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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Donald F. Humason, Jr. Republican - Second Hampden and Hampshire

Photo of  Donald F. Humason, Jr.
Assistant Minority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 313-A
Boston, MA, 02133

District Office

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  SD.67 An Act relative to increasing information sharing among state agencies
  SD.1186 An Act relative to reduce administrative burden for government and industry
  SD.1187 An Act relative to continuing education of insurance producers
  SD.1189 An Act to require periodic regulatory review at the Department of Revenue
  SD.1190 An Act relative to Sunday hunting
  SD.1191 An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting
  SD.1192 An Act to increase transparency of taxpayers rights
  SD.1193 An Act to Improve Tax Administration Processes in the Commonwealth
  SD.1194 An Act relative to independent contractors
  SD.1195 An Act establishing a municipal gas tax reimbursement
  SD.1196 An Act relative to unlawful suppressors
  SD.1197 An Act relative to secured firearms on recreational vehicles
  SD.1198 An Act further regulating name changes of registered sex offenders
  SD.1199 An Act proclaiming May as Aviation Awareness Month
  SD.1200 An Act relative to tax exemptions on gun safes and trigger locks
  SD.1202 An Act relative to the lawful sale of handguns
  SD.1203 An Act relative to equitable firearm license fees
  SD.1204 An Act clarifying firearms oversight
  SD.1206 An Act relative to change of address for firearm licensing
  SD.1207 An Act relative to the lawful sale of ammunition
  SD.1208 An Act relative to non-resident firearm license fees
  SD.1209 An Act relative to gun safe tax deductions
  SD.1210 An Act for a uniform estate tax
  SD.1211 An Act relative to bad faith assertions of patent infringement
  SD.1213 An Act relevant to the regulation of farm rides
  SD.1290 An Act relative to Parkinson's disease disability and death in firefighters
  SD.1346 An Act relative to personal care attendant services
  SD.1543 An Act to clarify the earned sick time leave
  SD.1544 An Act relative to the use of shotguns for hunting
  SD.1546 An Act to provide immediate relief to businesses on health care costs
  SD.1549 An Act to provide immediate relief to businesses on health care costs
  SD.1550 An Act relative to energy supply competition
  SD.1551 An Act concerning market review
  SD.1924 An Act relative to recognition of the "Honor and Remember" flag in the Commonwealth
  SD.2075 An Act relative to Purple Heart registration plates
  SD.1734 An Act allowing delivery of ballot question petitions to the Secretary of State by registrars and restricting payments per signature This bill is by request. *
  SD.1736 An Act educating patients on environmental health risks such as wireless exposures This bill is by request. *
  SD.1737 An Act limiting school screen time This bill is by request. *
  SD.1738 An Act accounting for technological privacy and safety in schools with local and state committees This bill is by request. *
  SD.1786 An Act reducing library non-ionizing radiation exposures from wireless and electricity This bill is by request. *
  SD.1787 An Act ensuring safer technology investment by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute This bill is by request. *
  SD.1788 An Act registering wireless facilities to allow for monitoring and to ease access to contact information This bill is by request. *
  SD.1789 An Act banning especially dangerous wireless facilities, emissions, and products This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.