Theodore C. Speliotis Representative

D Danvers
Theodore C. Speliotis


State House
Room 20
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2410

Committee Membership

Bill Docket Bill Title
HD115 For legislation to exclude certain veterans' benefits in calculating housing assistance benefits
HD116 Relative to the appointment of veterans agents and service officers
SD167 For legislation to further regulate business practices between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and distributers
HD231 For legislation to develop housing plans for families, with minor children, who are being evicted from publicly subsidized housing
SD289 For legislation relative to foster care children
HD308 Relative to insurance coverage and payment for prescribed treatment for mitochondrial disease
SD310 For legislation to further define standards of employee safety.
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
SD454 For legislation to provide health insurance coverage for scalp hair prosthesis.
SD455 For legislation to prohibit falsification or impersonation of an emergency medical technician or paramedic.
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
SD533 For legislation to create the Home Works Program
HD534 Relative to the cancellation of certain health insurance policies
HD691 For legislation to establish a homeless bill of rights
HD760 Relative to coverage of public employees under the Tort Claims Act
HD1027 For legislation to provide equal access to evaluations for children with disabilities
SD1061 For legislation relative to Child-Centered Family Law.
SD1237 For legislation relative to the sanctity of collective bargaining.
HD1248 For legislation to exempt certain excavation, processing of earth products for construction purposes from the noisome prohibition public health law
HD1323 Relative to confining animals in a motor vehicle
HD1367 For legislation to require owners of rented or foreclosed properties to check for abandoned animals
HD1370 For legislation to strengthen the enforcement of certain dog laws
HD1390 For legislation relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
SD1461 For legislation relative to community hospitals.
HD1471 Relative to providing a public education system of sufficient quality
HD1684 An Act related to unfunded mandates on public schools
SD1770 For legislation to repeal mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses.
SD1785 For legislation relative to the safety and reclamation of quarries.
SD1810 For legislation relative to the emergency assistance housing program
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
HD1846 For legislation to regulate sex offender registration in the 21st century
SD1847 For legislation to enhance the license plate system of the Commonwealth
HD1862 For legislation to authorize municipalities to assess certain taxes for financing regional transportation needs and investments
SD1871 For legislation relative to juvenile murder
HD1886 Relative to burial benefits of veterans
HD1889 For legislation to prohibits discrimination against veterans in employment decisions
HD1890 For legislation to allocate tax credits for projects sponsored by nonprofits to provide permanent housing for formerly homeless veterans in service-based multifamily property and projects
HD1907 Relative to establishing the office of the Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Services in the Governor's cabinet
HD1912 Relative to shelter benefits for veterans
HD1967 Relative to increasing the base for the calculation of cost-of-living increases for retired public employees
HD1988 For the adoption of resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to convene a Constitutional Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution to limit the influence of money in our political system
HD2007 For legislation to establish an advisory committee on the protection of honeybees in the Commonwealth
HD2060 Relative to access to capital for business growth in economically distressed communities
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2233 Relative to the management of low lands and swamps to control of tick-borne illness
HD2361 For legislation to include home heating costs in the calculation of tax credits for senior citizens
HD2436 Relative to sexual health education
HD2472 Relative to pension benefits for surviving spouses of Department of Children and Families social workers killed in the line of duty
HD2475 Relative to retirement benefits of certain employees of the Department of Children and Families
HD2477 Relative to protecting Department of Children and Families social workers’ home addresses
HD2492 That the Highway Department create a timeline for interchange improvements along Route 128 from the city of Peabody to the town of Gloucester
HD2713 That non-moving violations shall not be considered surchargeable incidents under the motor vehicle insurance law
HD2741 For legislation to provide emergency aid to certain elderly and disabled residents
HD2747 An Act relative to stipends for interns of the General Court
HD2782 Relative to further regulating health care costs and the dispensing of controlled substances
HD2809 Relative to the expungement of criminal records of juveniles
HD3072 Relative to gender identity and access to public accommodations
HD3098 That the the Department of Transportation assess the current status of the transportation system of the Commonwealth
HD3160 Relative to insurance payments for use of ambulance services
HD3192 Relative to the issuance of a summons instead of a warrant for misdemeanors
HD3364 For legislation to provide a waiver of fees to veterans at public institutions of higher learning

Representative Ted Speliotis attended the Carroll School in Peabody, the Danversport Elementary School and is a graduate of Danvers High School. He earned his B.S in Political Science and a certification and license to teach from Northeastern University.

For the past 12 years, he has participated in the Peabody reading program. He is a tireless advocate for the communities, individuals, families and businesses in his district. His seniority, experience and key leadership positions in the legislature have made him one of the most effective, approachable and informed legislators on Beacon Hill.

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator
Spouse: June (Consigli) Speliotis
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 2
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Interests: Public and Community service

Education & Public Service

  • Danvers High School, 1971
  • Northeastern University, 1976 (B.S. in Political Science and teaching certification)
  • Town Meeting Member (1972)
  • Democratic Town Committee
  • Danvers Town Moderator (1987-1995)
  • Mass. House (1979-1986, 1997-Present)
Thirteenth Essex, Consisting of Danvers; Middleton: Precinct 2; Peabody: Ward 5: Precinct 2, Ward 6.