BULGER, William M.

(b. Boston, 1934)
House of Representatives 1961–1969
Senate 1970–1996, President 1978–1996

By Warren and Lucia Prosperi, 2007

Oil on canvas, 45 1/2 x 30 in.

Presumed to be a gift of the sitter.

Commissioned from Boston artists Warren and Lucia Prosperi, this portrait depicts Bolger seated at the rostrum of the Senate Chamber. The realistic style, based closely on photographs of the sitter taken in situ, captures the Senate President in an attentive, yet contemplative pose. Although he sits in a tightly compressed space, amid many pieces of furniture, room features, and even unseen companions, the artists' strong, even handling of all elements prevents them from overwhelming the portrait.

portrait of BULGER, William M.