Nurses Hall

Image of Nurses Hall

Nurses Hall was originally called Senate Staircase Hall as it contains one of two grand stairways to the legislative chambers on the third floor. The second Grand Staircase, located in the center of the Brigham Extension, leads to the entrance to the Chamber of the House of Representatives. The room slowly began to be identified as Nurses Hall after the installation of the imposing Civil War Army Nurses Memorial in 1914, until the name was officially changed by an act of the legislature in 1985.

The two-story hall is constructed of seven different kinds of Italian marble, and has an elaborately coffered gilded bronze ceiling and walls decorated with murals illustrating well-known events from the Revolutionary War era. The rich play of color and materials provides an elegant backdrop for the many bronze plaques and bas reliefs that commemorate both military and citizen service. In addition to providing a public gathering space in the Brigham extension, this hall prepares one for the solemnity and grandeur of the adjacent Memorial Hall.