Michael D. Brady Representative

D Brockton
Michael D. Brady


State House
Room 167
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2230
Email: Michael.Brady@mahouse.gov
Bill Docket Bill Title
SD11 For legislation relative to the humane treatment of disabled persons
SD39 For legislation relative to compliance of condominium associations.
HD45 Relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
HD48 Relative to creating a difficult to manage unit within the Department of Mental Health
HD58 For legislation to establish a system for tracking the unmet service needs of persons with developmental disabilities
HD71 Relative to special education funding
HD72 Relative to improving procurement procedures to assure opportunities for students with disabilities
HD87 Relative to providing retroactive capital reimbursement for a certain nursing facility in the town of Holden
HD124 Relative to the compensation of chief probation officers of the Trial Court
SD125 For legislation to amend the foreclosure statute to require judicial foreclosure.
SD128 For legislation relative to just cause terminations.
SD176 For legislation to clarify and enhance privacy protections for electronic health records
SD181 For legislation relative to the cost of living adjustment for public retirees
SD182 For legislation relative to health care insurance for surviving spouses
SD184 For legislation relative to disability pension benefits and earnings reports
SD222 For legislation to establish a special commission relative to digital textbooks
SD223 For legislation to establish a moratorium for charter schools
SD235 For legislation relative to patient safety
SD236 For legislation to expedite appeals of wage violations
HD241 Relative to prohibiting discrimination against adults with disabilities in family and juvenile court proceedings
HD259 For legislation relative to geography education
SD302 For legislation to expand the eligibility of households for inclusion in a municipality's affordable housing inventory.
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
SD357 For legislation to increase transparency in public construction
HD372 Relative to parking advancements and the establishment of parking benefit districts in cities and towns
HD386 For legislation to further regulate the right to strike of public employees
HD387 Relative to transparency in private utility construction contracts
HD394 For legislation to establish the Robert T. Kilduff firefighters cancer network
HD396 Relative to medical and physical fitness examinations for police officers and fire fighters
HD434 Relative to requiring certain motor vehicle surcharges and court costs be used for firefighter salaries
HD435 Relative to the residency requirements of fire and police personnel
HD436 Relative to residency requirements of municipal police officers and fire fighters
HD486 For legislation to require judicial review of foreclosures on residential mortgages
HD491 For legislation to further define the term "legislative body" relative to retirement boards in cities and towns
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
HD517 Relative to petitions to the Juvenile Court or Probate Court on behalf of certain special juveniles
HD521 For legislation to exempt home appliance service and repair technicians from certain provisions of the Massachusetts Plumbing Code
HD556 Relative to joint and last survivor allowances paid under the contributory retirement system
HD558 Relative to the restoration to service of certain public employees retired for disability
HD594 Relative to the restoration of oral health benefits for MassHealth recipients
HD607 Relative to the establishment of physician evaluation programs by insurance companies
HD613 Relative to angel investor tax credits
SD628 For legislation to promote the accessibility, quality and continuity of care for consumers of behavioral health, substance use disorder and mental health services.
HD658 Relative to retirement benefits for certain employees of the Department of Correction
HD664 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on institutional long term care
HD667 Relative to Medicare savings programs eligibility
HD670 Relative to Medicaid expansion
HD673 Relative to fire protection systems for buildings and structures
HD678 Relative to the maximum number of patients assigned to a registered nurses or hospital care attendants
SD680 For legislation relative to the closing of hospital essential services
HD687 For legislation to benefit the Health Safety Net Trust Fund
HD702 Relative to emergency medical services oversight
SD743 For legislation relative to language opportunity for our kids.
