DAVIS, Caleb

(b. Woodstock, CT 1738 – d. Boston 1797)
Representative 1776–1788, Speaker 1780–1782

Photograph, 12 ½ x 11 ½ in.

Circling the walls of the Speaker's Office are images of former Speakers dating back to the adoption of the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780. The earliest, Caleb Davis, a wealthy merchant and revolutionary war patriot, hangs on the wall opposite the fireplace, at the upper left. Prints and photographs are clockwise around the room—seventy-four at present.

The display was first installed in 1899 and is updated after each administration. Images of the earliest Speakers were reproduced from a variety of sources including extant paintings, prints, and line drawings until photographs could be obtained directly from each sitter. There is a similar display of former Senate Presidents in that office.

portrait of DAVIS, Caleb