934 HD2835 Relative to increasing the benefits payable in policies for long-term care insurance
H.936 HD1699 Relative to requiring that certain health insurance policies include coverage for eating disorders
H.942 HD2482 Relative to homeowner insurance
H.963 HD405 Relative to continuing education of insurance producers
H.1018 HD3582 Relative to coverage for insurance losses by windstorm and hail through the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association
H.1019 HD3593 Relative to the disclosure of federal troubled asset relief program (TARP) funds by banks
H.1053 HD3940 Relative to the board of appeals in the Division of Insurance
H.1080 HD646 Relative to coupons of manufacturers submitted to health care insurers
H.1098 HD2611 Relative to the purchase of prescription drugs from Canada
H.1157 HD4254 Relative to the purchase of flags substantially manufactured in the United States
H.1232 HD1191 For legislation to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions
H.1299 HD1033 For legislation to protect children against sex offenders
H.1301 HD3777 Relative to making drug dealing subject to dangerousness hearing determinations
H.1311 HD911 Relative to penalties for breaking and entering a firearm retail wholesaler or manufacturer
H.1404 HD1143 Relative to the operation of snow or recreational vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances
H.1524 HD1514 Relative to the penalties for the illegal use and unsafe disposal of hypodermic needles in public places
H.1670 HD1037 Relative to information provided to women seeking abortions
H.1678 HD3153 Relative to crimes committed with deceptive weapon devices
H.1680 HD3564 Relative to creating separate criminal offenses for assault committed with a firearm
H.1682 HD3586 Relative to the foreclosure of mortgages for persons on active duty in the armed forces
S.1748 SD737 For legislation to amend the dangerousness statute
S.1751 SD1472 For legislation to establish a moritorium on foreclosures in the commonwealth
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1756 HD2471 Relative to fees by paid to the Registry of Deeds
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
S.1948 SD915 For legislation relative to the transportation of individuals seated in wheelchairs
S.1957 SD1833 For legislation relative to regional transit authorities
H.1977 HD2710 Relative to potentially dangerous and vicious dogs
H.2026 HD913 That certain health facilities be directed to establish a "safe patient handling policy", so-called
S.2038 SD702 For legislation to control gaming in Massachusetts
H.2072 HD3440 That the Commissioner of Public Health be directed to establish regulations for the return to pharmacies of certain unused medication by health care facilities
H.2080 HD1708 For legislation to establish a board of registration in midwifery
H.2092 HD638 For legislation to promote proper school nutrition
S.2092 SD2150 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation relative to a certain parcel of land in the city of Taunton
S.2094 SD2153 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation relative to the preliminary election in the city of Taunton
S.2139 SD2239 (by vote of the town) for legislation relative to a land acquisition fund in the town of Middleborough
H.2141 HD3158 Relative to providing for sharps collection centers for hypodermic needles and lancets on the premises of licensed pharmacies and drug stores
H.2175 HD1130 That long-term care facilities be directed to notify the Department of Public Health of voluntary closures of such facilities
H.2259 HD2072 For legislation to prohibit subdivisions of the Commonwealth from further restricting the use or possesion of firearms
H.2266 HD1870 For legislation to establish a municipal public safety facilities loan fund
H.2268 HD1331 Relative to the Bureau of Forest Fire Control within the Division of Forest and Parks
H.2361 HD2067 Relative to general or blanket insurance for persons in the service of counties, cities, towns and districts, and their dependents
H.2375 HD3563 Relative to the employment of a certain public retiree
S.2507 SD2442 For legislation to designate the Plymouth Red-Bellied Cooter as the official turtle of the Commonwealth
H.2614 HD1313 Relative to the providing certain credit for retirement purposes and reinstating in the retirement system John J. Sbrega
H.2702 HD3948 For legislation to provide for a credit for corporations against corporate income taxes to foster job creation in municpalities designated as gateway cities
H.2711 HD915 Relative to expanding the historic rehabilitation tax credit within the gateway cities
H.2726 HD2068 For legislation to establish a green building income and excise tax credit for the use of certain environmental practices
H.2800 HD2258 For legislation to establish a historical rehabilitation tax credit
H.2833 HD3105 For legislation to provide for an income tax exemption for certain college savings plan contributions
H.2849 HD1530 Relative to the renewable energy income tax credit
H.2880 HD3599 Relative to authorizing cities and towns to waive, reduce, or postpone the overdue interest on property
H.2944 HD2447 For legislation to increase the medical tax exemption
H.3096 HD3430 For legislation to promote fairness in gasoline product marketing and sales
H.3129 HD3492 For an investigation by a special commission (including membes of the General Court) relative to reducing fuel costs of cities and towns
H.3133 HD3291 To establish a cell phone users' bill of rights
H.3164 HD1467 Relative to further regulating the transportation of persons in wheelchairs in motor vehicles
H.3179 HD3922 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles establish a "green" registration fee for certain alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles and to create a rail transit fund
H.3183 HD3701 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles be authorized to issue a distinctive "Support Our Troops" registration plate
H.3257 HD3584 For legislation to require the use of headlights on motor vehicles during any period in which windshield wipers are also in use
H.3319 HD3947 For legislation to authorize the use of flashing lights on motor vehicles leading funeral processions
H.3401 HD3174 For legislation to provide tuition and fee waivers for members of the National Guard and veterans
H.3416 HD1391 For legislation to protect the interests and well being of residents in nursing homes, rest homes, and long-term care facilities
H.3451 HD1339 For legislation to prohibit manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers of prescription pharmaceutical products to offer and participate in direct to consumer rebate programs
H.3516 HD1017 Relative to the penalty for failure to testify in gang related cases
H.3543 HD262 Relative to the issuance of "Support the Troops" motor vehicle registration plates
H.3565 HD2189 Relative to establishing an education loan repayment program for legislative and committee staff of the House of Representatives
H.3568 HD2265 For legislation to encourage licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs
H.3637 HD233 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles issue notice of license renewal to certain persons licensed to operate a motor vehicle
H.3645 HD2757 Relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program
H.3676 HD3265 Relative to representation by the Attorney General in actions involving pilots
H.3804 HD1180 For legislation to control bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3810 HD3712 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation toauthorize the city of New Bedford to adopt regulations for the protection andncontrol of public housing in said city
H.3897 HD4141 Relative to treatment and health insurance coverage for maternal post-partum depression
H.3912 HD900 Relative to the establishment of a nursing advisory board within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.3923 HD4205 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court relative to the impact of Alzheimers disease in the Commonwealth
H.3999 HD4124 Relative to the donations of leftover food by restaurants and cafeterias
H.4065 HD2300 Relative to casino gambling and establishing a gaming commission
H.4068 HD3954 Relative to establishing and regulating resort-style casinos, gaming and entertainment in the Commonwealth
H.4079 HD1090 For legislation to reimburse cities and towns for certain special education transportation costs
H.4415 HD4723 (by vote of the town) that the town of Freetown be authorized to establish the position of treasurer-collector for said town
H.4471 HD4770 Relative to establishing a public health Lyme disease research institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
H.4699 HD4948 Relative to the classification of and response to natural gas leaks
H.4750 HD4572 Relative to the opening and closing of swimming pools under the jurisdication of the Department of Conservation and Recreation
H.4970 HD5168 For legislation (with the approval of the mayor and city council) placing a certain question on the November ballot in the city of New Bedford.