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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2583 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Report of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

SD.2579 Massachusetts Gaming Commission Massachusetts Gaming Commission 2020 Annual Report

SD.2553 Brownsberger, William N. An Act relative to the addition of sex as a protected class category for hate crime prosecutions

SD.2556 DiZoglio, Diana An Act relative to extending third-party delivery cost containment for restaurants

SD.2554 Massachusetts Gaming Commission MGC HRC Race Horse Development Fund Report

SD.2581 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act to protect children

SD.2555 Office of the Comptroller Comptroller FY20 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

SD.2559 Velis, John C. An Act establishing an elementary and secondary school robotics grant program

H.99 Duffy, Patricia A. An Act concerning the Acting Mayor of Holyoke

SD.2558 Department of Public Health DPH Correctional Facility Inspection Report - Boston Pre-Release Center

SD.2560 Restorative Justice Advisory Committee RJAC 2020 Annual Report

SD.2561 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy 2020 Reporting

SD.2564 Brownsberger, William N. Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to select boards

H.3704 Silvia, Alan An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Linda R. Berube, an employee of the Department of Developmental Service

SD.2563 Plymouth County Sheriff Plymouth County Sheriff 1st Quarter 2021 Criminal Justice Report

SD.2565 Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance DCAMM FY20 Supplier Diversity Report

SD.2569 Fattman, Ryan C. An Act establishing August 31st as Overdose Awareness Day in the Commonwealth

S.42 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act relative to increasing city of Gloucester parking fines

SD.2566 Massachusetts State Lottery Commission MA Lottery 2020 Charitable Gaming Annual Report

SD.2568 Department of Housing and Community Development Manufactured Homes Commission 2020 Annual Report

SD.2570 Division of Administrative Law Appeals Division of Administrative Law Appeals 2020 Annual Report

S.43 Gobi, Anne M. An Act further defining a quorum of a public body in the town of Monson

SD.2575 Executive Office of Health and Human Services Communication from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (pursuant to line item 1599-6903 of Chapter 227 of the Acts of 2020) submitting ...

SD.2576 Department of Unemployment Assistance DUA February 2021 UI Trust Fund Report

SD.2577 Massachusetts Clean Energy Center MassCEC 2020 Industry Report and FY20 Audited Financial Report