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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1235  An Act limiting the retention of fingerprints William N. Brownsberger
S.1236  An Act relative to the establishment of independent forensic sciences laboratories and the oversight and accreditation of such laboratories William N. Brownsberger
S.1248  An Act relative to the safe transfer of individuals in emergency situations Viriato M. deMacedo
S.1251  An Act to reform sheriff civil process operations Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1286  An Act relative to sheriffs Michael O. Moore
S.1298  An Act relative to the creation of the Commonwealth technical rescue regions and coordinating council Bruce E. Tarr
S.1302  An Act providing oversight of crime labs Bruce E. Tarr
H.2105  An Act relative to the dissemination of criminal record information to private detectives licensed by the Department of State Police James M. Cantwell
H.2116  An Act relative to the rights of persons licensed by the Department of Public Safety Mark J. Cusack
H.2136  An Act to establish and award grants for the reduction of violence in municipalities Paul R. Heroux
H.2142  An Act creating a task force to study the use of the internet by sex offenders Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2144  An Act relative to military grade controlled property Mary S. Keefe
H.2148  An Act relative to the recovery of emergency response costs Stephen Kulik
H.2162  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to preparedness for natural disasters Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
H.2166  An Act to review security and safety procedures in the State House and state courthouses Keiko M. Orrall
H.2167  An Act relative to emergency planning Sarah K. Peake
H.2174  An Act relative to missing persons Todd M. Smola
H.2190  An Act relative to sheriffs David T. Vieira
H.2193  An Act further regulating transportation of hazardous materials RoseLee Vincent
H.2197  An Act to promote school safety Timothy R. Whelan
H.3276  An Act relative to protecting victims and witnesses of domestic violence Evandro C. Carvalho
H.3277  An Act relative to increasing hotel and motel safety Shawn Dooley
H.3747  An Act establishing a prepaid wireless E911 surcharge Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
S.1234  An Act relative to military grade controlled property Michael J. Barrett
S.2060  An Act relative to State Police Station C-3 Anne M. Gobi