David M. Rogers Representative

D Cambridge
David M. Rogers


State House
Room 134
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2400
Fax: 617-626-0275
Email: Dave.Rogers@mahouse.gov
Bill Docket Bill Title
HD45 Relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
HD58 For legislation to establish a system for tracking the unmet service needs of persons with developmental disabilities
HD63 For legislation to designate the month of October as Farm to School Month in the Commonwealth and to strategize opportunities to spread farm-to-school programs statewide
HD71 Relative to special education funding
HD72 Relative to improving procurement procedures to assure opportunities for students with disabilities
HD79 Relative to the calculation of special education reimbursement amounts
SD79 For legislation to establish consumer choice in automobile insurance.
SD80 For legislation to establish a commission to study financial assistance in automobile insurance ratings
SD81 For legislation relative to the setting of rates for automobile insurance policies
HD88 For legislation to prevent the automatic signing up of consumers for products or services
SD99 For legislation relative to media literacy in schools
HD144 For legislation to include licensed rehabilitation counselors in the definition of licensed mental health professionals
HD145 For legislation to develop an elective high school course on labor law and workers' rights
SD156 For legislation to econmically stabilize displaced service workers.
SD161 For legislation to restrict the use of certain pesticides around children
HD196 Relative to the enrollment of students in charter schools
HD203 For legislation to reduce plastic bag use through regulations and incentives
HD218 For legislation to to protect drinking water from hydraulic fracturing
HD227 Relative to the protection of children in foster care
HD228 Relative to services for homeless individuals and families receiving assistance under the program of emergency aid to elders, disabled and children
SD229 Lfor legislation relative to recycling
HD231 For legislation to develop housing plans for families, with minor children, who are being evicted from publicly subsidized housing
HD235 Relative to tax abatements for disabled veterans
HD238 Relative to recidivism reducing program reporting by the Department of Correction
HD241 Relative to prohibiting discrimination against adults with disabilities in family and juvenile court proceedings
HD270 Relative to business practices between motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealers
HD272 Relative to requiring certain insurance policies to include coverage for nicotine based and non-nicotine based smoking cessation products
SD276 For legislation to require the timely adoption of greenhouse gas emission limits for the year 2030
HD283 Relative to salaries and appointments of certain personnel within the offices of the district attorneys of the Commonwealth
SD285 For legislation to combat climate change.
HD289 Relative to the teaching of health education in schools
HD314 Relative to the disposition of the personal property of tenants in actions for possession of land or tenements
SD317 For legislation to promote the planning and development of sustainable communities
SD325 For legislation to establish and accredit independent forensic science laboratories.
SD332 For legislation relative to physical education in public schools
HD343 Relative to insurance coverage for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections and pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
SD357 For legislation to increase transparency in public construction
SD367 For legislation relative to Congo conflict minerals.
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
HD372 Relative to parking advancements and the establishment of parking benefit districts in cities and towns
HD386 For legislation to further regulate the right to strike of public employees
HD389 For legislation to establish a double pole advisory council to recommend rules and regulations to reduce the use of double utility poles
SD396 For legislation to invest in our communities and tax exemptions.
HD399 Relative to the approval of charter school board members
SD402 For legislation to prevent discriminatory land use and permitting decisions.
HD414 For legislation to further regulate the performing of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
HD425 For legislation to include the towns of Belmont and Watertown in the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee
HD441 Relative to designating five elements Tai Chi as the official Tai Chi form of the Commonwealth
HD445 For the establishment of a permanent commission on the status of people with disabilities
HD460 Relative to consent and counseling of pregnant women under sixteen years of age
HD469 Relative to Lyme disease treatment health insurance coverage
HD481 For the establishment of a Massachusetts innocence commission to analyze the circumstances of innocent persons being charged, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated
HD496 For legislation to provide for the establishment of a comprehensive adaptation management plan in response to climate change
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
SD508 For legislation to provide fair chances for employment
HD517 Relative to petitions to the Juvenile Court or Probate Court on behalf of certain special juveniles
HD566 For legislation to provide higher education tuition and fee waivers for certain veterans
HD584 For legislation to creates incentives to help promote the adoption of electric vehicles
HD594 Relative to the restoration of oral health benefits for MassHealth recipients
HD595 Relative to common summary of payments forms for health care services
HD602 For legislation to require hand sanitizer dispensers in schools
SD627 For legislation to protect children and families from harmful flame retardants
HD632 For legislation to further regulate the use of hydraulic fracturing to stimulate the extraction of natural gas
SD633 For legislation relative to home energy efficiency.
