Jennifer E. Benson Representative

D Lunenburg
Jennifer E. Benson


State House
Room 236
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2430
Fax: 617-722-2813
Bill Docket Bill Title
HD45 Relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
SD47 For legislation relative to spouses as caregivers.
HD63 For legislation to designate the month of October as Farm to School Month in the Commonwealth and to strategize opportunities to spread farm-to-school programs statewide
HD71 Relative to special education funding
HD78 Relative to charter schools
HD80 For legislation to include transportation costs in the special education reimbursement program
SD94 For legislation relative to the term "Gold Star" and for related purposes
HD100 Relative to the disclosure of visual images of a person without his or her consent
HD148 Relative to health care proxies
SD162 For legislation relative to the practice of athletic training
SD223 For legislation to establish a moratorium for charter schools
HD234 Relative to the sales tax on mobile telecommunications devices
SD254 For legislation to authorize voluntary income tax return contributions to the Massachusetts Fire Fighters Academy Trust Fund
SD255 For legislation relative to horse riding instructor’s licenses.
SD256 For legislation to clarify deadlines for submission of applications for land under Chapter 61a.
SD257 For legislation to clarify the allowance of land under chapter 61b
HD272 Relative to requiring certain insurance policies to include coverage for nicotine based and non-nicotine based smoking cessation products
SD285 For legislation to combat climate change.
HD286 Relative to the payment and preservation of beds in nursing home facilities for recipients of MassHealth benefits
SD289 For legislation relative to foster care children
SD306 For legislation to improve the Commonwealth's economy with a strong minimum wage.
HD309 To provide an income tax credit for the purchase of hearing aids
HD310 Relative to the accessibility of hearing aids
HD331 Relative to providing hearing aid coverage for persons with profound hearing loss
SD335 For legislation relative to health insurance coverage by athletic trainers
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
SD351 For legislation to support municipal fiscal stability through a special education stabilization fund.
HD361 Relative to property tax exemptions for veterans
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
HD372 Relative to parking advancements and the establishment of parking benefit districts in cities and towns
HD374 For legislation provide health benefit plan coverage for hearing aids
HD393 To increase the property tax deferral for certain persons sixty-five years of age or older
SD398 For legislation relative to equal access to public places regardless of gender identity.
HD401 For legislation to establish criteria for MassHealth hardship waivers
SD407 For legislation to provide access to patient protection services for all Massachusetts citizens
SD408 For legislation to provide equitable access to behavorial health for MassHealth consumers
SD409 For legislation relative to the observance of a Gold Star Wives Day and a Gold Star Mothers and Families Day
SD411 For legislation relative to dangerousness hearings
SD412 For legislation to prevent intimidation in all courts of the Commonwealth
HD414 For legislation to further regulate the performing of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
HD454 Relative to senior hoarding
HD460 Relative to consent and counseling of pregnant women under sixteen years of age
HD469 Relative to Lyme disease treatment health insurance coverage
HD496 For legislation to provide for the establishment of a comprehensive adaptation management plan in response to climate change
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
HD508 That the Commissioner of Public Health be directed to establish regulations for the return to pharmacies of certain unused medication by health care facilities
HD520 Relative to a sales tax exemption for the sale of used books and other items sold by libraries for fundraising purposes
SD521 For legislation relative to manufactured housing community owner or operator licensing fees
HD521 For legislation to exempt home appliance service and repair technicians from certain provisions of the Massachusetts Plumbing Code
HD524 Relative to leaves of absences for civil air patrol members
HD528 Relative to uniformity in supplemental real estate taxes
HD531 An Act to establish estate tax valuation for farms
SD533 For legislation to create the Home Works Program
HD536 That cities and towns be authorized to establish agricultural commissions for the promotion and development of the agricultural resources
SD542 For legislation relative to the re-homing of children
SD551 Relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program
SD560 Relative to providing for a presumptive eligibility program for MassHealth applicants
SD574 For legislation to enhance the educational outcomes of expectant and parenting students
HD582 For legislation to eliminate age discrimination in the Masshealth Program
HD586 Relative to the transfer of ownership of foals under five months by shelters
HD594 Relative to the restoration of oral health benefits for MassHealth recipients
HD595 Relative to common summary of payments forms for health care services
HD611 Relative to the management of early childhood caries among MassHealth patients
HD612 Relative to the sale of tax exempt property sold by religious and charitable organizations
SD633 For legislation relative to home energy efficiency.
HD664 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on institutional long term care
HD668 Relative to the sales tax on mobile telecommunications devices purchased with a service contract
SD680 For legislation relative to the closing of hospital essential services
HD687 For legislation to benefit the Health Safety Net Trust Fund
HD688 Eliminating Form 901 higher educational institution financial reporting requirements
HD697 Relative to ensuring secure voting equipment
HD698 Relative to voting by the instant runoff voting method
SD699 For legislation to promote equal choice a cost savings in health care
HD700 Relative to voting by the instant runoff voting method in primaries
HD710 For legislation to establish a legislative budget office
HD711 Relative to real estate tax relief for certain owners of residential property
SD718 For legislation to eliminate age discrimination in the MassHealth program
HD722 Relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth
SD727 For legislation to increase the property tax deferral for seniors
HD727 For legislation to promote sales tax fairness for small businesses
HD735 For legislation to authorize the Department of Telecommunications and Cable and the Department of Public Utilities to regulate the use of double utility poles
