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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Follow Photo Name Branch Party Room Phone Number Email Address
Photo of Brian W. Murray
Brian W. Murray House Democrat 136 6177222396
Photo of Dylan A. Fernandes
Dylan A. Fernandes House Democrat 472 6177222013
Photo of William L. Crocker, Jr.
William L. Crocker, Jr. House Republican 39 617-722-2014
Photo of Natalie M. Higgins
Natalie M. Higgins House Democrat 527A 6177222020
Photo of David T. Vieira
David T. Vieira House Republican 167 617-722-2230
Photo of Joseph F. Wagner
Joseph F. Wagner House Democrat 234 6177222783
Photo of Donald H. Wong
Donald H. Wong House Republican 541 617-722-2488
Photo of Alan Silvia
Alan Silvia House Democrat 167 617-722-2230
Photo of Lenny Mirra
Lenny Mirra House Republican 548 617-722-2488
Photo of Aaron Vega
Aaron Vega House Democrat 146 617-722-2011
Photo of Danielle W. Gregoire
Danielle W. Gregoire House Democrat 23 6177222140
Photo of Kenneth I. Gordon
Kenneth I. Gordon House Democrat 146 6177222575
Photo of Marjorie C. Decker
Marjorie C. Decker House Democrat 33 6177222060
Photo of Jeffrey N. Roy
Jeffrey N. Roy House Democrat 43 6177222030
Photo of Josh S. Cutler
Josh S. Cutler House Democrat 167 6177222810
Photo of Claire D. Cronin
Claire D. Cronin House Democrat 136 617-722-2396
Photo of Jonathan D. Zlotnik
Jonathan D. Zlotnik House Democrat 26 617-722-2080
Photo of Mary S. Keefe
Mary S. Keefe House Democrat 466 6177222017
Photo of James Arciero
James Arciero House Democrat 277 6177222012
Photo of Brian M. Ashe
Brian M. Ashe House Democrat 236 617-722-2430
Photo of Bruce J. Ayers
Bruce J. Ayers House Democrat 167 617-722-2230
Photo of Ruth B. Balser
Ruth B. Balser House Democrat 167 6177222810
Photo of F. Jay Barrows
F. Jay Barrows House Republican 542 617-722-2488
Photo of Jennifer E. Benson
Jennifer E. Benson House Democrat 236 6177222430
Photo of Nicholas A. Boldyga
Nicholas A. Boldyga House Republican 167 617-722-2810