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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 53: Continuous consolidation of the general statutes; counsel; proposal of changes and corrections; preparation of revisions

Section 53. Said counsel may, from time to time, submit to the general court such proposed changes and corrections in the general statutes as they deem necessary or advisable, including recommendations for the repeal of such statutory provisions as have become obsolete or the reasons for the enactment of which have ceased to exist. Said counsel may also submit to the general court such proposed changes in the general statutes as may be recommended to them by the recodification counsel under the provisions of section fifty-five A. If, in their opinion, the necessity of enacting special bills in relation to any particular subject of legislation may, without detriment to the public interest, be avoided in whole or in part by the enactment of general legislation, they shall from time to time submit to the general court drafts of such changes in or additions to the General Laws as will accomplish said purpose. If and as directed by the committees on rules of the senate and house of representatives, acting concurrently, said counsel shall proceed to revise the General Laws, including amendments thereof, as a whole or chapter by chapter or otherwise; and in the course of such a revision said counsel may recommend the omission of redundant enactments and those which may have ceased to have any effect or influence on existing rights, the rejection of superfluous words, the condensation of all circuitous, tautological and ambiguous phraseology into as concise and comprehensive a form as is consistent with the full and clear expression of the will of the general court, the filling of omissions and the correction of any mistakes, inconsistencies and imperfections which may appear. They shall advise and assist as to the form of drafts of bills submitted to them in accordance with section thirty-three of chapter thirty.