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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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S.2262 Lovely, Joan B. Special Senate committee to review the sexual harassment policies and procedures

S.2261 Ways and Means (S) An Act relative to the licensure of motor vehicle inspection stations

S.2260 Ways and Means (S) An Act negating archaic statutes targeting young women

S.2263 Creem, Cynthia Stone a Special Senate Committee on Net Neutrality and Consumer Protection

H.4123 PERAC Annual report of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (under sections 21, 102 and 103 of Chapter 32 of the General Laws) relative...

H.4126 Speliotis, Theodore C. An Act exempting Nicholas L. Martone from the maximum age requirement for firefighters in the town of North Andover

SD.2482 Hampden District Attorney Report of the Hampden County District Attorney's Office (pursuant to Section 99R of Chapter 272 of the General Laws) submitting its annual report of...

SD.2484 Suffolk District Attorney Report of the District Attorney of Suffolk County (under the provisions of Section 99R of Chapter 272 of the General Laws) submitting its Annual Rep...

H.4085 Connolly, Mike Increasing The Maximum Age To Be Eligible For Appointment As A Special Police Officer In The City Of Somerville

SD.2415 Hinds, Adam G. An Act relative to the Lafayette Trail

SD.2416 L'Italien, Barbara A. An Act renaming a certain bridge over route 38 on interstate 495

H.4086 Cullinane, Daniel An Act relative to boards and commissions of the city of Boston

S.2235 Higher Education (J) An Act relative to the endowment match program

H.4075 Baker, Charles D. An Act to promote housing choices

SD.2417 Brownsberger, William N. An Act to prevent bureaucratic overreach in the collection of student debt

SD.2419 Department of Public Health Communication from the Department of Public Health (pursuant to line item 4590-1506 of Chapter 47 of the Acts of 2017) submitting its report entitled...

S.2236 Baker, Charles D. An Act establishing the Massachusetts Code of Military Justice

H.4087 Hill, Bradford R. relative to town manager in the town of Ipswich

H.4076 Speliotis, Theodore C. An Act amending the charter of the city of Malden

H.4089 Balser, Ruth B. An Act Authorizing the City of Newton to Lease the John W. Weeks School for a Term of Years Not Exceeding Ninety-Nine Years and to Grant a Lease Exte...

SD.2428 L'Italien, Barbara A. An Act protecting consumers by prohibiting blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization in the provision of internet service

SD.2430 O'Connor, Patrick M. An Act establishing an early retirement incentive for Charles Mark Brown

H.4098 Collins, Nick Resolve reviving and continuing the special commission studying cutting, welding and hot work processes regulated by the state fire code

H.4103 McKenna, Joseph D. An Act relative to a certain conservation restriction in the town of Webster

H.4120 Ultrino, Steven ensuring access to state IDs for low-income people