Jennifer L. Flanagan Senator

D Leominster
Jennifer L. Flanagan


State House
Room 208
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1230
Fax: 617-722-1130
District Office
24 Church Street
Leominster, MA 01453
Phone: 978-534-3388
Bill Docket Bill Title
SD16 For legislation to prevent sudden cardiac arrest
HD87 Relative to providing retroactive capital reimbursement for a certain nursing facility in the town of Holden
HD124 Relative to the compensation of chief probation officers of the Trial Court
SD235 For legislation relative to patient safety
HD270 Relative to business practices between motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealers
HD308 Relative to insurance coverage and payment for prescribed treatment for mitochondrial disease
SD336 For legislation relative to GIC dental and vision benefits for municipal employees.
HD360 For legislation to establish a firearms and mental health fitness information registry within the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
SD422 For legislation relative to liability protection for disaster volunteers
SD435 For legislation to create a transitional aid to families with dependent children career pathways trust fund
HD438 Relative to providing for binding arbitration for fire fighters and police officers
HD443 Relative to minimum staffing discussions in collective bargaining negotiations of municipal police officers and fire fighters
SD447 For legislation to enhance the enforcement of illegal hunting practices.
HD534 Relative to the cancellation of certain health insurance policies
SD560 Relative to providing for a presumptive eligibility program for MassHealth applicants
SD561 For legislation relative to hospital profit and fairness
SD664 For legislation to establish the special commission on local and regional public health.
SD670 For legislation to sustain community preservation revenue
HD682 Relative to liability for the medical costs incurred by public health volunteer responders
SD686 Relative to protecting consumers from unsolicited loans
HD702 Relative to emergency medical services oversight
SD718 For legislation to eliminate age discrimination in the MassHealth program
SD724 For legislation to provide for an investigation and study by a special interagency task force relative to gender-responsive programming for juvenile justice system-involved girls
SD725 For legislation to strengthen the Anti-Human Trafficking Law.
HD741 For legislation to authorize the North Central Chamber of Commerce to establish a pilot program for net metering of electricity for manufacturers
HD743 Relative to the penalties for the use or manufacture of hidden compartments for the purpose of transporting or distributing controlled substances
HD745 Relative to vehicle insurance surcharges
HD748 For legislation to regulate the establishment of municipal lighting plants
HD749 For legislation to designate the Spring Peeper as the official amphibian of the Commonwealth
HD750 Relative to workers' compensation to persons with permanent and total injuries
SD771 For legislation relative to CARE
HD792 For legislation require county and state correctional facilities to provide substance abuse services to certain inmates
SD809 For legislation relative to the judicial enforcement of noncompetition agreements
HD818 For legislation to authorize municipalities to require automatic sprinkler protection systems in certain housing
HD827 Relative to firearm licensing requirements
SD898 For legislation relative to Option (d) beneficiaries
SD935 For legislation to prohibit disciplinary actions by employers on employees serving as volunteer emergency responders
SD985 For legislation relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage
HD998 Relative to regional stabilization funds
HD1017 Relative to the powers and duties of regional school districts
SD1064 For legislation relative to the Gardner District Court.
SD1100 For legislation to regulate central service technicians.
SD1111 For legislation to establish an apprenticeship program to ready vacant public housing apartments for occupancy
SD1160 For legislation to protect disabled persons from financial exploitation
SD1175 For legislation to assess the impact of the public welfare system on the health and well-being of children
HD1188 That the Commissioner of Insurance be directed to make a bi-annual investigation relative to flood insurance rates
SD1212 For legislation relative to confidentiality of reports of rape and related offenses
SD1237 For legislation relative to the sanctity of collective bargaining.
SD1260 For legislation to promote savings for first time homebuyers.
SD1266 For legislation to direct the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to assess the current status of the commonwealth’s transportation system.
HD1308 Relative to updating reciprocity for licensing optometrists
SD1377 For legislation to improve the accessibility and affordability of naloxone and other pharmaceutical drugs of public health concern
SD1381 For legislation to prevent prescription drug abuse by closing the pharmacy shopping loophole
HD1393 Relative to mental health services for children
SD1402 For legislation relative to access to capital for business growth in economically distressed communities
HD1424 Relative to access to behavioral health services for persons enrolled in MassHealth public health insurance programs
HD1425 For legislation to direct the Division of Medical Assistance to provide coverage for the treatment of opioid dependence
SD1431 For legislation to establish a student tuition recovery fund.
SD1455 For legislation to protect minors from the harmful effects of marihuana
HD1469 Relative to the designation of caregivers by certain patients
HD1479 Relative to student online information protection policies
SD1499 For legislation relative to home care services.
HD1534 Relative to the use of insanity as criminal defense
HD1588 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance of residents of long-term care facilities
HD1591 Relative to descendants email access and procedures
HD1596 Relative to providing for the public disclosure of quality indicators for the developmentally disabled
SD1616 For legislation relative to net metering, community shared solar and energy storage
SD1639 For legislation to support the transition to adult services for persons with disabilities
HD1642 Relative to criminal penalties for resisting arrest
HD1654 Relative to civil motor vehicle infraction by a junior operator who is not emancipated
SD1707 For legislation relative to tourism collaboration.
SD1742 For legislation to promote motor vehicle safety.
SD1756 For legislation relative to transfer of assets by MassHealth members.
HD1771 Relative to noise pollution
HD1785 Relative to small brewers of alcoholic beverages
SD1803 For legislation relative to reserving beds in nursing homes during certain leaves of absence
HD1838 Relative to the rights of foster parents to receive notice and an opportunity to be heard in legal proceedings involving foster children
HD1846 For legislation to regulate sex offender registration in the 21st century
HD1946 For legislation to create a loan repayment program for direct care human service workers
HD1957 For legislation to establish a prison mitigation fund for cities and towns hosting Department of Correction facilities
HD1988 For the adoption of resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to convene a Constitutional Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution to limit the influence of money in our political system
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2155 Relative to public health, substance abuse, treatment and opioids and accessible substance abuse treatment for all
HD2288 For legislation to include blood-borne infectious diseases in line of duty death and disability benefits for police officers and fire fighters
HD2480 For legislation to limit retroactive denials of health insurance claims for mental health and substance abuse services
HD2536 For legislation to authorize municipalities to invest in credit unions
HD2538 Relative to the taxation of inventory
HD2653 For legislation to establish a live theater tax credit program
HD2784 Relative to improving mental health treatment
HD2792 For legislation relative to infectious disease control.
HD2831 Relative to sports medicine professionals
HD2943 For legislation to further regulate expenditures for mortgages from the Community Preservation Trust Fund
HD3019 For legislation to authorize school bus drivers to administer epinephrine to children suffering from allergic reactions
HD3160 Relative to insurance payments for use of ambulance services
HD3255 An Act relative to strengthening background checks
HD3273 Relative to the rights of certain expelled students to cross examination witnesses at the administrative hearing level
HD3405 For legislation to increase the annual stipend for members of the Commonwealth’s hazardous material response teams
HD3414 For legislation to direct the Attorney General to provide for a study of the methodology used to promulgate new flood insurance rate maps through the National Flood Insurance Program
HD3493 For legislation to expand coverage and access to behavioral health services
HD3553 Relative to utility meters and the rights of utility ratepayers

State Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan is a resident of Leominster. Senator Flanagan graduated from Leominster High School, received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and a Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Fitchburg State College.

Senator Flanagan began working in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1995 as a Legislative Aide, then as Chief of Staff on four legislative committees. She was elected to the House of Representatives for two terms, representing the 4th Worcester District. She was elected to the Massachusetts State Senate in September of 2008 and was sworn in the first week of January 2009. Senator Flanagan now represents Ashby, Bolton, Precincts 1 &2 of Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Sterling, Townsend and Westminster.

She is currently serving as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means; Chairman of the Senate Committee on Steering and Policy; Vice-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Transportation; Vice-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Service and is a member of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy.

Senator Flanagan has also been appointed to the following commissions at State House: The Autism Commission, the Interagency Council on Substance Abuse, the Commission on Postpartum Depression, the special Commission to Study Electronic Benefit Transfers, the Gaming Policy Advisory Commission the Department of Mental Health Task Force on Staff and Client Safety, Governor Patrick's Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee and Treasurer Grossman's Online Products Taskforce. She is also a member of the Regional Transportation Authority Caucus, the Gateway Cities Caucus, the Non-Profit Caucus and the Foster Care Caucus.

Senator Flanagan serves on the following boards in the community: the Spanish American Center, the Montachusett Addiction Council, Community Health Connections Family Health Center, the SHINE Advisory Board and the Leominster Education Foundation. She is an honorary board member of the Gardner Community Action Council and Leominster's Allencrest Tutoring Center.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 Participant, Henry C. Toll Fellows Program
  • Legislator of the Year Award, October 2011 - National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts
  • Legislative Leadership Award, February 2012 - Massachusetts Family Planning Association

Education & Public Service

  • 2004 – Fitchburg State College, Master’s of Science, Mental Health Counseling
  • 1998 – University of Massachusetts Boston, Bachelors of Science, Political Science
  • 1993 – Leominster High School
  • 2009 – current Senate Senator Worcester & Middlesex District
  • 2005 – 2009 State Representative 4th Worcester District
Worcester and Middlesex -- Consisting of the cities of Fitchburg, Gardner and Leominster and the towns of Berlin, Bolton, Clinton, precincts 1 and 2, Lancaster, Lunenburg, Sterling and Westminster in the county of Worcester; and the town of Townsend in the county of Middlesex.