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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2822 Office of the Comptroller FY18 Statutory Basis Financial Report

SD.2823 Human Resources Division Communication from the Human Resources Division (pursuant to Section 25 of Chapter 31 of the General Laws) submitting a list of civil service fire pr...

SD.2791 Hinds, Adam G. An Act relative to the retirement benefits of Bernard J. Goclowski

SD.2795 Department of Public Health Preterm Hospital Discharge and Quality Improvement

H.4957 Scibak, John W. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for John Taylor Woodward, an employee of the Hampshire County Sheriff's Department

H.4951 Barber, Christine P. requiring the appointment of additional members to the Somerville Redevelopment Authority

H.4943 Peisch, Alice Hanlon An Act establishing a sick bank for Yin Yu-Wong, an employee of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

SD.2801 Department of Unemployment Assistance October 2018 DUA Trust Fund Report

H.4978 Arciero, James An Act authorizing the town of Westford to establish a means tested senior citizen property tax exemption

H.4954 Frost, Paul K. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Charde Christophe

S.2674 Ways and Means (S) An Act relative to the Springfield Technology Park

H.4977 Cutler, Josh An Act relative to health insurance benefits for certain retirees in the town of Pembroke

H.4917 Mark, Paul W. An Act designating a bridge in the town of Dalton as the Specialist Mitchell K. Daehling memorial bridge

S.2667 Lewis, Jason M. Text of the Senate amendment (Senator Lewis) to the House Bill providing a charter for the city of Melrose

SD.2813 MassBiologics Activities of MassBiologics for FY18

S.2662 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act authorizing the town of Wenham to make permanent improvements to certain private ways and assess betterments

H.4948 Garlick, Denise C. An Act amending the charter of the town of Needham

SD.2809 Department of Public Health DPH Facility Inspections

S.2670 Pacheco, Marc R. An Act creating senior tax relief in the town of Carver.

H.4972 Vincent, RoseLee An Act relative to placing a plaque at the McCarthy Pavilion in the city of Revere in honor of Grace Hill Sannella

H.4932 Peake, Sarah K. An Act authorizing the town of Harwich to issue three additional liquor licenses

SD.2787 Massachusetts Port Authority Massachusetts Port Authority Annual Report

H.4973 Naughton, Harold P. An Act designating the children’s pool at the Philip J. Weihn memorial pool as the Liberty M. Arnold-Simon Memorial Children’s Pool

H.4976 Lewis, Jack An Act approving the town of Ashland Home Rule Charter as amended and as voted in Article 34 of the annual town meeting of the town of Ashland includ...

H.4975 Lewis, Jack An Act approving the town of Ashland Economic Development Funding Program authorizing the town of Ashland to establish a grant and loan fund for the ...