SD642 For legislation to promote local economic development.
HD646 For legislation to establish permanent voter registration for registered voters who move within the Commonwealth
HD651 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) that the retirement board of the city of Cambridge be authorized to grant certain creditable services allowances
SD656 For legislation to keep people healthy by removing barriers to cost-effective care.
HD664 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on institutional long term care
HD665 For legislation to establish a citizens' initiative review commission to review initiative or referendum petitions to be voted on at general elections
SD670 For legislation to sustain community preservation revenue
HD677 For legislation to support schools and communities to increase opportunities for physical activity
HD678 Relative to the maximum number of patients assigned to a registered nurses or hospital care attendants
HD687 For legislation to benefit the Health Safety Net Trust Fund
HD691 For legislation to establish a homeless bill of rights
HD710 For legislation to establish a legislative budget office
HD728 Relative to coverage standards for children under private insurance
SD729 For legislation relative to affordable housing energy efficiency
HD736 Relative to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related condition protection of employees and job applicants
HD762 For legislation to prohibit discrimination in the issuance of certain insurance policies
HD764 For legislation to prohibit discrimination in the issuance of group or individual disability, accident or sickness insurance policies
HD789 Relative to the effect of certain behavioral health disorders on certain disability insurance policies
HD792 For legislation require county and state correctional facilities to provide substance abuse services to certain inmates
HD818 For legislation to authorize municipalities to require automatic sprinkler protection systems in certain housing
HD831 For legislation to authorize municipalities to protect low and moderate income tenants and units of governmentally involved housing
SD831 For legislation to strengthen the Massachusetts home care program.
HD857 Relative to the implementation of strategies for reducing solid waste and increasing recycling in the Commonwealth
HD860 For legislation to require pain assessment and management in health care facilities
HD890 For legislation to allow individuals to institute and prosecute a civil action for injunctive relief for violation of laws relative to meal breaks for employees
SD892 For legislation to require recordkeeping at public construction worksites in order to protect first responders
HD954 Relative to the sale or auction of surplus state motor vehicles to cities and towns
SD982 Relative to the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines for homeowners with dogs living on such insured property
SD987 For legislation relative to financial literacy in schools
SD989 For legislation to promote asset development in transitional assistance programs
SD996 For legislation to establish Medicare for all in Massachusetts
SD1001 For legislation to promote restorative justice practices
HD1023 To preserve affordable health coverage for residents of the Commonwealth
SD1026 For legislation to update privacy protections for personal electronic information.
HD1035 For legislation to provide high school graduates equal access to in-state tuition rates and financial aid in the higher education system
SD1040 For legislation relative to debarment in public contracts.
SD1042 For legislation to enhance the management of problem wildlife.
HD1046 For legislation to update the contraceptive coverage equity law to require insurance carriers to provide all contraceptive methods without a co-pay
HD1059 Relative to the membership of the Parole Board
HD1080 Relative to the disposition of public lands with conservation protected status
SD1092 For legislation to promote energy efficiency and green jobs
HD1097 Relative to providing continuing health insurance coverage for surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
SD1106 For legislation relative to water resource impacts.
HD1107 For legislation to compare total health care spending with projected single payer health care system spending
SD1107 For legislation to establish a legislative fiscal office.
SD1110 For legislation to improve the earned income credit for working families
HD1119 For legislation to establish a student loan repayment pilot program to be administered by the Board of Higher Education for licensed social workers
HD1129 Relative to turnaround plans for underperforming schools
SD1132 For legislation to create a college savings program for every child born in Massachusetts.
HD1151 For legislation to establish a single-payer health insurance trust fund
HD1158 For legislation to increase power plant safety preparedness by the Department of Public Health to twenty miles
HD1173 Relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas
HD1189 For legislation to prohibit the sale of tobacco products at certain health care institutions
HD1217 For legislation to analyze a certain roadway in the town of Arlington
HD1234 Relative to tax havens
HD1236 Relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage
HD1242 Relative to hydraulic fracturing wastewater
SD1280 For legislation to establish a education loan repayment program for social workers in areas of need
HD1322 For legislation to exempt employees of a public school districts from fees associated with background checks
HD1323 Relative to confining animals in a motor vehicle
HD1343 Relative to providing child care assistance to homeless families
SD1351 For legislation relative to enhanced enforcement of civil penalties.
SD1355 For legislation relative to the Architectural Access Board.
HD1361 Relative to contracts required by health care organizations
SD1362 For legislation relative to student sex education.
SD1363 For legislation to establish a health incentives program.
