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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 77: Cannabis Advisory Board

[ Text of section added by 2016, 334, Sec. 3 effective December 15, 2016. See 2016, 334, Sec. 12.]

  Section 77. Cannabis Advisory Board

  (a) There shall be a cannabis advisory board to study and make recommendations on the regulation of marijuana and marijuana products. The board shall consist of 15 members appointed by the governor and shall consist of: 1 expert in marijuana cultivation, 1 expert in marijuana retailing, 1 expert in marijuana product manufacturing, 1 expert in marijuana testing, 1 board member or officer of a medical marijuana treatment center, 1 registered medical marijuana patient, 1 individual who represents marijuana retail consumers, 2 experts in public health, 2 experts in law enforcement, 2 experts in social welfare or social justice, and 2 attorneys with experience providing legal services to marijuana businesses, marijuana consumers or medical marijuana patients in the commonwealth. Members of the board shall serve terms of 2 years. Members of the board shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for their expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the discharge of their official duties. Members of the board shall not be state employees for purposes of chapter 268A of the General Laws by virtue of their service on the advisory board. The board shall meet at the discretion of the commission. A majority of the members of the board present and voting shall constitute a quorum.

  (b) The cannabis advisory board shall:

  (1) advise the commission on marijuana cultivation, processing, manufacture, transport, distribution, testing and sale;

  (2) consider all matters submitted to it by the commission;

  (3) on its own initiative, recommend to the commission guidelines, rules and regulations and any changes to guidelines, rules and regulations that the board considers important or necessary; and

  (4) advise on the preparation of regulations under chapters 64N and 94G.

  (c) All records of the cannabis advisory board shall be public records under chapter 66 of the General Laws.