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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 26A: Office of performance management and innovation; performance management systems

Section 26A. (a) The director shall operate and administer an office of performance management and innovation that shall, without limitation, administer this section. All departments of the commission shall report to the office of performance management and innovation with regard to setting goals and establishing performance measures to improve the commission and the departments' operations.

(b) The director shall establish a performance measurement system for the departments of the commission, which shall establish program goals, measure program performance against those goals and report publicly on progress to improve the effectiveness of the state lottery.

(c) The office of performance management and innovation shall be charged with evaluating the goals and measures established by the commission and its departments and monitoring the results reported. The office shall recommend changes to proposed goals and measures as are appropriate to align goals and measures with the strategic priorities of the commission and the director. The office shall report regularly to the public on the commission's and its departments' progress toward achieving stated goals. The office shall be responsible for reporting publicly and transparently and making all reports available through an on-line system.

The director shall use the performance criteria established under this section to determine the quality of service of all private entities that perform services on behalf of the commission. The results of such performance measures shall be criteria used in negotiating any contracts.