SD1365 For legislation to uphold bidding integrity in the Commonwealth
HD1387 Relative to the residency requirements of fire and police personnel
HD1393 Relative to mental health services for children
HD1405 For legislation to establish a curriculum on personal financial literacy in the public schools
HD1412 Relative to the prevention and elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression within the Department of Elder Affairs.
HD1416 Relative to the health care of minors
HD1437 Relative to streamlining municipal finance
HD1441 Relative to payments in lieu of taxation by organizations exempt from the property tax
SD1441 For legislation to stabilize the commonwealth’s nursing facilities.
HD1450 Relative to the jurisdiction of the courts within the Housing Court Department
HD1469 Relative to the designation of caregivers by certain patients
SD1470 For legislation to create a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
HD1475 Further promoting energy efficiency and green jobs
HD1477 Relative to expanding eligibility for diversion to treatment for criminal offenders
SD1491 For legislation to reform pretrial process.
SD1492 For legislation relative to freedom of speech and association.
SD1498 For legislation relative to passage to independence.
HD1502 For legislation to protect patients approved by physicians and certified by the Department of Public Health to access medical marijuana
HD1505 Relative to gas leak repairs during road projects
SD1510 For legislation to increase container recycling in the Commonwealth.
HD1519 For the annual issuance of a proclamation by the Governor setting aside the month of May as the official month of kindness
HD1521 For legislation to establish a penalty for the mistreatment of elephants
HD1526 Relative to requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers
HD1530 Relative to the divestment of state pension funds from holdings in fossil fuel companies
HD1533 Relative to the earned income credit for working families
HD1556 Relative to insurance coverage for prescription eye drops
SD1565 For legislation to regulate tanning facilities
HD1566 To provide for reforms and improvements to the Commonwealth's transportation system
HD1571 For legislation to establish a process to identify toxic chemical substances used in consumer products
HD1575 For legislation to establish penalties for debarred employers, contractors and subcontractors illegally participating in contracts
HD1587 Relative to license plate tracking
HD1593 For legislation to require transparency in solicitations via telephone and similar devices
HD1599 Relative to dropout prevention and recovery
SD1604 For legislation relative to services for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
SD1616 For legislation relative to net metering, community shared solar and energy storage
SD1629 For legislation to provide equal access to medical treatments essential for people with autism.
HD1648 An Act relative to local procurement
HD1650 Relative to junior operator's licenses
SD1654 For legislation to promote efficiency and transparency in economic development
HD1674 Relative to providing care and comfort for the terminally ill
HD1679 For legislation to establish the Department of Mental Health as the oversight agency for the mental health system within the state prison system
HD1690 For legislation to establish a program within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to eliminate copays and deductibles for certain high-value and low cost prescription drugs and treatments
HD1698 Relative to establishing a foreign language education seal of biliteracy for students
SD1698 For legislation to restore community trust in Massachusetts law enforcement
HD1730 Relative to hospital profit transparency and fairness and the establishment of a Medicaid reimbursement enhancement fund
SD1738 For legislation relative to plastic bag reduction
HD1746 For legislation to create a public health insurance agency to compete with private insurers
HD1752 For legislation to direct the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to assess and report on the preparedness plans for a radiological accident at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
HD1754 For legislation to authorize the Department of Public Health to enhance radiological air monitoring through an additional assessment to certain power plants
SD1764 For legislation relative to credit building.
HD1765 Relative to penalties for the crime of female genital mutilation
HD1767 For legislation to increase power plant safety preparedness by the Department of Public Health to twenty miles
HD1769 Relative to HIV-associated lipodystrophy treatment
SD1769 For legislation relative to family financial protection.
SD1770 For legislation to repeal mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses.
HD1776 For legislation to update penalties and protect electronic privacy
SD1779 For legislation relative to universal pre-kindergarten access.
HD1785 Relative to small brewers of alcoholic beverages
HD1801 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) to study vocational-technical schools
SD1804 For legislation to promote zero net-energy buildings in the Commonwealth
HD1813 Relative to energy efficiency funds generated by municipal light plants
SD1815 An Act to protect our environment and reduce the carbon footprint of the commonwealth
HD1819 Relative to the State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund Board of Directors
HD1832 For legislation to address equal access to housing through local zoning
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
HD1834 For legislation to support the transition to adult services for persons with disabilities
HD1841 to improve efficiency and coordination of health through a new division of health insurance
SD1842 For legislation to enhance access to electronic public records.
