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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Compensation of members chosen to fill vacancies or who resign

[ Text of section effective until January 4, 2017. For text effective January 4, 2017, see below.]

  Section 10. Each member of the general court chosen to fill a vacancy, or who resigns his seat during a regular annual session, shall be entitled to a per diem compensation for the time of his membership at the rate provided in section nine, and the allowances for travel and other expenses for the time of his membership as provided in section nine B.

Chapter 3: Section 10. Prorating of additional compensation and expenses for members filling a vacancy or who resign during a regular session

[ Text of section as amended by 2017, 1, Sec. 2 effective January 4, 2017. See 2017, 1, Sec. 38. For text effective until January 4, 2017, see above.]

  Section 10. Each member of the general court who is chosen to fill a vacancy or who resigns from the general court during a regular annual session shall be entitled to any additional compensation that a member may receive pursuant to section 9B and an allowance for expenses pursuant to section 9C, prorated for the time of that person's membership.