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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.1706  An Act relative to binding arbitration Tackey Chan
S.890  An Act regarding protections extended to lay teachers in parochial schools Michael F. Rush
S.892  An Act relative to terms of employment Bruce E. Tarr
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.854  An Act requiring recordkeeping at public construction worksites in order to protect first responders Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.868  An Act relative to health and safety on public construction projects Brian A. Joyce
H.1763  An Act promoting public labor contracts for local residents Theodore C. Speliotis
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.1714  An Act limiting executive salaries of state funded nonprofit organizations and public charities Peter J. Durant
H.1742  An Act to reduce the cost of business ownership Kevin J. Kuros
H.1753  relative to promoting reasonable executive compensation at private sector human services agencies James J. O'Day
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.1724  relative to child labor law Colleen M. Garry
H.1768  An Act relative to consumers and workers Walter F. Timilty
S.880  An Act relative to consumers and workers. Marc R. Pacheco
S.849  relative to participants in entertainment exhibitions Katherine M. Clark
H.1722  An Act relative to the joint labor management committee Sean Garballey
S.879  An Act establishing a Commonwealth citizen service initiative Marc R. Pacheco
S.856  An Act relative to the joint labor management committee Kenneth J. Donnelly
H.3354  An Act relative to contractor accountability Mark J. Cusack
S.150  recognizing the independence of franchise operators Bruce E. Tarr