HD1852 That the Department of Environmental Protection be notified by manufacturers of products containing toxic chemicals
HD1871 Relative to state contracting for cleaning, maintenance or security guard services
SD1874 For legislation to increase neighborhood safety and opportunity
HD1893 Relative to rendering the criminal and civil justice systems accessible to victims of sexual violence
HD1906 For legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities
HD1921 Relative to eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
HD1935 For legislation to prevent trafficking in ivory and rhino horns
HD1948 Relative to the electronic publication of certain legal notices
HD1950 Relative to the requirements for distinctive registration plates
HD1969 For legislation to improve the collection and analysis of data relative to traffic stops
HD1972 Relative to the civil commitment of women for alcoholism and substance abuse at the Framingham Correctional Institution
HD1988 For the adoption of resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to convene a Constitutional Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution to limit the influence of money in our political system
HD2015 For legislation to prohibit the sale to minors of electronic devices used to deliver liquid nicotine vapor
HD2019 For legislation to establish guidelines for the releasing of prisoners for medical reasons
HD2021 Relative to expanding access to healthy food choices in vending machines on state property
HD2045 For legislation to increase access to recycling in the Commonwealth
HD2050 Relative to net metering by utility companies
HD2072 For legislation to address workplace bullying, mobbing, and harrassment, without regard to protected class status
HD2089 For legislation to promote the use of restorative justice practices
HD2098 Relative to injured workers’ access to medical care and workers’ compensation benefits
HD2126 Relative to protecting puppies and kittens
HD2155 Relative to public health, substance abuse, treatment and opioids and accessible substance abuse treatment for all
HD2182 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) to study the feasibility of creating and funding a universal children’s college savings account
HD2196 For the inclusion of individuals with disabilities within civil rights protections and nondiscrimination protections and for an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of the status of individuals and families with disabilities
HD2198 For legislation to create a college savings program for every child born in the Commonwealth
HD2207 Relative to social media password privacy for school students
HD2211 For legislation to provide the highest quality education through access of innovative and research-based language education instructional programs
HD2248 Establishing schedules for employees
HD2308 For legislation to expunge the records of persons falsely accused and juveniles.
HD2317 Relative to civil rights actions
HD2319 Relative to student safety
HD2320 Relative to criminal statute of limitations
HD2332 For legislation to limit the time that former employees must wait before being employed by a competitor
HD2342 Relative to vocational training for the unemployed
HD2345 Relative to temporary workers’ unemployment benefits
HD2348 For legislation to prevent contracts of waivers in employment cases of claims concerning discrimination, non-payment of wages or benefits, retaliation or harassment or violation of public policy
HD2364 Relative to promoting job training in the Commonwealth
HD2368 Relative to access to child and adolescent mental health services
HD2379 Relative to prevailing wages
HD2382 An Act Strengthening the Massachusetts Home Care Program
HD2392 Relative to improving disclosure of electioneering communications reports
HD2401 Relative to criminal offender record information
HD2433 For legislation to further define standards of employee safety
HD2436 Relative to sexual health education
HD2456 Relative to stabilizing the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities
HD2470 For legislation to promote accessibility and affordability of behavioral health and substance abuse services for recipients of MassHealth
HD2474 Relative to public employees' workers compensation benefits
HD2476 For legislation to establish secure choice retirement savings plan
HD2477 Relative to protecting Department of Children and Families social workers’ home addresses
HD2537 Establishing a personal finance, civic responsibility and general legal high school social studies curriculum
HD2545 For legislation to establish a home heating commission
HD2584 Relative to motor vehicle license suspension record privacy
HD2592 Relative to the use of solitary confinement in correctional facilities
HD2596 Relative to increase the minimum wage for private sector human service workers
HD2615 That banks be required to mediate in good faith with homeowners to identify alternative resolutions before starting foreclosures
HD2641 Relative to the reporting of neglect or abuse by mandated reporters
HD2648 Relative to the minimum wage employers are required to pay tipped employees
HD2673 Relative to expanding the special education reimbursement program to include transportation costs
HD2713 That non-moving violations shall not be considered surchargeable incidents under the motor vehicle insurance law
HD2741 For legislation to provide emergency aid to certain elderly and disabled residents
HD2743 For legislation to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products
HD2752 For legislation to require producer responsibility for collection, reuse and recycling of discarded electronic products
HD2756 For legislation designate October 18 as inflammatory breast cancer awareness day
HD2758 For legislation to disclosure requirements for dry cleaners using toxic chemicals