HD751 For legislation to authorize the Commissioner of Insurance to set labor rates paid by insurance companies to auto repairers
HD758 To prohibit the distribution in commerce of children's products and upholstered furniture containing certain flame retardants, and for other purposes
HD764 For legislation to prohibit discrimination in the issuance of group or individual disability, accident or sickness insurance policies
HD771 Relative to the payment of fair share provisions of employees choosing not to join a union
HD780 Relative to providing smoking cessation programs for certain police officers and fire fighters
HD831 For legislation to authorize municipalities to protect low and moderate income tenants and units of governmentally involved housing
HD840 Relative to creating higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental disabilities
HD884 Relative to the indemnification of fire alarm division personnel
HD885 For legislation to include fire alarm division employees in Group 4 of the contributory retirement system
SD892 For legislation to require recordkeeping at public construction worksites in order to protect first responders
HD901 For legislation to prohibit the use of procedures which cause physical pain or deny a reasonable humane existence to persons with disabilities
SD906 For legislation to create the Hampden County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
HD912 Relative to increasing the fine for handicapped parking violations
HD948 Relative to providing for an income tax credit for families caring for relatives at home who are elderly or victims of Alzheimer's disease
HD979 Relative to professional firefighters involuntarily separated from service
HD982 Relative to civil service creditable time
HD1023 To preserve affordable health coverage for residents of the Commonwealth
SD1040 For legislation relative to debarment in public contracts.
HD1047 Relative to the cost of civil service exams for employees of the Commonwealth
HD1049 Relative to credible service for school nurses
SD1061 For legislation relative to Child-Centered Family Law.
HD1095 Relative to the administration of controlled substances
HD1097 Relative to providing continuing health insurance coverage for surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
HD1112 That certain health facilities be directed to establish a "safe patient handling policy", so-called
HD1149 Relative to the commission paid to licensed lottery sales agents
HD1152 For legislation to allow teachers currently employed and receiving compensation to serve on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
HD1153 For legislation to create a transitional aid to families with dependent children career pathways trust fund
HD1190 Relative to the storage and dissemination of certain public records in an electronic format
HD1209 Relative to liability protection for disaster volunteers
HD1230 Relative to abusive or hostile work environments
HD1301 Relative to employment and job training
HD1318 Relative to creating a pilot program to transfer high acuity behavioral health and dual diagnosis patients away from overcrowded emergency departments
HD1322 For legislation to exempt employees of a public school districts from fees associated with background checks
HD1323 Relative to confining animals in a motor vehicle
HD1343 Relative to providing child care assistance to homeless families
HD1345 Relative to the retirement benefits of state police dispatchers
SD1351 For legislation relative to enhanced enforcement of civil penalties.
HD1361 Relative to contracts required by health care organizations
HD1367 For legislation to require owners of rented or foreclosed properties to check for abandoned animals
HD1371 For legislation to impose a penalty for the confinement of farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs
HD1422 Relative to the penalties for assault or assault and battery on an emergency medical technician, ambulance operator, ambulance attendant or health care provider
HD1431 Relative to parent-child privilege in delinquency or youthful offender proceedings
SD1431 For legislation to establish a student tuition recovery fund.
HD1442 For legislation to provide pre-kindergarten education to four year old children meeting specific requirements in gateway cities
SD1470 For legislation to create a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
HD1471 Relative to providing a public education system of sufficient quality
HD1481 For legislation to ensure that students with disabilities have an opportunity to participate in physical education
HD1521 For legislation to establish a penalty for the mistreatment of elephants
HD1529 That provision be made for binding arbitration for fire fighters and police officers
HD1536 Relative to retirement benefits for care givers at the soldier's homes
HD1565 For legislation to grant public employee retirement rights to certain persons providing educational services to special need students
HD1568 Relative to project labor agreements
HD1575 For legislation to establish penalties for debarred employers, contractors and subcontractors illegally participating in contracts
HD1587 Relative to license plate tracking
HD1591 Relative to descendants email access and procedures
HD1593 For legislation to require transparency in solicitations via telephone and similar devices
HD1609 For legislation to establish a educational mandate working group
HD1610 For legislation to require businesses offering travel services to provide consumers with health and safety information relative to international destinations
HD1611 Relative to exempting certain school stadiums from plumbing regulations
HD1614 For legislation to impose a moratorium on new mandated education pograms and expenses
HD1624 Relative to the penalties imposed for falsely assuming to be a public official
HD1626 Relative to line-of-duty death and survivor benefits for police officers and fire fighters
HD1627 For legislation to increase line-of-duty death benefits for police officers and fire fighters
SD1629 For legislation to provide equal access to medical treatments essential for people with autism.