SD739 For legislation relative to pedestrian stop data.
HD741 For legislation to authorize the North Central Chamber of Commerce to establish a pilot program for net metering of electricity for manufacturers
SD742 For legislation to update reciprocity for licensing optometrists
HD742 For legislation to promote storm resistant utility infrastructure upgrades
HD748 For legislation to regulate the establishment of municipal lighting plants
SD750 For legislation to ensure adequate nursing services at public schools
SD753 For legislation relative to police pursuits in the Commonwealth
SD754 For legislation relative to vehicular homicide while driving under the influence
HD763 Relative to health clubs and the use and deployment of defibrillators
HD764 For legislation to prohibit discrimination in the issuance of group or individual disability, accident or sickness insurance policies
SD769 For legislation to increase the penalties for corporate manslaughter.
SD778 For legislation relative to the criminal history systems board
SD788 For legislation to strengthen impact, efficiency and accountability in the government-nonprofit partnership
SD803 For legislation to fully apply telemedicine coverage.
SD808 For legislation relative to preventing adolescent substance abuse by expanding SBIRT
SD817 For legislation to establish the miracle league of Massachusetts to provide recreational resources for persons with disabilities
HD818 For legislation to authorize municipalities to require automatic sprinkler protection systems in certain housing
HD840 Relative to creating higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental disabilities
HD846 Relative to establishing a board of registration in naturopathy and further regulating naturopathic health care
HD855 Relative to the placement of children
HD858 Relative to clarifying property tax exemptions for solar and wind systems
HD868 For legislation to promote municipal collaboration and regionalization throughout the Commonwealth
SD889 For legislation to protect the natural and historic resources of the Commonwealth
SD902 For legislation to protect abandoned animals in vacant properties.
SD906 For legislation to create the Hampden County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
HD913 That tobacco tax revenues be used to reduce tobacco use
SD924 For legislation to ensure healthcare coverage for youth who have aged-out of the department of children and families.
SD935 For legislation to prohibit disciplinary actions by employers on employees serving as volunteer emergency responders
SD945 Relative to the powers and duties of regional school districts
SD971 For legislation relative to energy efficiency funds generated by municipal lighting plants
SD974 For legislation to protect animals during pet sales.
SD982 Relative to the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines for homeowners with dogs living on such insured property
SD984 For legislation relative to the office of the child advocate
SD989 For legislation to promote asset development in transitional assistance programs
SD993 For legislation to expand the testing for alcoholic beverages of operators of motor vehicles involved in certain motor vehicle accidents
HD998 Relative to regional stabilization funds
SD1001 For legislation to promote restorative justice practices
SD1008 For legislation to increase recycling by landlords and tenants
HD1013 For legislation to provide bonus aid to newly formed regional school districts
HD1016 That the Department of Mental Health operate a statewide program to provide mental health consultations to primary care physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners and providers of women who suffer from post-partum depression
HD1017 Relative to the powers and duties of regional school districts
HD1023 To preserve affordable health coverage for residents of the Commonwealth
HD1029 For legislation to establish safeguards to prevent death and disability from stroke
SD1030 For legislation to require producer responsibility for collection reuse and recycling of discarded electronic products.
SD1042 For legislation to enhance the management of problem wildlife.
HD1046 For legislation to update the contraceptive coverage equity law to require insurance carriers to provide all contraceptive methods without a co-pay
HD1052 An Act relative to the safety of school children
SD1053 For legislation to protect the privacy of consumer financial information
SD1066 For legislation relative to geography education
SD1070 For legislation relative to regional stabilization funds
SD1071 For legislation to provide municipal control of liquor licenses.
SD1081 For legislation relative to the distribution of raw milk
HD1089 Relative to transfers of assets by MassHealth members
SD1092 For legislation to promote energy efficiency and green jobs
SD1101 For legislation to promote municipal collaboration and regionalization throughout the Commonwealth
SD1106 For legislation relative to water resource impacts.
SD1110 For legislation to improve the earned income credit for working families
SD1112 For legislation relative to equal access to original birth certificates
SD1113 For legislation relative to Parking Advancements for the Revitalization of Communities (PARC).
SD1130 For legislation to the dispense certain cancer related drugs.
HD1152 For legislation to allow teachers currently employed and receiving compensation to serve on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
HD1153 For legislation to create a transitional aid to families with dependent children career pathways trust fund
HD1189 For legislation to prohibit the sale of tobacco products at certain health care institutions
HD1190 Relative to the storage and dissemination of certain public records in an electronic format
HD1220 That the Division of Medical Assistance provide coverage for residential habilitation services for individuals age sixty or older
HD1234 Relative to tax havens
HD1278 For the establishment of a standing commission (including members of the General Court) to review and evaluate all tax expenditures
HD1318 Relative to creating a pilot program to transfer high acuity behavioral health and dual diagnosis patients away from overcrowded emergency departments
HD1322 For legislation to exempt employees of a public school districts from fees associated with background checks
HD1323 Relative to confining animals in a motor vehicle
HD1367 For legislation to require owners of rented or foreclosed properties to check for abandoned animals
HD1396 For legislation to provide volunteer firefighters with a local option real estate tax exemption
SD1404 For legislation relative to corporations, shareholders, and political expenditures
HD1407 For legislation to establish old growth forest reserves in the Commonwealth
