Stained Glass Window

Designer unknown, 1900

Installed under Res. 1899, ch. 81.

The stained glass window on the landing of the Main Staircase is of a Palladian design, and contains the early seals of Massachusetts, as well as their mottoes, and those of her royal governors. At the top of the window is the earliest—the seal of the Colony of Massachusetts granted under the original charter of 1629—which shows a Native American standing between two pine trees. Below this are the seal of King James used under the despotic rule of Governor Edmund Andros (1686–1689); the seals of the Province of Massachusetts granted under the Second Charter (1692–1775); and the seal used from the ratification of the State Constitution in 1780 until 1898. At the bottom of this center panel is the "Magna Charta" seal used by the colony during the revolutionary period (1775–1780) showing an "English American" with a sword and a copy of the ancient document used by the English to limit the power of their kings. This is flanked by the seals of the governors Bernard and Hutchinson, whose terms led up to the time of the Revolution.

The left and right panels of this window contain the personal coats of arms of the provincial governors, beginning with Governor Phipps (1691, upper left) and ending with Pownall (1760, lower right).

historical object of Stained Glass Window