William N. Brownsberger Senator

D Belmont
William N. Brownsberger


State House
Room 413C
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1280
Email: William.Brownsberger@masenate.gov
Bill Docket Bill Title
SD26 For legislation to prohibit polystyrene packaging by 2017
SD51 For legislation to authorize a study of school day starting times and schedules.
SD61 For legislation relative to special juveniles.
SD99 For legislation relative to media literacy in schools
SD229 Lfor legislation relative to recycling
HD270 Relative to business practices between motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealers
SD285 For legislation to combat climate change.
SD311 For legislation to remove the restrictions on the licenses of nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists as recommended by the Institute of Medicine and the Federal Trade Commission
SD317 For legislation to promote the planning and development of sustainable communities
SD329 For legislation to promote access to accurate medical information
SD334 For legislation to protect trade secrets and eliminate non-compete agreements
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
SD352 For legislation to improve the earned income tax credit for working families
HD362 For legislation to repeal certain laws
SD367 For legislation relative to Congo conflict minerals.
SD398 For legislation relative to equal access to public places regardless of gender identity.
HD422 Relative to the collection of mobility study data conducted in connection with construction projects funded by MassDOT
HD460 Relative to consent and counseling of pregnant women under sixteen years of age
SD466 For legislation to ensure continued humane animal care and protect family farms in Massachusetts.
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
SD580 For legislation to improve literacy skills
HD593 Relative to the reporting on health effects of particulate matter
HD594 Relative to the restoration of oral health benefits for MassHealth recipients
SD599 For legislation relative to higher education opportunities for high school graduates in the Commonwealth.
SD633 For legislation relative to home energy efficiency.
SD648 For legislation relative to ivory and rhino horn trafficking.
HD664 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on institutional long term care
SD670 For legislation to sustain community preservation revenue
HD674 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) relative to decennial division of wards and precincts in the city of Boston
HD679 Relative to fines for alcoholic beverage license violations
SD679 For legislation to update veterans’ burial expenses
HD694 That students with diabetes attending public or private schools be permitted to possess certain medical supplies and administer necessary treatments
SD714 For legislation to create a maximum allowable check-cashing rate
SD717 For legislation to facilitate disposition of surplus property for the development of affordable and workforce housing
SD720 For legislation to provide immediate childcare assistance to homeless families.
HD736 Relative to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related condition protection of employees and job applicants
SD736 For legislation to improve the collection and analsis of data realitve to traffic stops.
SD771 For legislation relative to CARE
SD852 For legislation to establish a living wage for employees of big box retail stores and fast food chains.
HD857 Relative to the implementation of strategies for reducing solid waste and increasing recycling in the Commonwealth
HD866 Relative to installation of electrical sub-meters
SD873 For legislation relative to the composition of the board of directors of the Massachusetts Department of Transporation
HD882 Relative to real estate tax assessment administration
SD902 For legislation to protect abandoned animals in vacant properties.
SD968 For legislation relative to expungement of criminal or juvenile records for individuals who committed offenses as children or young adults
SD974 For legislation to protect animals during pet sales.
SD982 Relative to the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines for homeowners with dogs living on such insured property
SD983 For legislation relative to the geographical jurisdiction of the Housing Court Department
SD985 For legislation relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage
SD1001 For legislation to promote restorative justice practices
SD1021 For legislation to protect access to confidential healthcare.
SD1025 For legislation to decriminalize being in the presence of heroin.
SD1065 For legislation to reduce recidivism, curb unnecessary spending, and ensure appropriate use of segregation.
SD1113 For legislation relative to Parking Advancements for the Revitalization of Communities (PARC).
SD1130 For legislation to the dispense certain cancer related drugs.
SD1131 For legislation to create patient choice and education in the dispensing of opiate drugs.
SD1189 For legislation relative to women’s health and economic equity
SD1198 For legislation relative to requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers
SD1200 For legislation relative to modernizing tobacco control and protecting the health of minors
SD1231 For legislation to strengthen the enforcement of certain dog laws.
SD1247 For legislation relative to special education funding.
SD1313 An Act to establish a commission to study the feasibility of creating and funding a universal children's savings account
HD1323 Relative to confining animals in a motor vehicle
