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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Deputies and assistants; appointment; bond; duties; compensation; veterans' preference; civil service

Section 5. The state treasurer may appoint and may for cause remove a first, second, third, fourth and fifth deputy treasurer and shall prescribe their respective duties. During the illness, absence or other disability of the treasurer, his official duties shall be performed by the said deputies in the order of seniority. The state treasurer may from time to time authorize a deputy treasurer of the department to exercise in his name any power or to perform in his name any duty which is or shall be assigned to said treasurer by any provision of law, and may at any time revoke any such authority. The treasurer may employ in his department the necessary personnel to assist him in the performance of his duties and expend for other assistance such sums as may be appropriated therefor. Said treasurer may, however, employ a retirement administrator to assist him in the performance of his duties in connection with the board of retirement. He may employ a suitable person whom, upon his written recommendation, the governor may appoint as a special state police officer for a term of three years unless sooner removed; in employing said person preference shall be given to persons who have served in the military or naval forces of the United States in time of war and have been honorably discharged from such service or released from active duty therein. All said employees shall give bond to the commonwealth, with sureties to be approved by the treasurer, for the faithful performance of their duties. The treasurer shall establish the salaries, duties and personnel regulations of all officers and employees within the department of the state treasurer; provided, however, that the salaries of said officers and employees shall not exceed the sum annually appropriated therefor by the general court. The provisions of sections nine A and forty-five of chapter thirty, chapter thirty-one and chapter one hundred and fifty E shall not apply to officers and employees within the department of the state treasurer.