Regimental Color

9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

By Thomas C. Savory, 1862

Silk, pigment, 52 1/2 x 59 in.

Given to the unit by friends September 15, 1862.
Returned by the regiment to the Commonwealth December 22, 1865.

The pluralism and diversity of America is reflected in this banner in its slogans and symbols as well as in the men who carried it, many of whom had only recently arrived in this country and were ready to take up arms to defend their rights to their own religion, language, and ethnic heritage. The reverse of the flag, shown here, depicts the eagle and shield of the United States, and is decorated with shamrocks, all on a green field. The front portrays the harp of Ireland and the Irish wolfhound on a similar green field. Like other immigrants before and since, the Irish of Massachusetts gave concrete meaning to the motto in the Great Seal of the United States: "Out of Many, One."

flag of Regimental Color