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February 29, 2024 Clear | 28°F
The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Special Commission on Official Seal and Motto of the Commonwealth



  • Brian Weeden
  • Brona Simon
  • Brian Moskwetah Weeden
  • Brittney Walley
  • Cheryl Andrews-Maltais
  • Elizabeth Solomon
  • Melissa Ferretti
  • D. Brenton Simons
    Appointed by Governor
  • Leonid Kondratiuk
    Appointed by Governor
  • Micah Whitson
    Appointed by Governor
  • Brian Boyles
  • John Peters
  • Kelly Bennett
  • Donna D. Curtin
    Appointed by Governor
  • James L. Wallace
    Appointed by Governor
  • Michael Comeau
    Appointed by Secretary of State
  • Michael Vincent Amato
    Appointed by Senate Minority Leader