HD1412 Relative to the prevention and elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression within the Department of Elder Affairs.
HD1425 For legislation to direct the Division of Medical Assistance to provide coverage for the treatment of opioid dependence
HD1443 For legislation to exempt certain persons experienced in performing sprinkler fitting from sprinkler fitters' examining and licensing requirements
HD1467 Relative to promoting child development and school-readiness
HD1475 Further promoting energy efficiency and green jobs
HD1497 Relative to the authority of the Attorney General in reviewing certain applications that seeks to increase the supply gas and other non-renewable energy resources available in the Commonwealth
SD1499 For legislation relative to home care services.
HD1514 Relative to property tax exemptions
HD1526 Relative to requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers
HD1530 Relative to the divestment of state pension funds from holdings in fossil fuel companies
HD1533 Relative to the earned income credit for working families
HD1550 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on the tax expenditure budget
HD1571 For legislation to establish a process to identify toxic chemical substances used in consumer products
HD1584 An Act relative to tax credits for agricultural land
HD1587 Relative to license plate tracking
HD1593 For legislation to require transparency in solicitations via telephone and similar devices
SD1616 For legislation relative to net metering, community shared solar and energy storage
HD1641 Relative to death benefits to surviving spouses of call and volunteer firefighters
HD1674 Relative to providing care and comfort for the terminally ill
HD1684 An Act related to unfunded mandates on public schools
HD1690 For legislation to establish a program within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to eliminate copays and deductibles for certain high-value and low cost prescription drugs and treatments
HD1699 For legislation to improve quality in early education centers and providing better access to quality early education and care
SD1726 For legislation to promote transparency and cost control of pharmaceutical drug prices.
SD1735 For legislation to protect health and safety of animals in vehicles.
SD1738 For legislation relative to plastic bag reduction
HD1761 For legislation to authorize regional transit authorities to establish enterprise funds
SD1762 For legislation relative to universal early education and full-day kindergarten.
HD1765 Relative to penalties for the crime of female genital mutilation
HD1769 Relative to HIV-associated lipodystrophy treatment
SD1769 For legislation relative to family financial protection.
HD1776 For legislation to update penalties and protect electronic privacy
HD1785 Relative to small brewers of alcoholic beverages
HD1829 Relative to access to telemedicine services by allowing certain clinicians to be credentialed and to allow for coverage of such services by all payers and the Medicaid program
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
HD1852 That the Department of Environmental Protection be notified by manufacturers of products containing toxic chemicals
HD1864 Strengthening the quality and efficiency of home health care services
HD1884 To reinstate the Clean Environment Fund to reduce waste and protect the environment in the Commonwealth
SD1885 For legislation relative to traffic and pedestrian stop data.
HD1893 Relative to rendering the criminal and civil justice systems accessible to victims of sexual violence
HD1899 For the establishment of a special commission on the eye care and vision health needs of the Commonwealth
HD1907 Relative to establishing the office of the Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Services in the Governor's cabinet
HD1912 Relative to shelter benefits for veterans
HD1921 Relative to eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
HD1935 For legislation to prevent trafficking in ivory and rhino horns
HD1957 For legislation to establish a prison mitigation fund for cities and towns hosting Department of Correction facilities
HD1967 Relative to increasing the base for the calculation of cost-of-living increases for retired public employees
HD1969 For legislation to improve the collection and analysis of data relative to traffic stops
HD1972 Relative to the civil commitment of women for alcoholism and substance abuse at the Framingham Correctional Institution
HD1988 For the adoption of resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to convene a Constitutional Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution to limit the influence of money in our political system
HD1995 Relative to rates of compensation payable to counsel
HD2007 For legislation to establish an advisory committee on the protection of honeybees in the Commonwealth
HD2012 For legislation to increase the maximum tax credit allowed for land conservation incentives
HD2028 Relative to property tax assessments for certain common areas and facilities in condominiums
HD2032 Relative to conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation restrictions providing non-development covenants on land
HD2034 For legislation to establish a state meat inspection program and enhance the meat and poultry slaughter and processing infrastructure in the Commonwealth
HD2036 For legislation to exempt certain vehicles used exclusively for agricultural purposes from registration requirements
HD2053 For legislation to promote farm viability
HD2058 relative to the timely filing of application in municipalities with programs of revaluation
HD2062 For legislation to grant preference to veterans in all state-aided housing projects in the Commonwealth
HD2063 For legislation to direct the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources to establish a livestock care and standards board to ensure the humane keeping and treatment of livestock
HD2069 For legislation to authorize certain veterans to use facilities of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and regional transit authorities without cost to such veterans
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2076 Relative to voting overseas
HD2077 That the word “veteran” be added to ballots of candidates who have honorably served in the armed forces
HD2084 Relative to the solicitation of another to commit a felony
HD2086 Relative to accountability for certain corporate political activities
HD2089 For legislation to promote the use of restorative justice practices
HD2117 Relative to the penalties for inducing a minor to engage in, agree to engage in or offer to engage in prostitution or sexual conduct
HD2126 Relative to protecting puppies and kittens
HD2207 Relative to social media password privacy for school students
