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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Cindy F. Friedman Democrat - Fourth Middlesex

Photo of  Cindy F. Friedman
Senate Ways and Means Vice Chair
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  SD.1295 An Act relative to disability pensions for violent crimes
  SD.1444 An Act to promote public safety and certainty related to child deaths
  SD.1448 An Act relative to transportation reimbursement for recovery high schools
  SD.1450 An Act to establish health equity for pregnant persons
  SD.1453 An Act requiring pain assessment and management in healthcare facilities
  SD.1454 An Act promoting political participation
  SD.1462 An Act amending the unemployment insurance law for workers with fluctuating work schedules
  SD.1465 An Act relative to mental health peer specialists certification
  SD.1468 An Act relative to establishing a criminal justice and community support trust fund
  SD.1477 An Act relative to treatment, not imprisonment
  SD.1478 An Act designating the “Giant Puffball” fungus as the official mushroom of the Commonwealth
  SD.1479 An Act ensuring access to addiction services
  SD.1482 An Act relative to the continuation of the tax on transportation network companies
  SD.1483 An Act to provide more timely treatment of inpatient mental health care
  SD.1484 An Act requiring public disclosure of certain gifts
  SD.1485 An Act relative to Group Insurance Commission premium contributions
  SD.1486 An Act relative to guilty but with a mental illness
  SD.1487 An Act relative to establishing a prevailing wage for security guard services
  SD.1488 An Act relative to state contracting
  SD.1489 Resolve establishing a special commission to identify a suitable location for a justice complex in Southern Middlesex County
  SD.1490 An Act relative to a behavioral health workforce commission
  SD.1491 An Act relative to a special commission on support group model integration in health care
  SD.1492 An Act relative to taxes due upon the death of active duty personnel and the elderly
  SD.1493 An Act relative to mental health parity implementation
  SD.1494 An Act relative to retirement options for retirees
  SD.1496 An Act relative to medical necessity for mental health acute treatment
  SD.1498 An Act relative to limits on insurers’ retroactive clawbacks for mental health and substance use disorder services
  SD.1507 An Act relative to accountable care
  SD.1508 An Act to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the Commonwealth’s commuter rail system
  SD.1509 An Act relative to the failure to remove existing utility poles
  SD.1510 An Act relative to regional lockup facilities
  SD.1511 An Act relative to intensive case management for clinically complex older adults
  SD.1512 An Act relative to Option (d) beneficiaries
  SD.1513 An Act to require health care coverage for the emergency psychiatric services
  SD.1514 An Act to improve the excellence to teaching programs
  SD.1515 An Act relative to line of duty death benefits
  SD.1516 An Act relative to long-term care insurance consumer protections
  SD.1518 An Act relative to the disclosure of toxic chemicals in children’s products
  SD.1519 An Act relative to the annual allowance for certain survivors of public retirees and employees
  SD.1520 An Act relative to preventing cancers caused by human papilloma virus
  SD.1521 An Act relative to consumer transparency about provider networks
  SD.1522 An Act relative to expanding access to preventative HIV screening and testing for minors
  SD.1523 An Act relative to sexual harassment
  SD.1524 An Act to protect medically fragile kids
  SD.1525 An Act relative to fair pay for comparable work
  SD.1533 An Act to reduce recidivism among emerging adults
  SD.1563 An Act relative to proceeds from the sale of bonds
  SD.1744 An Act relative to affordable and accessible high quality early education and care
  SD.1809 An Act to promote the accessibility, quality and continuity of care for consumers of behavioral health, substance use disorder and mental health services
  SD.1838 An Act reforming the group insurance commission
  SD.1855 An Act relative to improving access to emergency treatment plans
  SD.1861 An Act relative to the teachers retirement system
  SD.1874 An Act to provide critical community services
  SD.1925 An Act relative to improving gas workers field safety
  SD.2135 An Act establishing transit improvement districts
  SD.2273 By Ms. Friedman, a petition (accompanied by bill) (subject to Joint Rule 12) of Cindy F. Friedman, Marc T. Lombardo and Mindy Domb for legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Pierre Richard Nortelus, an employee of the Department of Developmental Services. Public Service.
  HD.3274 An Act to establish health equity for pregnant persons
  SD.1469 An Act relative to stormwater management and climate change adaptation incentives This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.