Stained Glass Window

By Edwin Ford and Frederick Brooks, 1899

Stained glass, cast plaster, 50 ft. diam.

Commissioned by the Commonwealth, 1899.
Unveiled January 1, 1900.

Fifty-two feet above the floor of Memorial Hall is one of the many stained glass windows that can be seen throughout the Brigham extension. On a sunny day, this magnificent circular window bathes the room in soft colored light. Featured in the center is the nineteenth-century version of the seal of Massachusetts, surrounded by the seals of the twelve original states. Each seal is set in a plaster laurel wreath seventy-eight inches in diameter. Below, the ribbed cornice is supported by eight plaster eagles of the republic.

The contract for the ceiling light in Memorial Hall was awarded in August 1899 to the firm of Ford and Brooks, one of Boston’s leading stained glass studios at the time. The speed with which they fabricated and installed the large, intricate window by the time of the Hall’s dedication January 1, 1900, is indeed impressive.

historical object of Stained Glass Window