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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Board of registration in nursing; meetings; officers; executive director; duties

Section 14. The board shall:

(a) meet at least four times per year and shall elect a chairperson and officers annually;

(b) appoint, employ and prescribe the duties of a qualified registered nurse to serve as executive director of the board, who shall not be subject to chapter thirty-one and who shall employ persons, as necessary, to administer section thirteen and this section and sections seventy-four to eighty-one C, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve, and who shall receive such salary as may be fixed in accordance with chapter thirty;

(c) have responsibility and power to administer, coordinate, and enforce the provisions of section thirteen and this section and sections seventy-four to eighty-one C, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve, without limitation to such other powers, duties, and authorities as it may be granted by its status;

(d) be authorized to make, adopt, amend, repeal, and enforce such rules and regulations consistent with law as it deems necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare and for proper administration and enforcement of its responsibilities;

(e) conduct such hearings and keep records and minutes as are necessary to carry out its duties;

(f) collect reasonable fees established pursuant to the provisions of section three B of chapter seven; provided, however, that in setting the level of said fees, the secretary of administration shall take into consideration the projected costs of assuring sufficient funding to meet the purposes of this section, including, but not limited to, clauses (g) to (k), inclusive;

(g) conduct studies of the supply of nurses in the commonwealth and, in conjunction with other agencies of the commonwealth, evaluate the demand for nursing services;

(h) provide consultation, conduct conferences, forms, studies and research on nursing practice, nursing education and related matters;

(i) prepare and publish materials the board determines integral to the delivery of safe and effective nursing care;

(j) notify all licensees annually about all changes in law and rules and regulations regarding nursing licensure and nursing practice; and

(k) participate in, including attending at meetings of, and paying fees to, national organizations of state boards of nursing.