HD1635 An Act Relative to the use of business telephone numbers in the Underground Economy
SD1639 For legislation to support the transition to adult services for persons with disabilities
HD1650 Relative to junior operator's licenses
SD1652 For legislation relative to deeds excise receipts
HD1656 Relative to the process for collecting delinquent property taxes
HD1684 An Act related to unfunded mandates on public schools
HD1690 For legislation to establish a program within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to eliminate copays and deductibles for certain high-value and low cost prescription drugs and treatments
HD1709 An Act relative to independent contractors
SD1726 For legislation to promote transparency and cost control of pharmaceutical drug prices.
HD1730 Relative to hospital profit transparency and fairness and the establishment of a Medicaid reimbursement enhancement fund
SD1762 For legislation relative to universal early education and full-day kindergarten.
SD1767 Relative to the establishment of a county stabilization fund.
HD1776 For legislation to update penalties and protect electronic privacy
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
HD1834 For legislation to support the transition to adult services for persons with disabilities
HD1854 Relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities
HD1871 Relative to state contracting for cleaning, maintenance or security guard services
SD1874 For legislation to increase neighborhood safety and opportunity
HD1899 For the establishment of a special commission on the eye care and vision health needs of the Commonwealth
HD1921 Relative to eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
HD1935 For legislation to prevent trafficking in ivory and rhino horns
HD1944 Relative to the minimum reimbursement rate for adult residential behavioral health and addiction treatment
HD1995 Relative to rates of compensation payable to counsel
HD2060 Relative to access to capital for business growth in economically distressed communities
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2115 Relative to the training of persons supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
HD2116 Relative to health insurance for surviving spouses under the retirement law
HD2165 For the establishment of a living minimum wage for employees and contracted employees of the Commonwealth
HD2188 Relative to juvenile court jurisdiction to divert from further court processing of certain children
HD2189 An Act relative to Puppy Mills
HD2192 An Act providing for a study to be conducted on the cost feasibility of implementing a ferry service to Long Island in Boston Harbor
HD2199 An Act relative to public access to Long Island in Boston Harbor
HD2207 Relative to social media password privacy for school students
HD2211 For legislation to provide the highest quality education through access of innovative and research-based language education instructional programs
HD2319 Relative to student safety
HD2342 Relative to vocational training for the unemployed
HD2345 Relative to temporary workers’ unemployment benefits
HD2379 Relative to prevailing wages
HD2382 An Act Strengthening the Massachusetts Home Care Program
HD2433 For legislation to further define standards of employee safety
HD2456 Relative to stabilizing the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities
HD2470 For legislation to promote accessibility and affordability of behavioral health and substance abuse services for recipients of MassHealth
HD2474 Relative to public employees' workers compensation benefits
HD2476 For legislation to establish secure choice retirement savings plan
HD2495 Relative to instructing the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game to study the feasibility of re-purposing the former Moon Island Sewage Treatment Plant for the purposes of fish and shellfish farm
HD2540 For legislation to increase the share of courses taught by full-time tenure and tenure-track faculty
HD2584 Relative to motor vehicle license suspension record privacy
HD2587 Relative to the registered land in the office of an assistant recorder
HD2596 Relative to increase the minimum wage for private sector human service workers
HD2612 Relative to expenses incurred in defense against denial of benefits by incapacitated employees
HD2613 Relative to the fees charged for the certification of fire fighters as emergency medical technicians
HD2615 That banks be required to mediate in good faith with homeowners to identify alternative resolutions before starting foreclosures
HD2640 Relative to the appointment and reappointment of public safety officers
HD2643 That certain fire fighters may wear uniforms while on duty and making solicitations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
HD2676 For legislation to expunge the records of persons falsely accused and juveniles.
