General Laws

Section 11C. The attorney general shall establish a program designed to train law enforcement officials, including municipal, metropolitan and state police, in practices and procedures relating to the narcotic and harmful drug laws of the commonwealth. The program shall include, but shall not limited to, the dissemination of information concerning:

(1) the laws of the commonwealth relating to the possession, sale, and manufacture of narcotic and harmful drugs;

(2) the methods and procedures for detecting and ascertaining the identity of the various narcotic and harmful drugs;

(3) law enforcement techniques, intelligence operations, and methods of promoting cooperation among the municipal, metropolitan, and state police departments;

(4) search and seizure techniques in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and with the Constitution and laws of the commonwealth;

(5) the physiological and psychological effects of the various narcotic and harmful drugs;

(6) the underlying psychological and sociological causes of drug use and drug abuse;

(7) opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons; and

(8) educational programs relating to drugs sponsored by the department of education, other public agencies, and private organizations.

The attorney general may appoint such expert, clerical and other staff members as the operation of the training program may require.