COOLIDGE, John Calvin

(b. Plymouth, VT 1872 – d. Northampton, 1933)
House of Representatives 1907, 1908
Senate 1912–1915, President 1914–1915
Lt. Governor 1916–1919, Governor 1919–1921
Vice-President of the U. S. 1921–1923; Succeeded to the presidency upon the death of Warren Harding 1923–1925
Thirtieth president of the United States 1925–1929

By Edmund Charles Tarbell, 1925

Oil on canvas, 100 x 47 in.

Commissioned by the Commonwealth under General Laws, ch. 8, sec. 19A.
Accepted under Res. 1925, ch. 2. Unveiled May 20, 1926.

By the time he received this commission, Tarbell was a leading member of the Boston School of artists, specializing in portraits and impressionist landscapes and interiors. He painted the portrait of President Coolidge in Swampscott, and in his New Hampshire studio during the summer of 1925. This remains one of the treasures of the Collection: an elegant full-length portrait from life of the sitting president executed in Tarbell's mature style, with great subtly in the handling of many shades of black and white.

Although commissioned by the Commonwealth to mark his term as governor, the portrait was installed in the Senate to honor Coolidge as the only Senate President of Massachusetts to rise to the presidency of the United States.

portrait of COOLIDGE, John Calvin