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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Follow Photo Name Branch Party Room Phone Number Email Address
Photo of Brian Murray
Brian Murray House Democrat 443 617-722-2460
Photo of Dylan Fernandes
Dylan Fernandes House Democrat 236 617-722-2430
Photo of William L. Crocker, Jr.
William L. Crocker, Jr. House Republican 39 617-722-2014
Photo of Natalie Higgins
Natalie Higgins House Democrat 33 617-722-2060
Photo of Solomon Goldstein-Rose
Solomon Goldstein-Rose House Unenrolled 448 617-722-2582
Photo of Linda Dorcena Forry
Linda Dorcena Forry Senate Democrat 410 617-722-1150
Photo of Donald F. Humason, Jr.
Donald F. Humason, Jr. Senate Republican 313-A 617-722-1415
Photo of Thomas M. McGee
Thomas M. McGee Senate Democrat 109C 617-722-1350
Photo of William N. Brownsberger
William N. Brownsberger Senate Democrat 504 617-722-1280
Photo of Harriette L. Chandler
Harriette L. Chandler Senate Democrat 333 6177221544
Photo of Sonia Chang-Diaz
Sonia Chang-Diaz Senate Democrat 111 617-722-1673
Photo of Cynthia Stone Creem
Cynthia Stone Creem Senate Democrat 312-A 617-722-1639
Photo of Sal N. DiDomenico
Sal N. DiDomenico Senate Democrat 208 617-722-1650
Photo of Kenneth J. Donnelly
Kenneth J. Donnelly Senate Democrat 413D 617-722-1432
Photo of Eileen M. Donoghue
Eileen M. Donoghue Senate Democrat 405 617-722-1630
Photo of James B. Eldridge
James B. Eldridge Senate Democrat 320 617-722-1120
Photo of Jennifer L. Flanagan
Jennifer L. Flanagan Senate Democrat 312D 617-722-1230
Photo of Patricia D. Jehlen
Patricia D. Jehlen Senate Democrat 424 617-722-1578
Photo of John F. Keenan
John F. Keenan Senate Democrat 413-F 617-722-1494
Photo of Joan B.  Lovely
Joan B. Lovely Senate Democrat 413-A 617-722-1410
Photo of Mark C. Montigny
Mark C. Montigny Senate Democrat 312-C 617-722-1440
Photo of Michael O. Moore
Michael O. Moore Senate Democrat 109-B 617-722-1485
Photo of Kathleen O'Connor Ives
Kathleen O'Connor Ives Senate Democrat 215 617-722-1604
Photo of Marc R. Pacheco
Marc R. Pacheco Senate Democrat 312-B 6177221551
Photo of Michael J. Rodrigues
Michael J. Rodrigues Senate Democrat 109-D 617-722-1114