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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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H.4210 Children's Health and Wellness An Act relative to children’s health and wellness

S.2411 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act relative to appointments to city offices in the city of Gloucester

S.2409 An Act relative to pharmaceutical access, costs and transparency

S.2412 Educational Opportunities An Act relative to educational opportunity for students

S.2415 Fattman, Ryan C. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Elliot Brown, an employee of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services

H.4175 Ways and Means (H) An Act authorizing the mutual release of all claims to certain lands in the town of Newbury.

HD.4622 Berthiaume, Jr., Donald R. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Amy Glidden, an employee of the Department of Children and Families

H.4203 Safe Driving An Act requiring the hands-free use of mobile telephones while driving

SD.2628 Department of Transitional Assistance Report of the Department of Transitional Assistance

H.4197 Harrington, Sheila C. An Act authorizing the town of Groton to grant additional alcoholic beverages licenses

SD.2629 Department of Public Health DPH Facility Inspection Report

H.4198 Mark, Paul W. An Act authorizing the city known as the town of Greenfield to lease a certain parcel of land

HD.4633 Hunt, Daniel J. An Act relative to the Honorable George V. Kenneally, Jr

H.4193 Hill, Bradford An Act relative to the historic curatorship program in the town of Hamilton

SD.2633 Pacheco, Marc R. An Act relative to gas infrastructure and public safety

S.2404 Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (J) An Act promoting healthy soils for reducing greenhouse gases and the effects of climate change in the commonwealth

SD.2635 Department of Public Health DPH inspection report - Berkshire/Pittsfield

HD.4636 Kearney, Patrick Joseph An Act maintaining the integrity of sex offender classifications

S.2406 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act amending the charter of the town of Ipswich to make it gender neutral and to further regulate town operations

H.4196 An Act modernizing tobacco control

HD.4623 Peake, Sarah K. An Act relative to municipal energy plans

S.2398 Education (J) An Act to establish food allergy plans

S.2399 Education (J) An Act relative to healthy youth

H.4209 Peake, Sarah K. An Act expanding the exemption for residential property in the town of Truro

H.4208 Peake, Sarah K. An Act authorizing the town of Truro to impose a 0.5% real estate transfer fee