SD1357 For legislation relative to regional transportation ballot initiatives.
SD1362 For legislation relative to student sex education.
SD1368 For legislation relative to the governance of the Health Policy Commission
SD1401 An Act further defining the role of school resource officers
HD1406 By Ms. Malia of Boston, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. [BILL NUMBER]) of Elizabeth A. Malia and others for legislation to establish reasonable and proper speed limits inside an urban district on public ways. Transportation.
HD1415 For legislation to extend line-of-duty public safety death benefits to all public employees
SD1417 For legislation relative to medical placement of terminal and incapacitated inmates.
HD1419 For legislation to expand substance abuse treatment options for non-violent drug offenders
SD1421 For legislation to update public health laws.
SD1423 For legislation to establish pay equity.
SD1460 For legislation to provide coverage for tobacco use cessation under Commonwealth Care
SD1487 For legislation to create higher education opportunities for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
HD1505 Relative to gas leak repairs during road projects
HD1521 For legislation to establish a penalty for the mistreatment of elephants
HD1526 Relative to requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers
SD1546 For legislation to promote use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement
SD1551 For legislation relative to fairness in worker’s compensation disfigurement benefits
SD1601 For legislation to ensure continued health insurance coverage for children
SD1620 For legislation to promote transparency, best practices, and better outcomes for children and communities.
SD1626 For legislation to provide equal access to evaluations for children with disabilities.
HD1650 Relative to junior operator's licenses
SD1665 For legislation relative to motor vehicle license suspension
SD1669 For legislation to reinvest in working families
HD1674 Relative to providing care and comfort for the terminally ill
SD1735 For legislation to protect health and safety of animals in vehicles.
SD1770 For legislation to repeal mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses.
HD1785 Relative to small brewers of alcoholic beverages
SD1790 For legislation relative to cognitive rehabilitation.
SD1853 An Act establishing a family and medical leave and temporary disability leave insurance program
SD1874 For legislation to increase neighborhood safety and opportunity
SD1883 For legislation to allow for payment in lieu of a disability allowance.
SD1885 For legislation relative to traffic and pedestrian stop data.
HD1895 For legislation to authorize the installation and operation of live digital video school bus violation detection monitoring systems
HD1935 For legislation to prevent trafficking in ivory and rhino horns
HD1969 For legislation to improve the collection and analysis of data relative to traffic stops
HD2007 For legislation to establish an advisory committee on the protection of honeybees in the Commonwealth
HD2008 Relative to increasing the penalties for discharging firearms into a residential dwelling, daycare facility or school building
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2073 For legislation to collect data regarding the use of solitary confinement
HD2332 For legislation to limit the time that former employees must wait before being employed by a competitor
HD2380 Relative to prohibiting the solitary confinement of inmates twenty-one years of age or younger
HD2401 Relative to criminal offender record information
HD2477 Relative to protecting Department of Children and Families social workers’ home addresses
HD2545 For legislation to establish a home heating commission
HD2657 For legislation to establish minimum hours of study for certain professions licensed by the Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbers
HD2741 For legislation to provide emergency aid to certain elderly and disabled residents
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2931 Relative governmental and charitable tort liability in civil actions for sexual abuse of a minor
HD3010 Relative to providing for matching grants for funding gigabit-speed networks and for the evaluation of consumer focused municipal broadband service offerings
HD3072 Relative to gender identity and access to public accommodations
HD3173 For legislation to establish a small-scale housing development demonstration program within the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
HD3397 For legislation to reduce plastic bag pollution
HD3436 For legislation to legalize marijuana and establish a tax on the cannabis industry
HD3452 Relative to exempting certain public school buses from toll collection
HD3463 Relative to transparency and accountability for Boston's 2024 Olympic bid

Personal Information

Profession: Legislator

Education & Public Service

  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard College
  • Mass. Senate 2012 - Present
  • Mass. House 2007 - 2012
  • Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General 1992 1998
  • Belmont Board of Selectmen 1998 - 2007
Second Suffolk and Middlesex -- Consisting of the city of Boston, ward 4, precincts 2 and 5 to 10, inclusive, ward 5, precincts 2 and 6 to 10, inclusive, ward 21, precincts 1 to 3, inclusive, 5 and 8 to 16, inclusive, ward 22, precincts 3 and 4 and 6 to 13, inclusive, in the county of Suffolk; and the towns of Belmont and Watertown in the county of Middlesex.