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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


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Date Report Name Submitted By Download
Oct 7 2021 JJPAD Board COVID-19 Report Juvenile Justice Policy and Data Board
Oct 6 2021 Reimagining MA Post-Pandemic Resiliency Report Senate Committee on Reimagining Massachusetts Post-Pandemic Resiliency
Oct 4 2021 Trial Court, summary process. Executive Office of the Trial Court
Oct 4 2021 Clean Energy Center, industry report. Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Oct 4 2021 Criminal justice, data. Executive Office of Technology Services & Security
Oct 4 2021 Health equity. Health Equity Task Force
Oct 4 2021 Public utilities, self-generation. Department of Public Utilities
Oct 4 2021 Ocean acidification. Commission on Ocean Acidification
Oct 4 2021 Norfolk County technology fund. Norfolk County Registry of Deeds
Oct 4 2021 Medicaid, mental health parity. Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Oct 4 2021 Unemployment insurance, online delivery. Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
Oct 4 2021 Health care, COVID-19 impact. Health Policy Commission
Oct 4 2021 Division of Banks. Division of Banks
Oct 1 2021 Massport Report on the Paul W. Conley Terminal Massachusetts Port Authority
Oct 1 2021 MassDEP 2019 Toxics Use Reduction Report Department of Environmental Protection
Sep 29 2021 LTC Ombudsman Program FFY 2020 Annual Report Statewide Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (EOEA)
Sep 29 2021 MLAC FY2021 Annual Report Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation
Sep 16 2021 EOTC August 2021 Summary Process Data Report Executive Office of the Trial Court
Sep 5 2021 Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Annual Report Massachusetts Capital Resource Company
Aug 18 2021 EOTC July 2021 Summary Process Data Report Executive Office of the Trial Court
Aug 16 2021 Office of Medicaid 2020 Mental Health Parity Report Office of Medicaid
Aug 16 2021 Family Resource Center Network. Department of Children and Families
Aug 16 2021 Department of Public Health report status. Department of Public Health
Aug 16 2021 Mandela Memorial Commission. Mandela Memorial Commission
Aug 16 2021 Life Insurance Community Investment Initiative annual report. Massachusetts Life Insurance Community Investment Initiative, LLC