HD2211 For legislation to provide the highest quality education through access of innovative and research-based language education instructional programs
HD2220 Relative to the sale or conversion of certain tax exempt property
HD2267 Relative to the formula for district reimbursement through the special education circuit breaker
HD2297 Relative to net metering, community shared solar and energy storage
HD2300 That the Department of Environmental Protection conduct a feasibility study for the implementation of watershed based planning
HD2308 For legislation to expunge the records of persons falsely accused and juveniles.
HD2319 Relative to student safety
HD2327 Relative to medical assistance recipient assets
HD2330 For legislation to authorize income tax filers to make voluntary contributions to the Massachusetts Cultural Development Fund on their annual income tax returns
HD2332 For legislation to limit the time that former employees must wait before being employed by a competitor
HD2336 Relative to the use and protection of pollinators
HD2340 For legislation to provide for a capital outlay program of maintenance and improvements to municipal drinking, waste and storm water infrastructure assets
HD2373 Relative to granting equal access to original birth certificates
HD2382 An Act Strengthening the Massachusetts Home Care Program
HD2436 Relative to sexual health education
HD2456 Relative to stabilizing the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities
HD2468 For the establishment of an access to healthcare task force (including members of the General Court) for former foster youth to review the barriers of access to healthcare for youth who are aging out or have aged out of the care of the Department of Children and Families
HD2529 For legislation to authorize the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to issue distinctive registration plates for fire fighters
HD2540 For legislation to increase the share of courses taught by full-time tenure and tenure-track faculty
HD2551 Relative to the state employee's sick leave bank
HD2568 For legislation to establish a sustainable water resource fund to mitigate water shortages
HD2584 Relative to motor vehicle license suspension record privacy
HD2587 Relative to the registered land in the office of an assistant recorder
HD2648 Relative to the minimum wage employers are required to pay tipped employees
HD2685 Relative to the employment of retired fire fighters as training instructors by the Department of Fire Services
HD2704 Relative to enhancing the educational opportunities for expectant and parenting students
HD2743 For legislation to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products
HD2782 Relative to further regulating health care costs and the dispensing of controlled substances
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2818 Relative to administering the medical assistance programs
HD2824 Relative to promoting access to accurate medical information
HD2844 For legislation to increase participation in early childhood care settings
HD2850 For legislation relative to the practice of athletic training
HD2867 For legislation to enhance opportunities for children in the custody of the Commonwealth
HD2879 For legislation to establish a commission to study veterans transportation issues
HD2881 For legislation to require insurance companies to reimburse licensed athletic trainers for certain services
HD2907 That the Division of Professional Licensure amend the Uniform State Plumbing Code and associated regulations to include a category of agricultural buildings and operations
HD2941 Relative to certified professional midwives
HD2943 For legislation to further regulate expenditures for mortgages from the Community Preservation Trust Fund
HD2997 Relative to the criteria for the release of terminally ill inmates to alternative locations of confinement
HD3028 For legislation to establish a nursing advisory board within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
HD3032 Relative to providing written health education information to incarcerated women by correctional institutions
HD3064 Relative to the registration and taxation of marine vessels
HD3072 Relative to gender identity and access to public accommodations
HD3114 For legislation to develop a high quality pre-kindergarten education grant program
HD3142 For legislation to ensure that each student enrolled in a school district is screened for potential indicators of dyslexia or other reading disabilities
HD3151 Relative to home health and hospice aides
HD3156 For legislation to reform pretrial processes
HD3160 Relative to insurance payments for use of ambulance services
HD3162 For legislation to establish universal early education and full-day kindergarten in the Commonwealth
HD3165 Relative to strengthening and expanding affordable, quality higher education opportunities for residents of the Commonwealth
HD3167 For legislation to authorize public institutions of higher education to retain funds received as in-state tuition
HD3168 An Act providing certain property owners with royalties related to the extraction of natural gas
HD3169 For legislation to exempt residents of the Commonwealth from payment of tuition or mandatory curriculum fees at community colleges
HD3190 For legislation to require the reporting of certain contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Program and the Workers' Compensation System
HD3216 For legislation to provide for the rapid deployment of qualified nurses
HD3220 For legislation to institute programs to respond to sexual violence on higher education campuses
HD3221 That the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife promulgate regulations relative to wildlife and management of natural and water resources
HD3241 Relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances
HD3255 An Act relative to strengthening background checks
HD3268 Relative to the evaluation of the frequency and outcome of contacts between juveniles of various racial and ethnic categories and law enforcement and court personnel and other Commonwealth officials
HD3279 An Act relative to the veteran allowance for public retirees
HD3296 For legislation to ensure charter school transparency and public accountability
HD3298 Relative to establishing a right to counsel in certain eviction cases
HD3391 An Act providing for certain health insurance coverage
HD3397 For legislation to reduce plastic bag pollution
HD3463 Relative to transparency and accountability for Boston's 2024 Olympic bid
HD3493 For legislation to expand coverage and access to behavioral health services
HD3544 Relative to public higher education access and policies
HD3553 Relative to utility meters and the rights of utility ratepayers
HD3556 For legislation to establish a Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women

