Senate Chamber

Image of Senate Chamber

The current Senate Chamber, located directly beneath the gold dome in the Bulfinch portion of the State House, served as the Chamber of the House of Representatives for nearly one hundred years. Measuring only 55 feet square, it once held 635 members! Although this was remodeled several times during the mid-nineteenth century, most notably with ""block"" rustication on the lower level, the room retains much of Bulfinch's intricate plaster ceiling decoration with other original elements on the second floor. Upon completion of new chambers for the House in the 1890s Brigham extension, the Senate moved here from its former location across the hall, bringing with it the familiar circular desks for forty senators, and the President's rostrum. Galleries above allow for public viewings of the sessions. Around the perimeter niches contain marble busts of historic figures, and on the walls muskets from the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, are displayed.