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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 105: Board of registration of genetic counselors; powers and duties

Section 105. The board shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) to promulgate regulations and adopt such rules as are necessary to regulate genetic counselors;

(b) to recommend policy and budgetary matters to the division of professional licensure;

(c) to receive, review, approve or disapprove applications for licensing, renewal and reinstatement and to issue those licenses;

(d) to establish administrative procedures for processing applications for licenses and license renewals and to hire or appoint such agents as are appropriate for processing applications for licenses and license renewals;

(e) to retain records of its actions and proceedings in accordance with public records laws;

(f) to establish specifications for the licensing examination, which may be or may include the complete certification examination given by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or the American Board of Medical Genetics, or its successor, and to provide or procure appropriate examination questions and answers and to establish examination procedures;

(g) to define by regulation the appropriate standards for education and experience necessary to qualify for licensing, including, but not limited to, continuing professional education requirements for licensed genetic counselors and provisional licensed genetic counselors, which shall be no less stringent than those of the American Board of Genetic Counseling, or its successor, and for the conduct and ethics which shall govern the practice of genetic counseling;

(h) to establish standards of supervision for students or persons in training to become qualified to obtain a license in the occupation or profession it represents;

(i) to fine, censure, revoke, suspend or deny a license, place on probation, reprimand or otherwise discipline licensees for violations of the code of ethics or the rules of the board in accordance with section 242 of chapter 112, but the board shall not have the power of subpoena.

(j) to summarily suspend the license of a licensee who poses an imminent danger to the public but a hearing shall be afforded to the licensee within 7 days of an action by the board to determine whether such summary action is warranted; and

(k) to perform such other functions and duties as may be required to carry out this section.