Jen was elected to represent the Massachusetts 37th Middlesex District on November 4th, 2008. She took office on January 7th, 2009. She was first elected to public office as a member of the Lunenburg School Committee in 2003. She served for over five years on the committee and became the elected Chair. As a state representative, Jen has served as the only freshman member on the Joint Committee on Education and the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy.

Jen has been married to Brent Benson since 1993. They have 3 children, Hannah, 16, Maya, 14 and Noah, 10, who all attend the Lunenburg Public Schools. She grew up in Rochester, NH and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a BA in Art History.

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator
Spouse: Brent Benson
Children: 3
Pets: Siri, a black Goldendoodle
Interests: hiking, camping, spending time with my family

Career Highlights

  • Enactment of the Utility Accountability Bill (December 2009)
  • Serving on the Education Committee and working on Education Reform 2010

Education & Public Service

  • Florida Atlantic University, BA in Art History, 1995
  • Lunenburg School Committee: 2003-2008; Chair May 2007 to November 2008
  • Lunenburg Democratic Town Committee; current member; Chair 2003 to 2007
  • Represenative Jenifer Benson and Family

Thirty-seventh Middlesex, Consisting of Acton: Precincts 3, 4, 5; Ayer: Precinct 2; Boxborough; Shirley; Harvard (Worcester Co.); Lunenburg: Precincts A, C, D (Worcester Co.).