HD2782 Relative to further regulating health care costs and the dispensing of controlled substances
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2809 Relative to the expungement of criminal records of juveniles
HD2824 Relative to promoting access to accurate medical information
HD2826 Relative to vacant, foreclosing and foreclosed property
HD2835 For legislation to establish a living wage for employees of certain retail stores and fast food restaurants
HD2844 For legislation to increase participation in early childhood care settings
HD2863 Relative to the establishment of a secretary to reduce and prevent homelessness
HD2867 For legislation to enhance opportunities for children in the custody of the Commonwealth
HD2882 For legislation to establish the Massachusetts law revision commission
HD2903 For legislation to ensure equal access to services for certain residents of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding alienage or immigration status
HD2917 For legislation to establish pilot programs for universal pre-kindergarten in gateway cities and other low-income neighborhoods or communities
HD2943 For legislation to further regulate expenditures for mortgages from the Community Preservation Trust Fund
HD2947 Relative to promoting responsible contracting on state construction projects
HD2948 For legislation to further regulate the sale of tobacco products to teenagers
HD2973 An Act relative to junior operator's license
HD2982 Relative to punishments for property crimes against elderly or disabled persons
HD2997 Relative to the criteria for the release of terminally ill inmates to alternative locations of confinement
HD2998 For legislation to create a program to reduce childhood obesity by assessing a tax on candies, confectionaries and soft drinks
HD3007 For the imposition of a tax on certain private institutions of higher learning for the purpose of establishing a separate fund to be known as the educational opportunity for all trust fund
HD3019 For legislation to authorize school bus drivers to administer epinephrine to children suffering from allergic reactions
HD3022 For legislation to limit fees charged by cashers of checks, drafts or money orders
HD3055 Relative to the process for the investigation of officer-involved deaths
HD3059 Relative to the teaching of genocide education in the public schools
HD3070 Relative to the penalty for the transmission of indecent visual depictions by persons less than eighteen years
HD3072 Relative to gender identity and access to public accommodations
HD3075 Relative to transfers of military-grade controlled property to state law enforcement agencies
HD3097 Relative to establishing a substance abuse health protection fund with collections from the sale of certain alcoholic beverages
HD3114 For legislation to develop a high quality pre-kindergarten education grant program
HD3156 For legislation to reform pretrial processes
HD3162 For legislation to establish universal early education and full-day kindergarten in the Commonwealth
HD3200 For legislation to protect tenants and prevent vacancies in foreclosed homes
HD3202 Relative to the protection of the mental and physical health of minors from sexual orientation and/or gender identity change efforts
HD3204 For legislation to clarify the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law
HD3215 Relative to enhancing consumer protection and transparency under the social work licensing law
HD3220 For legislation to institute programs to respond to sexual violence on higher education campuses
HD3237 Relative to access to public records in state agencies
HD3241 Relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances
HD3254 Relative to discharges of certain waste into public waterways
HD3255 An Act relative to strengthening background checks
HD3268 Relative to the evaluation of the frequency and outcome of contacts between juveniles of various racial and ethnic categories and law enforcement and court personnel and other Commonwealth officials
HD3277 Relative to the installation of new permanent outdoor lighting fixtures and the cost of operating such fixtures
HD3303 For legislation to prohibit government video surveillance of public or private property without first providing sufficient public notice
HD3305 For legislation to ensure the payment of at least a living wage to all employees
HD3321 Relative to providing for community-based sentencing alternatives for primary caretakers of dependent children convicted of non-violent crimes
HD3345 For legislation to direct the Department of Public Health to compile data and issue a report on vision screening for children entering kindergarten
HD3364 For legislation to provide a waiver of fees to veterans at public institutions of higher learning
HD3391 An Act providing for certain health insurance coverage
HD3393 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of the "Pay it Forward" model of higher education financing
HD3397 For legislation to reduce plastic bag pollution
HD3411 For legislation to establish a family and medical leave and temporary disability leave insurance program for employees
HD3425 For legislation to increase neighborhood safety and opportunity by enhancing the enforcement and penalties for violations of the controlled substances laws
HD3435 For legislation to exempt disabled veterans from motor vehicle registration fees on primary passenger vehicles
HD3449 For legislation to designate June sixteenth as domestic workers’ rights day
HD3463 For the establishment of a Massachusetts 2024 commission on the summer Olympic games
HD3525 Relative to Superior Court foreclosure procedures
HD3544 Relative to public higher education access and policies

By Request
HD800 For legislation to recognize common law marriage in the Commonwealth
Twenty-Fourth Middlesex, consisting of Arlington: Precincts 2, 4, 8, 10, 12; Belmont; Cambridge: Ward 11: Precincts 1, 3.