Bay State Light Infantry Flag

Presented to Company K by the Ladies of Carver, December, 1852.

By unknown fabricator, 1852

Silk, blue, 48 x 66 in., painted on each side with state coat-of-arms and 13 gold stars

Given to Governor Calvin Coolidge through James Beatty, Sergeant-at-Arms, by Rep. Frank Barrows in behalf of Hannah Bartlett Griffith Shaw, Carver, Mass, December 20, 1920.

Company K of Carver, Mass., was raised by Thomas B. Griffith and others under Special Order No, 21, June 1852, and incorporated into the 3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division. The regiment was selected to help fill the state's quota of the first call of President Lincoln for troops to defend the U. S. Capitol in April 1861, after which it was eventually depleted in order to fill other calls for volunteers. Griffith, a prominent Carver businessman, remained associated with the unit until the late 1860s and likely was given the old banner in thanks for his service. It was installed in the Senate Reception Room in 1921.

flag of Bay State Light Infantry Flag