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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Bill H.110 An Act relative to ensuring the safety of residents of facilities under the authority of the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Develo...

Bill H.111 An Act relative to the licensure and regulation of au pair and nanny agencies by the Department of Early Education and Care

Bill H.184 An Act prohibiting intentional misrepresentation by a business of its location

Bill H.185 An Act providing security to consumers for purchases from certain vendors

Bill H.187 An Act relative to the sale of children’s jewelry

Bill H.188 An Act relative to the use of a magnetic identification card reader machine when purchasing alcohol

Bill H.306 An Act relative to the incorporation of civics in the high school curriculum

Bill H.345 An Act relative to establishing multi-disciplinary teams with district attorneys to investigate elder abuse

Bill H.386 An Act relative to valid identification at voting polls

Bill H.459 An Act relative to mosquito control

Bill H.460 Resolve to protect and preserve family camping in Massachusetts

Bill H.925 An Act authorizing sheriffs to impose fees

Bill H.926 An Act banning partial birth abortions

Bill H.927 An Act providing visitation rights for great-grandparents

Bill H.928 An Act relative to financial records of defendants in small claims court

Bill H.929 An Act relative to jury disqualifications

Bill H.930 An Act relative to regulating the percentage retained for marketing expenses by a non-profit telemarketer agent

Bill H.931 An Act relative to sex selection in pregnancy

Bill H.932 An Act relative to the Massachusetts homestead law

Bill H.933 An Act relative to the protection of persons with disabilities

Bill H.934 An Act relative to unborn children

Bill H.1206 An Act preserving dates of birth from city and town records

Bill H.1207 An Act promoting sterilization during surgery

Bill H.1208 An Act relative to access to certain birth records

Bill H.1209 An Act relative to reprogrammed human skin cells for embryonic stem cell research