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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.3651  An Act authorizing the release of certain land in the town of Cummington from the operation of an agricultural preservation restriction Natalie M. Blais
H.726  An Act relative to public access to Long Island in Boston Harbor Bruce J. Ayers
H.729  Resolve to establish a special commission to perform an investigation and providing for a study relative to the long term management, maintenance and future use of the Boston Harbor Long and Moon Islands Bruce J. Ayers
H.741  An Act expanding pleasure boat access to Boston Harbor Tackey Chan
H.742  An Act relative to DCR yacht club fees reflecting waterway access Tackey Chan
H.785  An Act to regulate hydraulic fracturing Sean Garballey
H.789  An Act relative to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing Carmine Lawrence Gentile
H.813  Resolve providing for a commission to study the affects of offshore wind projects on Massachusetts fisheries Patrick Joseph Kearney
H.821  An Act relative to boater safety to be known as the David Hanson Act Kathleen R. LaNatra
H.847  An Act establishing the snowmobile trail maintenance fund Smitty Pignatelli
H.848  An Act promoting snowmobiling sustainability Smitty Pignatelli
H.851  An Act to protect our drinking water from hydraulic fracturing Denise Provost
H.853  An Act to assure the attainment of greenhouse gas emissions goals in the alternative portfolio standard Denise Provost
H.872  An Act providing a parks pass waiver for veterans Paul A. Schmid, III
H.883  An Act establishing a commission to study dredging needs for recreational boating in Commonwealth waterways William M. Straus
S.455  An Act preventing the disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater Diana DiZoglio
S.456  An Act to regulate hydraulic fracturing Diana DiZoglio
S.477  An Act promoting snowmobiling sustainability Anne M. Gobi
S.478  An Act relative to the Ware river watershed advisory committee Anne M. Gobi
S.484  An Act establishing the Office of Outdoor Recreation Adam G. Hinds
S.517  An Act to promote solar hot water installations Marc R. Pacheco
S.518  An Act relative to information technology producer responsibility Marc R. Pacheco
S.521  An Act establishing tracking and reporting requirements for Massachusetts transportation fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions Marc R. Pacheco
S.522  An Act relative to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing Marc R. Pacheco
S.523  An Act providing funding for clean energy and energy efficiency measures for the Commonwealth Marc R. Pacheco