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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2333 Rausch, Rebecca L. An Act to ensure equitable representation on the fiscal and management control board

H.3595 Galvin, William C. the procedures under House Rule 99

SD.2334 Lewis, Jason M. An Act relative to firefighter protection

SD.2360 Office of the Child Advocate Report of the Office of the Child Advocate

SD.2361 Pacheco, Marc R. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Daniel Ajoue, an employee of the Department of Correction

SD.2364 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Report of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

S.2187 Rules (S) An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors

S.2186 Ways and Means (S) An Act to lift the cap on kids

H.3633 Michlewitz, Aaron Further to H.3506

HD.4051 Mark, Paul W. An Act relative to harvesting of forest products

S.2181 A Rodrigues, Michael J. Text of the (Rodrigues) amendment to House, No. 3506

SD.2320 MassDevelopment Innovation Voucher Program Fund Report

S.2182 Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Annual Report

SD.2322 Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Berkshire Flyer 2.0 Final Report

S.2183 Baker, Charles D. An Act to support improved financial stability in higher education

SD.2324 DiDomenico, Sal N. Technical amendment to Senate Rules

SD.2325 Tarr, Bruce E. Feasibility of broadcasting informal sessions

SD.2326 Plymouth County Registry of Deeds Report of the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds

SD.2331 Hinds, Adam G. An Act expanding home ownership opportunities for the middle class

H.3510 Order (filed by Mr. Galvin of Canton) for the adoption of permanent Joint Rules for the 191st General Court governing the 2019-2020 legislative sessi...

SD.2330 Department of Transitional Assistance Report on Agency Paper Reduction Efforts

SD.2332 Brownsberger, William N. An Act to protect public health, promote accountability and prevent the violation of individual rights through the misuse, abuse and the violation of...

SD.2335 Department of Transitional Assistance DTA Fiscal Budgets of Assistance for TAFDC Report

SD.2336 Department of Transitional Assistance DTA 2019 Eligible Noncitizen Report

SD.2338 Executive Office of the Comptroller Communication from the Office of the Comptroller (pursuant to Section 35T of Chapter 10 of the General Laws) submitting its March 2019 certification ...