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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2344 An Act relative to a sum of money for Joseph Toolan

SD.2345 An Act relative to coastal lands and waterways

SD.2346 An Act relative to disaster and emergency

SD.2347 An Act relative to space tourism

SD.2348 An Act relative to energy based service

SD.2349 An Act relative to healthcare

SD.2350 An Act relative to energy and utilities

SD.2351 An Act relative to municipal employment

SD.2352 An Act relative to transportation

SD.2353 An Act relative to housing

SD.2354 An Act relative to the taking of land and water

SD.2355 An Act relative to cruise ships

SD.2356 An Act relative to adult intelligence

SD.2357 An Act relative to transformative motion

SD.2358 An Act relative to a joint committee on religion

SD.2359 Kennedy, Edward J. Resolutions condemning political oppression and encouraging free and fair elections in Cambodia

HD.4070 Vitolo, Tommy An Act Relative to Property Tax Relief for Low and Moderate Income Seniors in the Town of Brookline

SD.2333 Rausch, Rebecca L. An Act to ensure equitable representation on the fiscal and management control board

H.3595 Galvin, William C. the procedures under House Rule 99

SD.2334 Lewis, Jason M. An Act relative to firefighter protection

S.2181 A Rodrigues, Michael J. Text of the (Rodrigues) amendment to House, No. 3506

SD.2320 MassDevelopment Innovation Voucher Program Fund Report

S.2182 Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Annual Report

SD.2322 Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Berkshire Flyer 2.0 Final Report

S.2183 Baker, Charles D. An Act to support improved financial stability in higher education