HD2685 Relative to the employment of retired fire fighters as training instructors by the Department of Fire Services
HD2704 Relative to enhancing the educational opportunities for expectant and parenting students
HD2709 For legislation to ensure continued health insurance coverage for certain children
HD2753 For legislation relative to the installation of approved smoke detectors in certain residential buildings and structures
HD2756 For legislation designate October 18 as inflammatory breast cancer awareness day
HD2759 Relative to creating a rebuttable presumption of job relatedness for certain public safety personnel suffering from disabling conditions caused by exposure to infectious diseases
HD2766 Relative to the installation of approved smoke detectors in certain residential buildings and structures
HD2770 Relative to the compensation of state employees serving in the Massachusetts National Guard or active reserves
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2814 Relative to leave with pay for incapacitated officers and employees of cities, towns and districts
HD2835 For legislation to establish a living wage for employees of certain retail stores and fast food restaurants
HD2844 For legislation to increase participation in early childhood care settings
HD2862 An Act expanding protection of zone II areas of public drinking water supplies
HD2921 An Act establishing a foundation budget reserve account
HD2938 An Act providing for a donation check-off box on state tax returns for the Massachusetts Youth in Government program
HD2947 Relative to promoting responsible contracting on state construction projects
HD2984 Relative to pension benefits for widows
HD2997 Relative to the criteria for the release of terminally ill inmates to alternative locations of confinement
HD3007 For the imposition of a tax on certain private institutions of higher learning for the purpose of establishing a separate fund to be known as the educational opportunity for all trust fund
HD3034 For legislation to establish trust fund to protect citizens of the Commonwealth and municipalities impacted by the mortgage foreclosure crisis
HD3156 For legislation to reform pretrial processes
HD3158 For legislation to increase access to mental health services
HD3160 Relative to insurance payments for use of ambulance services
HD3174 Relative to requiring insurance carriers to recognize nurse midwives as participating providers
HD3200 For legislation to protect tenants and prevent vacancies in foreclosed homes
HD3204 For legislation to clarify the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law
HD3219 Relative to providing for a tax deduction for income attributable to the discharge of debt on principal residences including debt reduced through mortgage restructuring
HD3229 An Act relative to the creation of the Commonwealth Technical Rescue Regions and Coordinating Council
HD3231 For legislation to enhance the investment tax credit
HD3241 Relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances
HD3248 Relative to joint purchasing group committee membership
HD3255 An Act relative to strengthening background checks
HD3258 An Act relative to eligibility to become a firefighter or police officer
HD3318 For the implementation of an institutional pharmacy discharge medication pilot program by the Department of Public Health to ensure patient medication adherence
HD3319 For legislation to require a minimum of ten years experience for a fire fighter to become chief of a fire department
HD3343 For legislation to mandate health insurance coverage for certain brain injury rehabilitation
HD3395 For legislation to study classroom sizes
HD3405 For legislation to increase the annual stipend for members of the Commonwealth’s hazardous material response teams
HD3411 For legislation to establish a family and medical leave and temporary disability leave insurance program for employees
HD3425 For legislation to increase neighborhood safety and opportunity by enhancing the enforcement and penalties for violations of the controlled substances laws
HD3433 For legislation to protect families from adverse financial conditions caused by unreasonable debt
HD3439 Relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the Committee on Public Counsel Services
HD3463 For the establishment of a Massachusetts 2024 commission on the summer Olympic games
HD3471 For legislation to further regulate registries of deeds
HD3482 For legislation to create a special commission studying cutting, welding and hot work processes regulated by the State Fire Code
HD3525 Relative to Superior Court foreclosure procedures
HD3530 Relative to holding property owners accountable for recurring municipal public nuisance complaints
HD3556 For legislation to establish a Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator
Religion: Catholic
Interests: Supporting elder, youth and veteran’s groups; Sports; Music

Career Highlights

  • Strong support of economic developments/gateway cities, CORI reform and mortgage forclosure legislation
  • Named freshman legislator of the year by the Massachusetts Nurses Association
  • Named legislator of the month by the Massachusetts Medical Society for the month of May 2009

Education & Public Service

  • Massasoit Community College
  • Brockton Public Schools
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance School
  • MA House 2009-present
  • Massachusetts State Democratic Committeeman 2005 - present
  • Brockton City Council Ward 2, 1997-2009
  • Brockton School Committee Ward 2, 1996-1997
Ninth Plymouth, Consisting of Brockton: Ward 2, Ward 3: Precincts A, B, C, Ward 4: Precincts A, D, Ward 5: Precinct A, Ward 7: Precincts A, B.