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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Health Care Financing


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.500  An Act to establish a primary care development fund. Gale D. Candaras
S.511  relative to pediatric nursing care facilities Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.526  providing financial relief to long term care facilitiesrequired to obtain criminal offender record informationfor potential employees Thomas P. Kennedy
S.538  An Act relative to the provider’s council Richard T. Moore
S.546  An Act relative to transparency in hospital margins Michael O. Moore
S.554  to protect health care reform funding Richard T. Moore
S.555  to reduce health care fraud, waste and abuse Richard T. Moore
S.561  relative to the establishment of rates of payment to medical providers for workers’ compensation Michael J. Rodrigues
H.1004  An Act relative to controlling health care costs in the Commonwealth Carlo Basile
H.1016  An Act expanding the distressed hospital fund to the moral obligation bond program Mark J. Cusack
H.1017  An Act expanding the moral bond program to nonprofit acute care hospitals Mark J. Cusack
H.1023  An Act to protect health care reform funding Linda Dorcena Forry
H.1030  An Act relative to establishing a commission to study ER copayments Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1032  An Act relative to the composition of the citizens advisory committee for the former Northampton State Hospital Peter V. Kocot
H.1037  An Act making strategic investments in the Commonwealth’s chronically distressed hospitals program Brian R. Mannal
H.1040  An Act relative to prohibition on public-private cost shift Aaron Michlewitz
H.1056  An Act relative to the Health Care Security Trust Board of Trustees John W. Scibak
H.1059  An Act relative to health center infrastructure and capacity building fund Martin J. Walsh