Office of the Clerk of the Senate

William F. Welch
Senate Clerk

Office of the Clerk of the Senate
24 Beacon Street
Room 335 — State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel: 617-722-1276

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SWM Bills
Municipal Finance -- S.2410
Economic Development -- S.2423
Rules Bill
Noncompetition agreements -- S.2418
Senate Bills (as amended) 
Housing and sustainable communities (Zoning) -- S.2327
RISE Act (Charter Schools) -- S.2220
Unsolicited Loans -- S.175
Uniform Financial Aid -- S.2195
Larceny  -- S.2176 
Senate Post Audit and Oversight Reports
  • S.2317 -- MA Boards and Commissions (July 2014)
  • S.2107 -- Information Technology Projects (April 2014)
  • S.1900 -- When Time Is of the Essence (October 2013)