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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Photo of Adam Gomez
Adam Gomez Senate Democrat 413-B (617) 722-1660
Photo of John J. Cronin
John J. Cronin Senate Democrat 504 (617) 722-1230
Photo of Anne M. Gobi
Anne M. Gobi Senate Democrat 413-A (617) 722-1540
Photo of Brendan P. Crighton
Brendan P. Crighton Senate Democrat 109-C (617) 722-1350
Photo of Bruce E. Tarr
Bruce E. Tarr Senate Republican 308 (617) 722-1600
Photo of Cynthia Stone Creem
Cynthia Stone Creem Senate Democrat 312-A (617) 722-1639
Photo of Eric P. Lesser
Eric P. Lesser Senate Democrat 410 (617) 722-1291
Photo of Harriette L. Chandler
Harriette L. Chandler Senate Democrat 333 (617) 722-1544
Photo of Joseph A. Boncore
Joseph A. Boncore Senate Democrat 112 (617) 722-1634
Photo of James B. Eldridge
James B. Eldridge Senate Democrat 511-C (617) 722-1120
Photo of Jason M. Lewis
Jason M. Lewis Senate Democrat 511-B (617) 722-1206
Photo of Joan B. Lovely
Joan B. Lovely Senate Democrat 413-D (617) 722-1410
Photo of Joanne M. Comerford
Joanne M. Comerford Senate Democrat 413-C (617) 722-1532
Photo of John F. Keenan
John F. Keenan Senate Democrat 413-F (617) 722-1494
Photo of Karen E. Spilka
Karen E. Spilka Senate Democrat 332 (617) 722-1500
Photo of Michael D. Brady
Michael D. Brady Senate Democrat 416-A (617) 722-1200
Photo of Mark C. Montigny
Mark C. Montigny Senate Democrat 312-C (617) 722-1440
Photo of Michael O. Moore
Michael O. Moore Senate Democrat 109-B (617) 722-1485
Photo of Marc R. Pacheco
Marc R. Pacheco Senate Democrat 312-B (617) 722-1551
Photo of Michael J. Rodrigues
Michael J. Rodrigues Senate Democrat 212 (617) 722-1114
Photo of Michael F. Rush
Michael F. Rush Senate Democrat 208 (617) 722-1348
Photo of Patrick M. O'Connor
Patrick M. O'Connor Senate Republican 419 (617) 722-1646
Photo of Patricia D. Jehlen
Patricia D. Jehlen Senate Democrat 424 (617) 722-1578
Photo of Rebecca L. Rausch
Rebecca L. Rausch Senate Democrat 218 (617) 722-1555
Photo of Ryan C. Fattman
Ryan C. Fattman Senate Republican 213-A (617) 722-1420