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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2583 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority MBTA Net Operating Investment per Passenger Mile Ratio Report

H.3707 McGonagle, Jr., Joseph W. An Act relative to the city of Everett home rule charter

H.3702 NONE An Act providing for Massachusetts COVID-19 emergency paid sick leave

H.3703 Baker, Charles D. Message from His Excellency the Governor returning with recommendations of amendments to sections 13 to 17, inclusive, and also to sections 22 and ...

S.2436 Baker, Charles D. An Act relative to public safety and transparency by transportation network companies

H.3752 Puppolo, Jr., Angelo J. An Act relative to outstanding fines, fees, penalties, or costs related to the use of fireworks or pyrotechnics in the city of Springfield

SD.2579 Massachusetts Gaming Commission Massachusetts Gaming Commission 2020 Annual Report

SD.2622 Cyr, Julian An Act to improve public health and safety standards in communities around aging nuclear power plants and high level nuclear waste dump sites

SD.2620 Massachusetts District Attorneys Association MDAA FY19 and FY20 Status of Child Abuse and Neglect Cases Report

SD.2621 Department of Energy Resources Division of Green Communities 2020 Annual Report

H.3770 Holyoke Soldiers' Home An Act financing the reconstruction of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke

SD.2623 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education DESE Proposed Amendment to 603 CMR 2.03

SD.2624 Executive Office of the Trial Court EOTC April 2021 Report on Summary Process Data

SD.2601 Department of Unemployment Assistance DUA March 2021 UI Trust Fund Report

SD.2602 O'Connor, Patrick M. An Act relative to third party settlement organizations

SD.2553 Brownsberger, William N. An Act relative to the addition of sex as a protected class category for hate crime prosecutions

HD.4121 Day, Michael S. An Act Public Employee Income Protection Act

SD.2556 DiZoglio, Diana An Act relative to extending third-party delivery cost containment for restaurants

SD.2554 Massachusetts Gaming Commission MGC HRC Race Horse Development Fund Report

SD.2581 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act to protect children

HD.4188 Dooley, Shawn An Act relative to pill press machines

SD.2580 Department of Public Health DPH Correctional Facility Inspection Report - Western MA Women’s CC

HD.4122 Gifford, Susan Williams An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Racquel Cardoza, an employee of the Department of Transitional Assistance

HD.4123 Scanlon, Adam J. An Act regarding DNA exception rule for victims of rape

HD.4201 Puppolo, Jr., Angelo J. An Act extending rebates for electric and zero emission vehicles