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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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S.2619 Rodrigues, Michael J. An Act addressing challenges faced by municipalities and state authorities resulting from COVID-19.

S.2618 Ways and Means (S) An Act providing additional support to those affected by the novel coronavirus through the unemployment insurance system.

H.4612 Michlewitz, Aaron Michlewitz Amendment

SD.2864 Department of Veterans’ Services DVS Incarcerated Veterans Report

HD.4926 Pignatelli, Smitty An Act establishing the COVID-19 Quarantine Assistance Fund

H.4611 Arciero, James An Act relative to emergency hazard health duty

HD.4928 Donato, Paul J. An Act relative to election emergencies

S.2602 Moore, Michael O. An Act relative to emergency hazard health duty

S.2603 Keenan, John F. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jessica Zamansky, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance

H.4590 Vega, Aaron An Act further regulating certain affordable housing in Holyoke, Massachusetts

S.2605 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act to reduce the environmental impact of cigarette butts in streams, rivers, and in the ocean by increasing the tax on cigarettes by 100%

H.4579 Haddad, Patricia A. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Racquel Jean-Louis, an employee of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department

S.2583 Finegold, Barry R. supporting parents running for public office

S.2582 Finegold, Barry R. eligible lists of voters

H.4593 Baker, Charles D. An Act to facilitate the delay of the income tax filing deadline

SD.2859 Department of Unemployment Assistance February 2020 Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Report

SD.2858 Executive Office of Health and Human Services 2019 Health Information Technology Council Report

SD.2861 Department of Public Health DPH Facility Inspections

S.2576 An Act to provide identification to homeless youth and families

S.2577 An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities

HD.4914 Sullivan, Alyson M. An Act relative to parental visitation and custody for children of rape victims

SD.2848 Massachusetts Gaming Commission Massachusetts Gaming Commission 2019 Annual Report

SD.2849 Multi-Agency Illegal Tobacco Task Force Multi-Agency Illegal Tobacco Task Force FY20 Annual Report

H.4549 Moran, Michael J. An Act authorizing the city of Boston to grant an additional license for the sale of alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises

SD.2862 Massachusetts District Attorneys Association MDAA FY19 DPPC Case Referrals Report