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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Petitions for legislation respecting corporations

Section 7. Any petition to the general court, except a petition subject to the provisions of section five for the establishment or revival, or for the amendment, alteration or extension of the charter or corporate powers or privileges, or for the change of name of any corporation, except for a body politic and corporate, which is seasonably filed in the office of the clerk of either branch and is accompanied by a bill embodying in substance the legislation petitioned for, shall, with said accompanying bill, be transmitted as soon as may be by the clerk of the branch in which they were filed to the office of the state secretary.

The petition shall contain the business or mailing address of the petitioner and, if such petition relates to a corporation organized or to be organized for purposes of business or profit, shall be accompanied by a fee of twenty-five dollars, which shall be paid to the commonwealth.

Said secretary shall, not later than the thirtieth day following the date of receipt thereof, return the same with the accompanying bill to the clerk of the branch in which they were originally filed, together with a memorandum stating whether or not, in his opinion, the object sought may be accomplished under the General Laws or whether the same requires legislation. He may also insert in said memorandum any other relevant statement which, in his opinion, might be of assistance to the general court in passing on the petition.