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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 73: Board of nursing home administrators; membership; appointment; vacancies; removal

Section 73. There shall be a board of nursing home administrators, in this section and in sections 74 and 75 called the board, consisting of the commissioner of public health or his designee, the commissioner of public welfare or his designee, the secretary of elder affairs or his designee, and 11 members appointed by the governor. One member shall be an educator actively engaged in the field of health care administration, 1 shall be a medical doctor, 1 shall be a registered nurse, 1 shall be a hospital administrator actively engaged in long term health care administration, and 2 shall be representatives of the public, subject to section 9B. Five members shall be nursing home administrators who shall have been practicing for at least 5 years and who shall be eligible for licensure; and 1 of the 5 shall be the administrator of a nonproprietary nursing home. Not more than 5 members shall be administrators of nursing homes. Each appointive member of the board shall serve for a term of 3 years. Any vacancy shall be filled by the governor for the unexpired term. Members may be removed by the governor for cause after due notice and hearing.